The Tree

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We are the tree of life. Because we are god and the presence and substance of the tree and it's fruit is god and the emanation of himself in the form of man and planet.
Man became mortal through the infusion of animalistic type bodies. The spirit of man is the collective of many intelligent beings making their home on minature worlds. These can be solar system types such as atoms. These beings become separated from each other on this mortal body. So then the body itself becomes this cherubim guarding the tree of life. So then we are the ones separating us from ourselves.
By overcoming the animalistic nature in and on our mortal bodies, we can gain access to the tree of life. This tree of life is our divine self. 

Meninhah archives:
page 135
23. But this is not all. The books written by the Brother of Jared are also safely
kept in Cumorah against the day when all the Lord‟s teaching may be restored to
the people. For the day shall come, after that the Lord has tested and tried the
remnant of the children of Israel left in this land, that He will cause even
Cumorah to give up her treasure. Yea, He will lead a prophet by the hand and
even the words and works of the Brother of Jared shall be had again among the
24. And the words and works of the Brother of Jared were so great that even in
my day, I do not allow all to read of them, and no copies are made of them.
Nevertheless, I do know that in a day appointed of the Lord, some small portion
of his words shall be made known and shall be had among men. And this shall be
a great benefit to the children of men. Yea, and it shall also be to the testing and
the trying of the children of Israel that are left in this land in the last days. I know
this, for I have seen those days upon the Way, and the Spirit has born record of it.

TRANSLATED BY CHRISTOPHER MARC NEMELKA The Sealed Portion—The Final Testament of Jesus Christ 

TSP 15:1-3 AND now I, Moroni, continue with my abridgment of the vision of the brother of Jared. 2 And it came to pass that the brother of Jared observed Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden; and he watched to see in what manner came the cause of their fall from this state. 3 And this fall hath been represented in many different ways in the holy scriptures according to the traditions and interpretations of men.

TSP 15:21-36 21 And after many years of going to and fro upon the earth, Lucifer and his followers began to have some considerable success with some species of animals that possessed bodies like unto the bodies that God had created for Adam and Eve. And with the limited power that Lucifer was permitted by the laws of heaven to have over them, he began to interbreed certain species with other species until he had formed an animal that was very much like unto the bodies that were created for Adam and Eve. 22 And after much time had passed in refining this breeding process, the followers of Lucifer began to possess the bodies of these animals and cause them to act according to their own desires, which desires gave them a limited amount of happiness. 23 Nevertheless, these animals were not given the exact same bodies that were created for Adam and Eve, and therefore, Lucifer and his followers could not experience a fullness of the joy that had been described to them by the Father in the beginning. For these animals did not have a kingdom of glory prepared for them in the kingdom of the Father. And they were of a much lower order of element, because their creation and their purpose was to bring about the earth, and prepare it for the probationary days of the children of God. 24 And Lucifer became incarnate, and took upon himself one of the bodies that he found best suitable for that which he was wont to do. 25 And the desire of Satan was to go into the garden of Eden and entice Eve and cause her to obey the eternal laws of the Father that he might take the glory upon himself. 26 And Satan designed a type of ship in which he traveled over the many waters. And when he reached the land in which was centered the garden of Eden, he continued his travels up a large river of water until he came upon the borders of the garden of Eden. 27 And the Lord did not stop Satan from doing that which he was wont to do, and this because of the law of free agency. 28 And Satan spent many days in the body of this creature; and the creature appeared very much like unto a man. And for many days he secretly watched the goings and comings of Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden. And when there came a time that Eve was alone washing herself on the borders of the garden, Satan came forth out of his hiding place and introduced himself unto Eve. 29 And Satan caused the creature to speak unto Eve in the voice of a man in the language of the Father, a language that had been spoken in the kingdom of the Father in which all spirits were created. 30 And Satan spake unto her, and Eve was not afraid. For Eve knew not what to be afraid of, she being innocent in the garden of Eden. 31 And Satan touched Eve in a manner that Eve had never been touched before. And when he touched Eve, she was surprised and astonished at the feeling that it caused to come over her. 32 And Satan said unto her: Knowest thou not that these feelings that thou art experiencing at this time are those blessings that the Father hath given unto thee that thou mightest partake of the joy of which He partaketh? 33 And Eve answered him, saying: I do not know about the feeling of joy of which our Father hath spoken, for I have not yet experienced this joy in all things. But in the things that I have experienced, I do not know what joy I should feel. 34 And Satan said unto her: When I touch thee in this way, doth it not give unto thee the feelings of joy? And these feelings are the only way that thou canst comply with all the commands of the Father. For did not the Father command thee and Adam to multiply and have joy in your posterity? And how can ye have joy in something that ye do not have? 35 And Satan enticed Eve, and showed unto her the pleasures of which he had spoken. And Satan took Eve and showed unto her the way that the other animals, that were like unto him, whose body Satan had possessed, produced their offspring. 36 And Eve gave in to the enticings of Satan and conceived within her.

TSP 16:18–24 18 And it came to pass that the creatures that had been possessed by Satan and his followers found their way into the land in which lived the children of Adam and Eve. And the sons and daughters of Adam and Eve, who did not hearken to the words of their father, or to the words of their brothers who had been called by the Lord as prophets to preach repentance unto them; yea, even these began to breed with those creatures who were not created by the Father to house the spirits of His children. 19 And from these unions there came to be many different peoples upon the earth. And the bodies that were created by these unions begin to be the vessels in which the Father was required by the eternal laws of heaven to put the spirits of His children. And thus had Satan corrupted the natural bodies that God had created for Adam and Eve. 20 Nevertheless, all this was done according to that which the Father had already known and that which He had expected. For in this same manner did the other worlds in which life was created bring about the mortal bodies for the spirits of the children of God. 21 And all these things were necessary so that the children of God might partake of that which is imperfect, so that they might know that which is perfect. And the bodies that the Father created for Adam and Eve were perfect according to the laws of the nature in which they were formed. And their bodies were also like unto the bodies that He and their Eternal Mothers possess. 22 And how is it that we might know that these bodies are perfect, unless it so be that we experience the effects of a body that is imperfect, and therefore, have some type of comparison that we might know these things? 23 And Satan continued to do that which had been done before in the worlds that were created for the salvation and happiness of the children of God. 24 Therefore, in the beginning, the children of men were given a body like unto that of the Father, and they were also given commandments pertaining to this body that it might not be defiled. But in the space of not many generations, all of the children of men began to possess bodies that were imperfect and unlike the perfect bodies that had been created for Adam and Eve.