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The Stone

I had this vision while in the Mojave desert in Arizona. It was through the eyes of a character living about 200 years into the future. I saw a great river of water bursting from the desert ground. I saw mists and waterfalls. A great hi-way was along the great river as far as the eye could see. At the fountain of this great spring of water coming out of the ground were children playing in the water. The place was protected and bad people were not able to access this place.

It occured to me that the flute music in the ending part of this song corresponds with Isaiah 30:29 New American Standard Bible : You will have songs as in the night when you keep the festival, And gladness of heart as when one marches to the sound of the flute, To go to the mountain of the LORD, to the Rock of Israel. 

I wrote this song called The Stone:

(verse 1)
Things were bad in the city. I just had to get away, So I took my chance in the desert were no one dared to play.
But I soon ran out of water. And I got all hot and dry. And when I fell down to the ground I thought I'd died.

Yeah, I went into the waste land. Such a desolate and barren land. The ground was cracked and dry. With cliffs and desert sand.

(verse 2)
I woke up in a cave. And I was so surprised to see and old and aged women taking care of me.
She brought me back to life, and in the morning she was gone. But I seen she placed beside me a strange red magic stone.


(verse 3)
I held it in my hand. And the stone began to glow. An image filled my mind which showed me where to go.
So I went back to the desert but I was not afraid. Cause I knew the stone would guide me and I'd find my way.
It led me to a place hidden by the sand. With pretty colored rainbows and misty water falls.
The old woman was there and she smiled and waved at me. As children laughed and played in waters clear and pure.


I nicknamed this charactor Aaronstone.



The Mentinah Archives

Volume One thru Nine
(As of Jan. 12, 2011)
The Nemenhah  

Begin on page 918:

24. The Peli places a small red stone in the hearth and the Itsipi ceremony is
made as always, according to the custom of the Lodge. When the ceremony and
purification is finished, the Peli gives that small red stone to the offender as a
reminder of the ceremony and all that was accomplished in it. This same red
stone, when shown at the door, shall admit the offender into the Council and the
Principle Stone Carrier, taking the stone, announces the repentance of the
offender and that the offense is forgotten. Then is the offender admitted back into
full fellowship and none remembers the offense.
25. Now, this small, red stone does not signify that any person has declared the
offender worthy. It becomes the declaration of the offender that the feet have
been placed upon the path of repentance and that it is to be hoped that the
Peacemaker will lead and guide upon that road. It is a little token and a reminder
of a covenant made with Him who is mighty to save.
26. This same is a pattern used in all instances of offense and it is a useful thing
in the Lodges and Communities of the Nemenhah. For behold, we are all
offenders and there must be some way for us to repent and make amends. It is
but a little sacrifice for us to give away our sins that we may know He who
918purifies us. Yea, in this way we may work at inner purity and not simply wish for
it. In this way are we doers of the word, not hearers only.
27. For behold, we are saved from the foundation of the world from all that we
do that one might assume to be able to prevent us from returning again into the
rest and peace which the Peacemaker has promised us if we believe on Him.
Even so great is His grace. Yet, we are reminded that He desires us to work in
that state of grace with all our mind, might and strength, not half-hearted, but full
of good intention. We may do nothing that will add or take away from that grace
which He has already given, but we may do a great deal in adding or taking away
from our own ability to live within that grace. Therefore did He rightly say, “
Show me your faith without your works and I will show you my faith by my
28. And he does not lie, wherefore, He has both faith and works. Behold, His
words teach us that He, even the author of or faith, has as much need of it as we,
and the works thereof also. How great is this ensample to us! Yea, and how
wondrous to know that we may attain to all that He has!
29. This same did He teach unto His followers far away in the land of our first
fathers, and shall that which He teaches one depart from that which He teaches
another? Nay! But it is the same.
30. Therefore, the little red stone is symbolic of the small, still voice which
reminds us and instructs us in the ways of the Peacemaker, that we may walk in
His footsteps and speak words like unto those which our ancestors heard from
His own tongue.
And behold, it is also for this cause that many of the
Nemenhah, when they place a stone in the center of the Medicine Wheel to
signify themselves, it is a red stone. Yea, it is a little token of a mighty covenant.