The circle of energy

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My name is Craig {Balunsat} Balansat means balanced in Romanian. While meditating on the principles of levitation, I discovered that there are two directional forces. The balancing of these two forces is what makes levitation possible. There are two atomic polarities. The direction of the orbiting electrons determines the polarity. Anti matter is atoms with the electrons rotating the opposite direction. So energy goes in two directions and makes a circle returning to it's original position. We send out energy in two opposing directions. These two energies make a circle and return to us.


Distance and energy are relative. All things exist together in one place. We live as if in one ocean of energy. There is no such thing as time and space. These are illusions caused by intricate energy patterns and speeds. Things with a similar type of energy speed and pattern form the illusion of our template. We only see those energies that have that type of speed and patterns. Varying speeds and patterns in other energy templates is what creates the illusion of distance and space. We are the prime source. We effect matter with our energy through the power of our intent. Is is our energy being put forth into and moving through and against matter in opposing circular directions which return to us, the point of origin. This is what creates our tangible reality. It was Tesla who discovered that matter is not the source of energy. Something else is. He discovered that ether is unformed matter. Some external or environmental force or energy is what acts upon matter causing the helical motion, as he put it. We are that source of energy.


Below are some collaborating sources:

Ecclesiastes 11

Cast your bread upon the waters, for you will find it after many days


Hakuin Ekaku Zenji    (1686-1768)

"What is the sound of one hand clapping?"


I would like to tell you about the circle of energy. When you solve the problems, when you do certain kinds of spiritual things, when you become interdimensional and begin to connect with Spirit and peel that onion of duality to discover your divinity inside, energy is released. We have labeled this energy many things in the past, but it's an energy of the divine Human Being who does the work of solution on Earth. This may sound odd and strange, but in a day when the actual energy field of consciousness is being examined by your scientists, it may start to make sense.


When this energy of solution is released, it goes to two places . . . if you really need to identify a location. This is when this explanation becomes difficult in your four-dimensional lives. For the energy goes to a location that is not in your experiential spectrum, and I cannot explain it well. I can tell you where the energy goes, but you may not fully understand it, for it's a circle. The energy goes two places and then returns. It goes into the magnetic grid system of the earth, and also into the dirt of the earth - two directions, above and below. What it does there, dear ordinary Human divine being, is to change the actual measured energy of the earth!


Instead of striving for something at the top of the ladder, strive for understanding the circle of energy that makes up your new "now" reality. When you see the circle "I AM that I AM," do you understand that it's a statement of nonlinearity?



Don McLean – Crossroads

You know I've heard about people like me, 
But I never made the connection. 
They walk one road to set them free 
And find they've gone the wrong direction. 

But there's no need for turning back 
'Cause all roads lead to where I stand. 
And I believe I'll walk them all 
No matter what I may have planned. 

We've walked both sides of every street 
Through all kinds of windy weather. 
But that was never our defeat 
As long as we could walk together. 

We've walked both sides of every street 

The Book of Lambspring

Go here for morel

Figure I


Metatron and Kryon also want to give you this information about matter/anti-matter. There are those in physics who believe that the universe must contain the antithesis of itself, next to itself. That is to say that anti-matter and positive matter must exist somehow together for the balance to be there, which the math of physics demands. Yet the interesting thing is that although positive matter is all around you [the kind you are used to seeing], its counterpart [anti-matter] is elusive. Therefore, the question might be asked by the physicist: "Where is anti-matter? Is there as much of it as there is positive matter?" And the answer is yes.

Where is anti-matter? It's resting on the "attribute quantum membrane." It's also in a slightly different time frame. When you start to understand the ability within physics to change time-frame reality, all of the anti-matter will present itself. And the reason is this: It has to be there for balance! And there's a joke here, a very big cosmic joke. This phenomenon of anti-matter resting in a slightly different time frame is what is responsible for what you have mistakenly identified as the big bang.


See the movie Upside Down

Upside Down 

Adam and Eden fell in love as teens despite the fact that they live on twinned worlds with gravities that pull in opposite directions. Ten years after a forced separation, Adam sets out on a dangerous quest to reconnect with his love. :


To speak to the third, if you will, imagine the function of the magnet. The magnet has two poles. One reaches up. The other goes down. The function of the spirit is to integrate the upreaching yearning of the mind/body energy with the downpouring and streaming of infinite intelligence. This is a brief explication of the third area.



The Mentinah Archives Volume One thru Nine (As of Jan. 12, 2011) 

Wherefore, when we act upon matter, it is moved to and fro. But matter is not static. When it is moved out of its place, it in turn moves other matter out of its place. And that matter is made to move and cause other matter to move. But the universe is one eternal round and all movement returns unto its own. Wherefore, there is a law in the universe that restores all things into a state of stability and equilibrium. 24. Now, when movement takes place, or in other words, when there is an action in one direction, either for good or evil, all matter is made to move in that direction until it returns again to a state of equilibrium. This is according to the commandment given unto matter. 25. Wherefore, if a man chooses to do evil, the matter does not end with the choice and the action. Do you see how any action creates in its own sphere a disturbance in the universe? This disturbance continues beyond the actions of that one decision. Yea, it continues outward and affects all things created. And behold, when it returns again, it may have been magnified into a much greater evil.


Nikola Tesla

there is no energy in matter other than that received from the environment.




The Magic of energies

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Simply put, we make energy more conscious and Become The Impossible.


Without going into much detail, faeries and the like mystical creatures are an advanced person’s projection of himself in a one, two or three "D" entity of energy. A rock for example is a 1 "D" unit and entity of energy. It has no ability in itself to advance or radiate a body. When a person who can advance and radiate himself or herself with 5 "D" energy and wants and is able to see himself as one with that rock, can project himself in that rock. That rock projects himself because he is you and you are god, so therefore the rock is god. The rock and you, because you are one, radiate yourself in a projected 4 “D” energetic body, or in a 3 “D” physical form. The rock now looks like a human, or you, with rock like characteristics, of your own imagination. There is more to this, but this is the jist of the principal. Get 5 "D" energy, and there's lots of amazing things you can do….


