measuring the quantumness of the Universe

Written by Craig. Posted in Latest News

“Kryon, is a scientist going to be able to put this under a microscope and see it?” No. Regardless of what you have been told, they will not see a change in DNA. The current microscope is 3D. So I say to the scientists this: When you develop the quantum lens, you will see it, for you will actually see the chemistry in the 90% random areas. It will glow under the influence of the quantumness and you will know I’m right. Then it will change colors with the activations you are creating and you will be able to see and track it. But at the moment, you have no quantum lens. There is no device for measuring the quantumness of the Universe that exists on the planet, but you’re getting close. And when you do, the first revelation can be seen within your own biology. Here is another hint. Continue to examine things in an entangled state, for this is the beginning of the true quantum state that you can alter with 3D technology.