Week of the Return of the Sacred 13.

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Week of the Return of the Sacred 13.


Happy Friday the 13th to all. The weekday of the goddess (Venus) on the date of sacred goddess divinity. If you follow the 13th month calender, Monday is 13-13-13. EPIC! 13's have been following me the last few months and it is a beautiful sign on my path.

13 is the Beginning and the End, the start and the completion of galactic cycles. It is the creation pattern to All that is. It is the number of sacred and secret knowledge, all that is occult. It represents sacred sexuality and the Mother Goddess. In essence it is the true number of God, All seeing and All knowing.

Math and Sacred Geometry created patterns that repeat in cycles we call Time and Space. 13 is the creation pattern....13 circles in Metatron's cube...13 lunar cycles per solar year...it is a number in the Fibbonacci sequence, it is related to the spiral. There are 13 sacred whole numbers that compromise the geometry of All that is. The ancients considered 13 the most sacred number and used it to activate their light bodies. It's frequency is transformational.

I feel that since the number 13 was the beginning of our reality program, with continued growing awareness and expansion, it only makes sense that it will also be the end. It is truly The All. I believe the false 12-month calendar has kept us trapped in the incarnation grid, leading us to getting so close to the top of the mountain and then pushing us right back down just as we near the end, only to start over yet again. The lesson of 13 will free us. 12 pushes us to linearity. 13 is the spiral. 13 has been suppressed and demonized for so long and that period is naturally and cyclically coming to an end. We as a collective are awakening in larger numbers more and more with each passing day to our divinity and sacred infinity.

"13 = (1+3) = 4 = closure of our reality program or the evolution of consciousness back into light."

"Creation begins as vibrating sounds, lights and colors emanating from a pulsating orb we refer to as consciousness or source. 12 spiraling cones (horns, tones, harmonics) burst forth forming a circle around the source consciousness, connecting with it and each other to create endless grid
programs of experience following a geometric blueprint we call sacred geometry. Soul sparks of light spiral from the central source, randomly moving into the grids to consciously experience."