Whitley Strieber - 2011 - ‎Philosophy

Ultimately, all being seeks to join all ecstasy. It is the destiny of every stone, every star, every intelligent creature and simple creature, to become the word. And the word, then, will be made flesh.



It doesn't matter what we believe, what we do happens. When we move, we move with the power of god.


This energy is intelligent. It is hierarchical. Much as your mind/body/spirit complex dwells within an hierarchy of vehicles and retains, therefore, the shell, or shape, or field, and the intelligence of each ascendingly intelligent or balanced body, so does each atom of such a material as rock. When one can speak to that intelligence, the finite energy of the physical, or chemical, rock/body is put into contact with that infinite power which is resident in the more well-tuned bodies, be they human or rock. With this connection made, a request may be given. The intelligence of infinite rock-ness communicates to its physical vehicle and that splitting and moving which is desired is then carried out through the displacement of the energy field of rock-ness from finity to a dimension which we may conveniently call, simply, infinity. In this way, that which is required is accomplished due to the cooperation of the infinite understanding of the Creator indwelling in the living rock. This is, of course, the mechanism by which many things are accomplished which are not subject to your present means of physical analysis of action at a distance.

_________________________________ 19.2

Questioner: Let’s take the point at which an individualized entity of second density is ready for transition to third. Is this second-density being what we would call animal? Ra: I am Ra. There are three types of second-density entities which become, shall we say, enspirited. The first is the animal. This is the most predominant. The second is the vegetable, most especially that which you call sound vibration complex “tree.” These entities are capable of giving and receiving enough love to become individualized. The third category is mineral. Occasionally a certain location, place as you may call it, becomes energized to individuality through the love it receives and gives in relationship to a third-density entity which is in relationship to it. This is the least common transition.


Jesus said to them, "When you make the two into one, and when you make the inner like the outer and the outer like the inner, and the upper like the lower, and when you make male and female into a single one, so that the male will not be male nor the female be female, when you make eyes in place of an eye, a hand in place of a hand, a foot in place of a foot, an image in place of an image, then you will enter [the kingdom]." 


An explaination of this is offered at: In This Together 


The hallmark of time/space is the inequity between time and space. In your space/time the spatial orientation of material causes a tangible framework for illusion. In time/space the inequity is upon the shoulders of that property known to you as time. This property renders entities and experiences intangible in a relative sense. In your framework each particle or core vibration moves at a velocity which approaches what you call the speed of light from the direction of supraluminal velocities.



You are in many places

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Pieces and parts of the divine, you are in many places at the same time. Therefore, as you sit here, you might think you are not complete; however, these parts are still with you, and also in another place. Interdimensionality is that way. It suspends the 4D that requires a place and a time that is measured by absolutes in your reality.


Part of you is not here. Part of you is within what some of you have called the "guides and angels" around you. We call it energy. They cannot be numbered, for they are one, yet they are infinite. You have the very essence of Spirit around you constantly, and this essence is a loving essence, ready to be activated with compassion.

Your Extended Family

Here is the second attribute: Again, we will expand upon this even within the next channelling. Dear ones, have you ever wondered whether those Humans who have "passed over" are watching? What happens to a soul? I have just given you information that says you have many pieces, and that they do not reside all in one place. It's difficult to imagine, interdimensional that it is, and hard to explain in four dimensions [that you sit within]. We are telling you that as you are in many pieces, so too are the ones who lived with you and who departed - even some who were ancestors. What we are saying at this moment is that part of you, dear ones, whom you call the guides, whom you call the angels, are those Human beings whom you have known as Human family, but who have passed on. So we give you this information: When you think you feel them, and you wonder if they're able to see you and what you're going through, they can see you. It's intuitive information, and not just your imagination. This is not a metaphor. Indeed, they are with you, or what we call a portion of them.


Greetings, dear ones, I AM Kryon of Magnetic Service.

There's nothing sweeter than a reunion, and some of you have waited a long time for this. Finally, I see you in Human form, face-to-face, at a time like this when the entourage pours in here with the energy of love for the family. Greetings to the readers, for you are included, also, even though those “here” cannot comprehend the way we see time.


It is the first time for many [speaking of a live channelling], yet it is not really the first time. For we know who you are, and we enjoy your presence at a precious moment like this. Although you might not be aware of it, we sit before you oftenest loving you.


This may be the only time that you will sit before Spirit in a way such as this. It may be the only time that you might say to Spirit, “I wish to share the energy of compassion and sit for a few moments without an agenda.” Dear Human family, whatever is happening in your lives, we ask you to discard it now and use the interdimensional gift of suspension of time that we have told you about. You have that power, so use it now, if you wish, in order to focus on what we have to tell you.


Create and visualize right now that your lives are clear, free, and peaceful, and that there are no worries and no problems. For those who have come here with a cellular disease in your bodies, visualize right now a time before it was present. Feel the peacefulness of that sensation as you sit before Spirit. We are telling you that as you visualize this and claim it as your own, you bring yourself closer to the very reality that you're creating in your mind—such is the power of your interdimensional gifts.


Let the entourage this evening walk between the chairs and place their hands and their energy upon your shoulders and at your feet. Reader, you are included in this, since we have spoken often of how we also see the “now” of who is drawn to the messages contained here. The reunion is yours, too!


