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“…and as much that we can not, but, we will say your favourite word. Soon. We have spoken very recently about tipping points and about major changes and about things occurring behind the scenes. Which is another phrase which we understand you not liking very much.

Well, the curtains coming down very soon, very, very soon. There is going to be so much going on so fast, that if you try and keep up with it all you may not be able to.

There are cosmic alignments moving into place which will change everything. There are societal alignments coming into place very soon, which are changing everything. There are things which will change which have not even been decided yet, what their immediate outcomes will be. But they will cause much unease and we say to you be patient.

Look beyond the obvious.

Look for the way in which it will make things better or more possible.

Suzanne : Going back to that topic of things you can’t discuss. Can you give us, from your perspective, some looks behind the scene, can you share anything with us so that we can understand whats being implemented to assist us coming up?

Ron : To begin with, there are huge battles being raged between factions in your governments and in your financial circles. Again. Behind the change makers and those clinging to the last threads of their old power structures. It is undecided by many exactly what actions they will take.

And if you ask any general he will tell you that battle plans are wonderful, but as soon as the battle begins you have to throw the plans out as none of them take into account what really will happen. And so we refrain from prognosticating, except when we are speaking far out enough into your future to tell you how it all turned out.