An Exercise In Divinity

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published 5-26-16 updated 10-27-16

This is an exercise in divinity since we are god experiencing himself in us. An emination of himself in various stages of develpment. This picture is from the Book of "YOU" (Jeu) illustrating a pattern of where we came from and where we are returning. Since we began as something small and grow and expand to some thing large. As an atom expanding to a solar system, a cell expanding to a gallaxy. 7 expansions from inward to outward, and 7 from outward to inward. The whole on the one side and the defect on the other. The 8th showing Sophia in a fallen state and the bottom of her defective child as the 9th. We came from the father of all and we are returning to the father of all. We are the father of all even though we are experiencing ourself as a portion of the all. So we can begin understanding ourselves in my adaption of the Monad Based on the Secret Book Of John from The Archetype at: /01/arch/arch01/index.php/cappyzeb/1-mocuno

I am The Monad. I am a monarchy with out any­thing existing over it. I exists as the God and Father of the All., the invisible which dwells above the All, ... imperishableness which exists as the pure light upon which it is not possible for any eye to gaze.

I am the invisible Spirit, and It is not appropriate to consider me to be like the gods or that I am something similar. For I am more than divine, without anything existing over me. For nothing lords me.

I alone am eternal since It do not need anything. For I am totally perfect. I do not lack anything such that anything would perfect me, but I am always completely perfect in light. I can­not be limited because there is nothing before me to limit me. I inscrutable because there is no one who exists before me to scrutinine me. I am immeasurable because there is nothing which exists before me to measure me. It am invisible because there is no one to see me. I am an eternity existing eternally. I am ineffable because there is no one able to comprehend me in order to speak about me. I am unnameable because there is no one before me to name me. I am the immeasurable light, which is pure, holy, and unpolluted. I am ineffable being perfect in incorruptibility. I do not exist in perfection, blessedness, or divinity but I am far supe­rior to these.

I am neither corporeal nor incorporeal. I am not large or small. I am not such that one could say that I have quantity or quality. For it is not possible for anyone to know It. I am not something among existing things, but I am far superior—not as being supe­rior to others as though I am comparable to them but as that which belongs to myself. I do not participate in the aeons or in time as a constitutive part of them. For that which participates in an aeon was first prepared by others. I was not given a portion in time because I do not receive anything from another- for what­ever I received would be received as a loan. For what exists prior to anything else is not deficient such that I should receive from any­thing.

The Gospel Of Barnabas
page 85
God is so immeasurable that I tremble to describe him. But it is necessary that I make unto you a
proposition. I tell you, then, that the heavens are nine and that they are distant from one another even
as the first heaven is distant from the earth, which is distant from the earth five hundred years journey
wherefore the earth is distant from the highest heaven four thousand and five hundred years journey. I
tell you, accordingly, that the earth is in proportion to the first heaven as the point of needle, and the
first heaven in like manner is in proportion to the second as a point, and similarly all the heavens are
inferior each one to the next. But all the size of the earth with that of all the heavens is in proportion to
paradise as a point, nay, as a grain of sand. Is this greatness immeasurable?
The disciples answered: Yea, surely.
Then said Jesus: As God liveth, in whose presence my soul standeth, the universe before God is small
as a grain of sand, and God is as many times greater than it as it would take grains of sand to fill all
the heavens and paradise, and more. Now consider you if God hath any proportion with man, who is a
little piece of clay that standeth upon the earth. Beware, then, that you take the sense and not the bare
words, if you wish to have eternal life.172.
God saith thus to him that loveth him, and serveth him faithfully: "Go and consider the sands of the
sea, O my servant, how many they are. Wherefore, if the sea should give thee one single grain of
sand, would it appear small to thee? Assuredly, yes. As I, thy creator, live, all that I have given in this
world to all the princes and kings of the earth is less than a grain of sand that the sea would give thee,
in comparison of that which I will give thee in my paradise."
Consider, then, said Jesus, the abundance of paradise. For if God hath given to man in this world an
ounce of well-being, in paradise he will give him ten hundred thousand loads. Consider the quantity
of fruits that are in this world, the quantity of food, the quantity of flowers, and the quantity of things
that minister to man. As God liveth, in whose presence my soul standeth, as the sea hath still sand
over and above when one receiveth a grain thereof, even so will the quality and quantity of figs in
paradise excel the sort of figs we eat here. And in like manner every other thing in paradise. But
furthermore, I say unto you that verily, as a mountain of gold and pearls is more precious than the
shadow of an ant, even so are the delights of paradise more precious than all the delights of the
princes of the world which they have and shall have even unto the judgement of God when the world
shall have an end.
The disciples answered: God alone can know himself, and truly it is as said Isaiah the prophet: He is
hidden from human senses.
Jesus answered: So is it true; wherefore, when we are in paradise we shall know God, as here one
knoweth the sea from a drop of salt water.