Let this be a time when Spirit loves you. Let this be a time when you are quiet—quiet before Spirit, until the appropriate time when there's something to say, something to do and feel. For now, let this be a precious time where the thickness of the love of God flows between you and us and wraps you in the clarity of wisdom, which is family. There is nothing grander or greater than this moment in the universe—nothing grander or greater than you. Feel the love and the honor that Kryon and the entourage have for you.


Regarding these messages, many have said: “Oh, Kryon, we are used to this, when you come in—that you would congratulate us and honor us and love us.” Then, some ask, “Is this just something that Kryon does?” To ask this, you do not understand the interdimensionality of Spirit. Do you not know what is here? It is the love of God! Do you not understand who sits before you? Do you not understand that you sit in the presence of the whole? Do you not understand that what is here is everywhere? At many levels, all creatures know of this moment! It is not a message from Kryon. It is a message from the whole—a message from the family, carried by a family member. It is difficult to explain how such a thing could be in your time frame. Know this: All that is God knows of this moment . . . of your sitting in the chair with your eyes on the page, or your ears hearing these words. That's how important you are to us.


Family, there is an energy that belongs to you that we wish to speak of, among other things, this night. It is an energy of a new language, one that we have identified as The Third Language in past messages. This language represents a type of communication where all pieces of God are aware of you as you use it. It might be hard to imagine how such a thing could be. Your own duality has created a lack of understanding in order to limit the scope of God while you're here.


Were telling you that ALL of God knows that you sit in the chair, reading or hearing this. All of God knows of your lives. Oh, Human Being, if you had any idea who you are! This is the only planet of free choice in the universe. It's the only one inhabited by angels with a test such as yours—and the only one that has changed its own reality! And you wonder why we love you the way we do?


There is much going on in this planet that you've never seen in 4D, don't know about, and don't understand yet. Perhaps you think that it's only when you return home that you will be able to look backwards and say, “Oh, now I understand how the earth was. What a test and challenge.” That's not so, for the whole picture and the power of it can be known as you sit in the chair. Things are changing, including your ability to understand that which is interdimensional. This jewel of the Universe you call your planetary home is unique! There is no place like it anywhere—not with the energy of Earth. What happens here will affect so much of the universe at the cellular level—and you know it.


At the cellular level, you know the love that is presented this day. We could just sit here and honor you, with no words spoken. My partner said we've been here for days [something Lee said in his lecture]. And we have. When you gave intent to come to your chair, we knew it. Even those who walked into this meeting at the last moment were known. We understood the potentials of your intent and even the potential of where you would sit. Oh, dear ones, we know your true names. You are family, and we are here congratulating and honoring you.


Some will say, “Kryon, I have not written any books or done anything spectacular. Why me?” Oh, really? It is peaceful outside, is it not, Human Being? Look at your community and your country. Are you at war? Tell me, Human Being, is it raining fire? Is Earth doomed? You say you've done nothing, yet you've changed the reality of your planet! You sit in an energy no one predicted and within a potential that was never foreseen. You changed the changeable! You changed the greatest predictions of thousands of years of history on the planet. And here you sit in a reality that none of you ever expected when you arrived here this time around. Are you feeling strange? Well, you should be!


How many of you are aware that the reality of time has shifted for you? How many of you are aware that the train of humanity that you sit upon is moving faster? Metaphorically, you are actually feeling the cars move! It is moving faster than it ever did before, yet your clocks pulse the same. There is an acceleration of time, and many of you are aware of this. Many of you feel anxious due to this acceleration, and you are aware of that, too. This is what happens when the 4D creature experiences 7D! We are here to say, Peace, be still. Understand the pieces of God that you are. Let yourselves be quiet, and let the arms of Spirit engulf you for a moment.




Unique Human Emotion Our teaching this session will begin now and broach subjects that we've never discussed before. It is indeed the interdimensional Human Being we speak of—an extension of the last teaching [as given in Santa Fe, New Mexico]. We wish to tell you about something you all know about, but didn't expect to hear just yet. We wish to tell you something that is unique to the Human Being on this planet—something that does not exist on any other planet that has intelligent life forms. We are going to talk about divine “emotion.”


We have hinted about emotion in the past, and this is now a full revelation. Humans are the only ones with spiritual emotion on this planet and the only ones with interdimensional emotion in the Universe. This emotional attribute passes between our side and yours. It comes intact in the Human when he or she is born, and is an attribute of God. All emotions and your ability to feel them is an attribute of Spirit that is sacred. You might say, “Kryon, we've seen animals feel emotion. What about that?” Let me tell you that what you see in animals is instinctual, and not sacred. Although you may see them have many apparent emotions, animals do not feel abstracts. They cannot laugh and be joyful in the abstract. They cannot feel jealousy or worry about the future, as you can. Although you may read into their personalities many things, they do not have the same kind of sacred feelings you do. They can love you, but they cannot love the concept of God. They can feel sadness over loss, but not over potential loss. Therefore, sacred emotion is an attribute that encompasses the past, and the potentials of the future. It allows for joy in remembrance, as well as joy for the future. It also celebrates the unseen.


Emotions become part of the reality of your own mind and body. You can use emotion any way you choose, and we say to you that this is a sacred attribute of God. What this lesson is about is something that you feel is common, but is sacred and created from the use of Human emotion. Human emotion is actually a reality shifter!


E.T.’s and Emotion We have hinted in the past that this is what is attractive to those who visit you [speaking of the E.T.’s]. We will say it again. They want to know about the sacredness of your ability to change reality. They want to know about the sacredness of something that they don't have, but which you do—and that is sacred emotion. “Kryon, are you talking about the full range of Human emotions?” Yes, I am. I'm talking about your choice to move between whatever emotion you choose. For all emotions put into place a change in the interdimensional attributes that create what you have called reality. But one of them is king!


