opening the third eye

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from Whitley Strieber's "The Key":
A part of the electromagnetic field that fills the nervous system rests a few centimeters above the skin, outside of the body. This field is an organ just like the heart or the brain. It is in quantum superposition, the electrons effectively everywhere in the universe and nowhere specific. It may be imprinted by information from anywhere and any time. With it, you may see other worlds, you may see the past and the future, you may see into the lives of those around you. 

However, the process of imprinting itself causes the organ to cease to be in superposition and thus to cease to be accessible to further imprinting. The ability to control this organ can be developed. Many practices will work, but the best is to meditate in such a way that the mind is concentrated on physical sensation. This relieves the pressure of impressions incoming from the physical world on the electromagnetic body that enables it to expand.
You must be able to watch and not watch at the same time. When you learn this, it will stay in superposition even as you take the imagery that it is receiving into your brain and process it.
This is opening the third eye. The nervous system delivers these impressions to the area of the brain closest to the pineal gland, which is where this organ is centered. Objective sensation is consciousness. You are within life, but not entirely absorbed in life.
book "the key: a true encounter"
A true human being has four levels of mind. Most of us have three, and perhaps a vestige of the fourth. Our destiny is to enter the humanity of the using our body as an organ of perception.

"Pieces and parts of the divine, you are in many places at the same time. Therefore, as you sit here, you might think you are not complete; however, these parts are still with you, and also in another place. Interdimensionality is that way. It suspends the 4D that requires a place and a time that is measured by absolutes in your reality. "