The Vine

Written by Craig. Posted in Craig's Blog


Each world has it's own savior. This Savior is the one chosen by each world group to represent the collective parents of the child we call our universe. These are the collective mankind that make their home on the planets that make up this child universe. In a similar way that the atoms in our own body make up the substance of our bodies. The collective man-kind who make up the collective parents of this child universe are the Father. This collective father are a collective life form that makes it's home on the designated savior of each planet. This life form are intelligent beings who colonize the worlds which make up the fleshly bodies of these saviors. They are intelligent beings who make their homes on these planet like atoms which make up the bodies of people. The Saviors are the first ones to have this collective lives of the fathers expand and colonize the atom like worlds that make up their bodies. These intelligent beings colonize the bodies and are transferred to the bodies of the saviors to us by physical contact. Which is why Christ is the vine, and life is transferred by the laying on of hands. When we are touched by the savior, the intelligent beings are transferred from his body to ours. They colonize our worlds which are the atoms that make up our bodies. They have offspring and move grow and colonize our bodies as a new birth of a being which is a spirit like child. This is how people abtain their third estate. This third estate means that people become the fathers of this child universe. They become gods, creating organizing and colonizing other worlds with their own offspring and growing the body and spirit of the child universe. People may choose not to be part of the body of this universe. They can choose to leave and be part of a different universe more to their liking.