The Most Powerful Spiritual Emotion What do you believe is the most powerful emotion on the planet? Some will say, “It has to be anger, for there are more who have died due to anger than to disease. War after war has ravaged our planet due to the anger between countries, and inhumanity has been the result. Humans have killed one another in unspeakable ways as a result of anger.” Is that the most powerful emotion? No, it is not.


“Kryon, then it has to be fear. Fear is responsible for anxiety and for worry. Fear is responsible for what I might face tomorrow. It's the emotion that I brought with me to this building tonight as I listen to you or sit and read these words. Sometimes I can't help but feel it, and it grips me every time.” No. Fear is not the greatest emotion, but I wish to speak of its power anyway.


Listen, family member: I speak to you directly. If fear if surging through your body right now, be quiet for a moment and let the love of Spirit and the sacred things that are here flow through you, head to toe. Understand that you have the power to rise up from the chair differently from how you came in. If you want to know what healings are about, I'll tell you. The energy here is ripe with life change . . . Right where you sit.


We're going to stop the teaching for a moment. It's time for healing, and maybe that's why you came in, or perhaps it's why you're reading this. There are those of you who would like to drop the vows. and we can help you with this [speaking of past-life spiritual vows]. Perhaps you were going to do it later? You can do it right now. Why don't you do it in front of this entourage that loves you so much?


We've told you this before: You don't have to say anything out loud—just say it quietly to yourself: “Yes, this is for me. I drop the vows I came in with—the vow of celibacy, the vow of being alone, the vow of being the shaman and medicine man—relegated to the outskirts of the community, misunderstood and feared. I don't want to have this anymore. I wish to have abundance in my life. I want sustenance. I want the love of God as my constant companion. I don't want to worry anymore. I drop the vows here and now from those past lives.”


We hear you, shaman. We hear you, priest. It's time for a change. Why don't you go ahead and make a new vow: “I vow in the name of Spirit to vibrate as high as possible—to draw closer to God and be in that place that has been identified as Heaven—the energy that takes place as I draw closer to my Higher Self and discover my divinity. That's my vow. In the process, I'll be loved. In the process, I will not be alone. In the process, I'll have sustenance.” We hear you, dear family!


Compassion, the Spiritual Catalyst


No, the most powerful emotion is not fear. It's not anger either. I'm going to tell you what it is, and I'm going to tell you that it's an attribute of love. You might say, “Oh, that's very, very nice, and we knew you were going to say that.” Yes, but it's not actually love! We're going to identify the attribute of an emotion that is the center of The Third Language. The Third Language is defined as that language between the Human Being and the Higher Self. It also contains something that is a catalyst to power. It's called “compassion.” It is difficult to define, this Third Language, for it is interdimensional. When the Human Being feels true compassion for family, for self, and for the planet, an energy of communication is created that was never there before, and you can feel it.


Some of you have felt these things in your meditations. Some of you are looking for certain kinds of feelings when you pray. Turn to compassion. How many of you are aware of a “feedback” feeling when you meditate—one that floods you or tingles you or touches you on the head? How many of you are aware of what that is? You brought yourselves to a level where you could feel and experience the energy of compassion. That triggered communication, and you felt the feedback of the guide energy and the Higher Self.


We are saying to you that compassion is a trigger during your communication to Spirit, not the language or energy of simply asking or being loved. We are talking about generating the “thickness of love.” It is compassion that is the key, and when you feel compassion, it is returned to you within a two-way path of interaction. You start to feel us when we feel the compassion of the energy within you. It creates communication. It translates the untranslatable. We're here to tell you that this is yours alone. The animals do not feel sacred compassion, and you do. No other living thing on your planet can create this kind of energy, nor can any of those who visit your world at the moment.


More on the E.T.’s


There are those in the universe who are on a path that is far different from yours. They cannot evolve spiritually as a planet, nor is it their purpose to do so. All things are appropriate in creation, and although this may never be explained to your satisfaction, we have told you over and over that Earth is unique and separate within the life forms of your Universe.


Yet some of those others still visit you, since their skills are advanced within the scope of the understanding of the physical universe and the way it all works. You call some of them E.T.’s. Some of them are so interested in you that they take you away to study you. Through the process of paralyzing fear, they abduct Human after Human. Let me tell you what they are really interested in: your emotions, especially that of compassion. They want to know about the energy of compassion, for it is profound. It is healing. It is The Third Language that they want to know about. Your emotions are so powerful that some are actually nourished by your fear! This is proof that you are unique! Why else would a seemingly advanced race study you with such vigor?


Meditation and Prayer


Let me ask you this, dear ones. How do you meditate? How do you pray? Compassion is the language of co-creation. How may of you co-create for yourselves? Now we're getting down to the practical. Do you sit in front of Spirit and say: “Oh Spirit, I need this and that”? Do you say, “Oh Spirit, I have to explain something to you before you can help me; you need to know how this or that is working” ?


Dear ones, we know you, we know exactly what you're in need of, and we love you. Human Being, we know all about you, so you don't have to explain anything! There was a time in the old energy where you might have had to inform us of Human needs, but that was a time far before The Third Language. It was a time when the veil was thick—before the grid had moved. Even those of you who agonize about being alone . . . you don't have to explain that to us either. You are never alone!


What about co-creation, synchronicity, and healing? How do you do this, you might ask? Why doesn't it work every time? The answer is that you often use too many words! Come, be quiet, and sit in front of Spirit. We know everything that is going on in your lives. Acknowledge this, and be still before the grandness of God. Become compassionate, and marry to your Higher Self!


For profound power in your lives, and a fast connection to the Higher Self, learn how to develop compassion—to feel it in your soul and heart. Feel compassion for those around you—compassion for the situation they are in—compassion for humanity and the earth. Visualize the things you wish, and thereby begin to co-create them. Visualize yourselves without disease, without worry, and without anxiety. Then actually revel in the feeling! Celebrate the purity of your existence.


Feel compassion for the moment, for the piece of God that is you. Feel compassion for the children of Earth, and even though you may say that this is unrelated to what you need at the moment, do it anyway. In this new energy of incredible creative power, you don't understand what this does, for the compassion that you create tells the whole story to the Higher Self and opens the channel of communication.


Compassion is the code of The Third Language, and when you are able to use it within your prayers and meditations and visualizations, the answers and solutions come in. Compassion creates synchronicity. It creates your reality. It creates healing in your body. All through history, all of the masters who have spoken to you have had compassion. Did you look into their eyes? Did you see it? “Kryon,” you might say, “how could I do that? They are historic figures.” Oh, creature of linearity, do you not understand your lineage? Indeed, you looked into their eyes, as you can do even at this moment. All the past and present avatars of the planet are always available to be visited in your real 4D time. Now, you knew that, didn't you? Look into their eyes, and the first thing you will see is constant and continual compassion. It is their language!


One of the avatars who walks the planet now—the man you call the Baba, is a compassion anchor for humanity. Compassion floods through him. All the avatars, from Elijah forward, had compassionate souls. Take a look at their recorded words and what they did. Just like them, this gift is yours to develop and create. It is The Third Language. It is inexplicable. It is divine.


The Energy of Your Angelic Guides and Teachers


Dear interdimensional Human Being, we wish to tell you something we have never discussed before. It's about your perception of interdimensional guides, angels, and teachers—whatever you call what you perceive as the divine energy around you. We have never broached this subject in this fashion before because this is interdimensional information, and something you may not have believed before now.


Human, I speak to you while on the other side of the veil, yet I see you as a divine part of the whole. I know who you are. We know who you are. You are an important piece of the entire plan. Do you want to know your spiritual name? I can't give it to you. How can I give it to you? It's interdimensional, unseen and unheard, and so is the entourage around you.


It is a testament to your linearity that you want to imagine skin on your guides! You want to place your guides in your own linear time frames, and you want to put faces and wings on them. It's very appropriate for you to do it, for it helps you to personalize them to your own reality. But that's not what they're like.


Years ago in the old energy, we told you there were at least three guides for every Human Being. How many of you knew that we were speaking to you in metaphors? Much of what we have given you in the scriptures and in channelling over the past years has been in this fashion. It's the only way we could personalize interdimensional information so you could work with it.


We wished to give you good information about the sacredness of your guides/angel energy. We gave you the number 3 as a metaphor of the catalyst . . . the action number. We told you about the mother/father energy at the same time as we told you about the son/child energy. We also gave you information about the Spirit energy. This is the interdimensional triad, or trinity, that you have accepted. Father, Son, and Spirit is the metaphor for God that is within you. We will give you more information about this in the future, but it is based on the number 3.


Are there three guides, or more? I can't tell you that, because they are innumerable. How can you number energy? Go to the ocean and take a look at the water. Ask yourself: “How many water are there?” [laughter] It's energy. It's God energy that surrounds you up to 27 feet!


Let me tell you something very special about the thickness of guide energy and this compassion, this energy soup, which you call your helpers and teachers. There are three distinct personal energy sources around you: (1) the energy of Human family members who have departed from this earth, but who are still with you; (2) the energy of those who have been assigned to be with you from birth (this changes with your enlightenment as you age); and (3) an attribute of yourself that is your own guide! How else do you think the planet has accomplished planning for your synchronicity and your co-creation? We have told you before: Pieces and parts of the divine, you are in many places at the same time. Therefore, as you sit here, you might think you are not complete; however, these parts are still with you, and also in another place. Interdimensionality is that way. It suspends the 4D that requires a place and a time that is measured by absolutes in your reality.


I can't explain the guide energy to you either, dear single-digit dimensional being. I can only say that there is a soup, a thickness of energy, that you have called guides/angels/teachers, which is profound around you, and that it has three parts. And if you would like to know what its main attribute is, it's “compassion.” Interdimensionality is with you always. Some of you say you have never felt it. Really? How about the times that you've “felt” those in your family who have departed? Did you think that was just your imagination? How about right now? Are they gone or not? You have never truly understood this! If you had, you would have rejoiced and celebrated.


You also must understand that this is a support energy that must be activated through your intent. Millions of you come and go without ever realizing your power—without realizing that you can activate the power of the 3. This has always been the teaching of Kryon, but now you have the ability to begin to fully grasp what this means. What a reunion you can have!


Do you wish to activate the group around you? Try compassion. The entourage is the same with every Human Being. Although it consists of individual energies, it still has the main attribute of oneness that belongs to all. This is the part that is hard to describe. How can you be in many places at the same time? How can guides and angels be singular, yet together? It requires that you fully understand at least the 11 dimensions at the center of your physics. The unseen is normal. Get used to it!


A Review of the Guide Change Information


Shamans, we gave you information 11 years ago, saying that there could be a guide change if you gave conscious acceptance of the implantation of pure intent to start the ascension process. This is a metaphor that means a “shift of energy” within the entourage around you. The energy first goes to neutral, while there is a change—literally, the creation of a new energy vessel that can contain your new power. We told you of a 90-day period that might ensue when you gave this intent—to be implanted with the love of God. Many who did this were overwhelmed with the gift of compassion, remember? They had a sudden influx of empathy for other Humans, animals, and the earth. This was their awakening to this new part of themselves. With the awakening, also came a greater gift to create their own reality. The 90 days? It was actual, and also a metaphor for completion.


“Kryon, do you mean to tell me that I can't count my guides anymore? I can feel them! I absolutely know who the angels are around me. I count on Gabriel and Michael and Raphael! What are you saying?” Dear ones, energy is infinite, yet you want to make it finite. Do you count energy on your fingers? You can do it if you choose, but perhaps it's time to acknowledge that those you “feel” are each infinite. It's grander and bigger than you think. The higher your vibration, and the more pure your intent, the higher the energy. How are you going to count this? How can you possibly give it names? Just the name Michael reveals the energy of throngs . . . the Kryon being one group part. Again, you may perceive a singularity, but it hides an ocean of activity.


Why do we tell you about this? Because we want you to understand that the compassion you have as a Human Being translates to a staple of The Third Language, which is communication to what you call the guides. It provides for co-creation, synchronicity, and something else we are going to discuss right now. It creates energy that is far beyond what you need for you. Now we wish to discuss what this new information means to you on a global scale—a global visualization for the change of reality on Earth.



Listen to me: There are things that are going on right now on Earth that require compassion. They are calling to you to give energy and co

Helping the Planet 

mpassion, the tools of reality change. Every time you sit down with your own problems, we want you to project your compassion to these spots on the earth at the same time. For the compassion that you feel for the children, for the dying, and the confused is translated into the wisdom of God. It is a catalyst that also creates synchronicity and an actual reality shift wherever you focus it. It creates light for those to choose a new path. It create light for those who need to have new processes and inventions. You have profound energy when used with other Humans. Now I'm asking you to awaken to the compassion of another part of your family.


Remember, we know what's going on. Spirit is not in a vacuum regarding you, your life, or the earth. Right now, and for the next few years, solutions must be created through compassion in what you call the Middle East. In October 2000, Kryon, through the channeller you are hearing and reading about now, will be there. We want you to look over there with compassion. The next time you meditate, we wish you to have compassion for solutions there. See the unsolvable, solved. Visualize it as done. Don't try to figure it out. And as you visualize these miracles, we are telling you that your own life will shift and change as well. It's all connected to the whole. You will feel a peacefulness you have asked for in your heart. That's the way it really works.


In a room full of Human angels this size [speaking of about 250 people who sit in front of Lee], with all that pure compassion focused on one thing, you'd be astonished at what you can do. That's how tremendous the energy is and how it works. How do you think you created a new reality for 2000 for the planet? What stopped the doomsday prophecies from occurring? There were enough compassionate Human Beings on the earth that between 1963 and 1987, Humanity turned things around. I sit in front of many of those who did this! There is tremendous love here! Around the chairs where you sit, we are celebrating the Human Being! We are celebrating the family!


Here is something else. There is a country on Earth that needs your compassion and your focus. We will speak of this at another time, and yet again and again. We told you about a planetary energy—something called “The New Jerusalem.” It refers to a planetary attribute and a planetary potential, not to a place in Israel. It is a metaphor, and a name filled with promise and peace for the planet. But, dear ones, it requires that the entire earth be involved, not just those on the continent where you might sit [speaking of the Americas].


There is one entire continent that hasn't had a chance to have the full awakening you have as you read this page. They are too involved in ancient war and old tribal affairs. They are too involved in fear and hatred. They are too involved in daily survival to even consider a spiritual path. The irony here is that they represent the very birthplace of the kind of Human you have on Earth at the moment, and they are in trouble.


This is not a political issue, for Spirit does not involve itself with that. No, this is a family issue. The next time you sit down, compassionate one, create an energy of compassion, and send it to all the countries and Human family tribes in the continent you call Africa. Eleven years ago, we told you that a certain percentage of the earth would be leaving in order to facilitate the change of the end times [Kryon Book One]. You are seeing it now. However, you are also in a new energy that you have created where you are beginning to realize that you can change this! Do you want to change it?


Oh, dear family member, born in spiritual affluence compared to those in other lands, turn your compassion upon Africa, for this energy must change for the whole earth to shift. See the family in Africa as plentiful. See the family with bountiful food and good health. Don't guess how! Instead, visualize it being done. See solutions for every one of them. See them becoming wise and harmonious. See peace!


Another Potential Given


Eleven years ago, we gave you a potential that indeed took place in 1999. You'll see it in the white book, The End Times. We indicated that a dictator would create chaos for the earth in 1999, and he did. [Speaking of the potential on page 23 of Kryon Book One, The End Times, which turned out to be Kosovo]. The chaos created was about genocide. It's the first time the earth, in an unlikely coalition, banded loosely together and said to the head of a country; “It doesn't matter about the sovereignty of your borders; no person or country can commit genocide of its people.”


We told you back then about the potential of this. The potential was there in such a strong way that it happened right on schedule, and here's another one. In the year 2002, there is a new potential for another consensus of this kind. It will be a consensus potentially of compassion, with the earth joining together to make a change without force or war, and without killing a Human Being. This is a grand potential, and it represents Human evolution. It's spiritual consciousness at work. But you have choice on the time-line. We'll see what you do with it, dear ones.


Taking Care of Yourself First


Do you want to help those in Africa to live instead of die? Do you wish to help create solutions in the Middle East? If you do, you must start with yourself. We call it “sitting in the golden chair.” We have taught you this over and over. Only now, interdimensional Human, with the thickness of love and compassion surrounding you, perhaps you understand? By creating your own lighthouse, you will indeed help steer other family members into safe harbors of the globe. How bright is your light? You won't be able to do anything about the rest of the family who is approaching the rocks until you brighten your own light!


How about feeling compassion for self? How about dropping all of the anger toward those who will not speak to you? How about projecting forgiveness toward those who have performed the unforgivable within your life, and affected you greatly? How about compassion for self? It is time to see the child in there, the one who is the angel. We will give you more on this later, but we tell you metaphorically that if you stripped away all the things that were Human and were able to “see” the angel inside, it would have the face of a child! It would have the innocence and unconditional love at the core of you. You so often associate children with sacredness. Now, you know why.


It's time to be compassionate with yourself. Sit in the golden chair. Feel the miracles here for you today. Reader and listener, let it be said now that there is an energy in the space around you that is precious and that begs to be accepted. If you are willing to feel compassion now, you will be overwhelmed with our compassion in response. For there is an entourage here and around your chair that wants to hold and hug you.


We have given you secrets tonight. We invite many of you to rise from the place where you are when it's time, and leave this space differently from how you came in. Oh, shaman, medicine man/woman—priest, we have seen you in your past lives and have heard the vows dropped this night! We have given you sacred information that is as old as you are—allowing for the changing of reality with compassion. It will allow you to pray and meditate differently. It will help you to sort things out.


You cannot number God. We are singular, yet infinite. We are the sands of time that happen in “the instant forever.” We are the center of physics. We are God. We are family. We also are in love with you. That's the message. Do we have an agenda? Oh yes. It's to be with you with compassion. This is the God-partner energy we have spoken of since we began the teachings. In that soup that you call the divine energy around you, is the solution to your life's most precious callings.


Dear ones, as we pick up the bowls of our tears of joy from washing your feet, we feel deep compassion. There has been a homecoming today. Many have had the touch of Spirit, given as a profound validation that this is not just a talking man that you are hearing and reading, No, this is a real visit of Spirit.


The hardest thing we do is leave. We are hesitating even now, wishing to stay and simply hug you in quietness. But the time is right, and the appropriateness has arrived for us to withdraw. There has never been a time in Human history where we have had more communion with the angels pretending to be humans than now. Is it any wonder we wish to remain?


Leave this place with a sanctuary of your own creation within your life. Surround yourself with the love of God. Create a long-lasting spiritual light that can change the earth itself! Know that it is a universal light and belongs to all. And so it is that you have been given secrets this day. And so it is that science has been delivered to you.


And so it is that all we have said this day is true and is known at the cellular level of all humanity. And so it is, dear family, that we will see you again.





The 4-ness of man

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The 4-ness of man

We humans, or mankind, exist in 4 of these dimensions, generations or ages, depending on how you choose to perceive or understand this. We are in the 3rd from the largest otherwise known as 3 “D”.

(from the cosmic bee:     index.php/blog-list/7-the-cosmic-bee )


Interdimensionality is that way. It suspends the 4D that requires a place and a time that is measured by absolutes in your reality.



It's difficult to imagine, interdimensional that it is, and hard to explain in four dimensions [that you sit within].


4 dimensions as explained in the The Secret Book of John:

8 For from the light, which is the Christ, and Indestructibility, through the gift of the Spirit, he gazed out so as to cause the four Lights from the divine Autogenes to stand before him.


The Apocryphon of James For do you imagine that many have found the Kingdom of Heaven? Blessed is the one who has seen himself as a fourth one in Heaven."


Mahesh   See Ancient Indian Philosophies-Samkya, Upanishads and Vedanta . Especially Advaita-vedanta Everything in the macrocosm is also in the microcosm. As is the atom so is the universe


Ra: I am Ra. They are all part of the same Logos. Your solar system, as you would call it, is a manifestation somewhat and slightly different due to the presence of a sub-Logos.



Ra describes each star or planet is a creation of an intelligence called a Logos. The Logos create many sub-Logoi. One sub-Logos would be our sun. The sub-Logoi, in turn, create sub-sub-Logoi. Human beings being an example of sub-sub-Logoi. Each Logos, sub-Logos, and sub-sub-Logos is a microcosm of the Creator.


Macrocosm and microcosm    

 is an ancient Greek Neo-Platonic schema of seeing the same patterns reproduced in all levels of the cosmos, from the largest scale (macrocosm or universe-level) all the way down to the smallest scale (microcosm or sub-sub-atomic or even metaphysical-level). In the system the midpoint is Man, who summarizes the cosmos.


Milky Way galaxy is a cosmic cell



Wissam's Russian Dolls Universe Theory


Lets imagine that our Universe is the Universe reference zero "0" (the start point); and lets start to "zoom in" inside a stone for example or any material; our today's science can "zoom in" up to the molecules, atoms, protons, electrons and space between them only; but Wissam is looking for a far deeper zooming; billions of times deeper zooming, wherein Wissam claims that this Micro world we are zooming in will become a Macro world of infinite Universes in a different Scale.


Our Universe "0" will have inside it; in a different SCALE; infinite smaller Universes "-1"; and these Universes "-1" will have inside; in a different SCALE; infinite far smaller Universes "-2"…



Lets imagine now that our Universe is again the Universe reference zero "0" (the start point); and lets start to "zoom in" outside our sky to an infinite far distance; millions of times bigger and deeper than our today's tools and technology; wherein Wissam claims that this Macro world we are zooming in will become a Micro world relatively to a bigger infinite Universe. Our Universe "0" will be just one of infinite number of other Universes forming the bigger Universe "+1"; and Universe "+1" will form with other universes "+1" the far bigger Universe "+2"…


book "the key: a true encounter"  Whitley Strieber

on Google books

A true human being has four levels of mind. Most of us have three, and perhaps a vestige of the fourth. Our destiny is to enter the humanity of the using our body as an organ of perception. 


This is when this explanation becomes difficult in your four-dimensional lives.


"they all had free choice to be where they chose. Naturally, none of them, with information from their four-dimensional reality, would have knowingly gone. But in a spiritual way, they made an appointment and were there, as planned."


The interdimensional being that you are is veiled completely from you while you're here!


Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. Here is a familiar voice that is accompanied by those flowing with me through a crack in the veil. It is a flow from our side of interdimensionality to the side you call four dimensions. This is voice that brings with it an energy-one that may be confusing to some. It's difficult to explain how such a thing can be.


You're in a linear reality with four dimensions.


Each one of you is a group, but you really don't know much about that either. You only know of the singular you and the linear you that sits here, pretending to be a Human on the planet Earth in four dimensions How do you explain multiple dimensions to a four-dimensional Human Being?



The humanity that sits in front of me now is one that begins to understand a new reality. They're enabled to know and learn - to have wisdom. And they're enabled to become interdimensional. What a concept! It requires that a four-dimensional creature goes beyond the four and completely out of linearity.


We've even described how many "you's" there are, and what they/you all do. It has to be this way, you know, for this metaphysical puzzle to work. You cannot be singular, walking around in four dimensions co-creating, and not have interdimensional help from a very personal source. How does God work, if not in this way?






Relatives, "Ask for your colors you can believe all the rainbow you can receive, the sacred garment of lights that lead, the spreading sheets of leaves. Here the way is clear to be, the loving and sacred tree. Take to your heart all that you believe and come and fly with me! In other words, ask and you shall receive your four sacred colors." says, White Buffalo Calf Woman who Singsfor you, your Twin Deer Mother and additional Sacred Song Blessings andWe Bless You


There’s nobody that this earth energy listens to more than the one without fear... the one who is in love with the air and the water, the trees and the dirt. When the masters walked on this planet, the elements cooperated with them... physics bent where they walked. Profound Earth work is more than just being a lighthouse. Instead, it's an interdimensional lighthouse - one that has its light on the top and bottom of the shaft extending as far below as it does above. It's shining a light into the planet as strong as the one shining above.


So what we give you now is further information of the 12 layers of DNA. In review, they exist interdimensionally in four groups of three. Three elements or layers are in each one of four distinctive groups. Each group has a different purpose or energy. Look there, because, dear ones, all of the layers are together in a circle, interdimensionally. Therefore, they all can be seen on the one that’s in 4D. Their shape together will not make any sense to you... much like the Escher painting. The grouping of fours and threes will also make no sense. They’re shaped in a circle that fits in a box, and the box is the one in the middle of the Merkabah. This won’t make sense until you observe the geometry of the Merkabah in 4D and find the box in the middle. Then perhaps it will begin, even in 4D, to be more meaningful than these words are.


The initiation of spirit was a more carefully designed type of initiation as regards the time/space ratios about which the entity to be initiated found itself. If you will picture with me the side of the so-called pyramid shape and mentally imagine this triangle cut into four equal triangles, you will find the intersection of the triangle, which is at the first level on each of the four sides, forms a diamond in a plane which is horizontal. The middle of this plane is the appropriate place for the intersection of the energies streaming from the infinite dimensions and the mind/body/spirit complexes of various interwoven energy fields. Thus it was designed that the one to be initiated would, by mind, be able to perceive and then channel this, shall we say, gateway to intelligent infinity. This, then, was the second point of designing this specific shape.


Ra: I am Ra. You may use that vibratory sound complex. However, it is not totally and specifically correct. There are no “extra” dimensions. We would prefer the use of the term multi-dimensional.


Ra: I am Ra. Your mathematics and arithmetic have a paucity of configurative descriptions which we might use. Without intending to be obscure, we may note that the purpose of the shapes is to work with time/space portions of the mind/body/spirit complex. Therefore, the intersection is both space/time and time/space oriented and thus is expressed in three dimensional geometry by two intersections which, when projected in both time/space and space/time, form one point.



Division is of prime importance in the evocation of a cosmological picture, as given by the shamans of the people living in the Northern hemisphere (fig. 195). The position of the observer, as a micro cosmos within the universe, is a central theme.


Fractal-Holographic Universe

If I had to explain Nassim Haramein’s work and try to describe his Holofractographic Universe Theory (HFU) to a person who had never heard of it before, or who was questioning it’s validity, I would begin with the scaling law for organized matter.

This scaling law to me is as close to irrefutable evidence that you can get in science, confirming Nassim’s proposition of a fractal and holographic universe as a result of fundamental structure and dynamics of the vacuum (the space-time manifold, which we will explore in detail). This is because the data itself – not the theory – clearly demonstrates the relationship between all spheres at all scalar resolutions of the universe. Read More


This Grand Drama

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Remember, always, that this is a beautiful Game that we are playing here and co-creating together, with our Infinite Creator. And that "off stage" (between lives) we are the very best of friends, and that no one really "dies" and no one really "suffers", except in the Game. The Game is not Reality. Reality is Reality, and you have the Power to Express your Reality within the Game, once you have learnt how to do so. -- We will see you on the other side, and we'll all have a good old laugh about the parts we have played in this grand drama


No Soul is terminally corrupted. Every Soul is a beautiful individuated portion of our One Infinite Creator. Souls play characters in the Game of Incarnation. Souls can play some really mean and nasty characters, but underneath the disguise, they will always be beautiful. Remember this, everytime one of these beautiful Souls 'mistreats' you as a part of their storyline. They're just playing their part, like any good actor does whilst on stage. Be thankful to them for their Sacrifice, and learn the lessons they are bringing to you.


I am Ra. We leave you in appreciation of the circumstances of the great illusion in which you now choose to play the pipe and timbrel and move in rhythm. We are also players upon a stage. The stage changes. The acts ring down. The lights come up once again. And throughout the grand illusion and the following and the following there is the undergirding majesty of the One Infinite Creator. All is well. Nothing is lost.


The angels called Humans present a play every night. It's a comedy, it's a tragedy. The audience reacts and they yell and they laugh and they cry. Then the curtain goes down and the one in the play who was stabbed by the other one gets up... because it was only a play. Then they have a party - a cast party - and they get together and say, "That was great! Let's do it again, but this time let me stab you, not you stab me. You do the death scene. I did it this time." Then the curtain goes up the next night and they play it again and they continue to change roles as the curtain goes up and down, up and down.