leaders of the people will be as evil or as good as the people who they lead

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From the works of Christopher Marc Nemelka

Therefore, the leaders of the people will be as evil or as good as the people who they lead. And also the people will be as good or as evil as those who lead them.

Chapter 4 9 TSP 4:42– 4:5641

And now I, Moroni, have been wrought upon greatly by the spirit of God, insomuch that I have been commanded to explain further some other things pertaining to the position of those  who are Gods, yea even those that exist in a exalted Celestial state of happiness. 


42 And many of these things were touched upon by the prophets and are also touched upon in the holy scriptures that are among the children of men in our world. But there are few that understand the meaning of these things. And others have been led to believe that because God cannot be corrupt without destroying the work of God, then those who are His chosen leaders among the children of men cannot be corrupt, because they, too, would destroy the work of God.

43 Behold, those that believe this are in great error, and are susceptible to the enticings of the devil, which are given unto them by those men and women who make such a claim. For those who claim that a leader of the church of God will never be allowed to mislead them, are being misled by those who proclaim this. For they have taken an eternal principle and made it carnal to fit their foolish and selfish desires.

44 For behold, the Lord alloweth the children of men to be led according to the desires of their hearts. And if their desires are evil, then they will be led unto evil. And if the desires of their hearts be good, then are they led in righteousness.

45 Therefore, the leaders of the people will be as evil or as good as the people who they lead. And also the people will be as good or as evil as those who lead them.

46 For the eternal laws of heaven cannot be altered, and by these laws are all the children of God guaranteed their agency—which is a power to act according to the dictates of their own conscience, according to each, by their own desires of happiness.

47 And no man or woman can be forced to follow a leader without his or her consent. For if this were the case, then the eternal law of agency would be for naught, and then God would be for naught, and His work would cease.

48 And if a man followeth blindly and sayeth unto himself: I have accepted this leader as my leader and will trust in him; and if it so be that this leader leadeth me wrongly, then I will not be responsible for my actions, but my sin will fall upon the head of my leader. 10 The Sealed Portion—The Final Testament of Jesus Christ

49 Now, this man who thinketh this is in grave danger of being led into misery and sorrow. For behold, all the creations of God are responsible to the God who gave them life and who hath also granted unto them their agency to choose their own actions, which actions will lead to their own misery, or to their own happiness.

50 However, woe be unto those who set themselves up as leaders among men, for not only will they suffer for their own sins, but they must suffer also for the sins of their followers. And therefore, their state is much worse than that of their followers. But their followers shall also suffer with them.

51 Now this is the thing that the Spirit hath instructed me to explain in this record, even that those who are our leaders, or our Gods, that lead us in righteousness, shall partake of our happiness also. Yea, we shall receive eternal happiness if it so be that we follow Their guidance, but They, too, shall receive more happiness than us, having added to Theirs because of our own.


the key by which miracles are wrought

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Yea, this is the key by which miracles are wrought. And behold, this is also
the power by which we can all be made one people.

The Mentinah Archives Volume One thru Nine (As of Jan. 12, 2011)

The Nemenhah

7. Now, faith is more than belief. It is that power which moves upon the deep and causes it to come together and perform the will of the Father. It was through the exercise of faith that the very matter of the universe was created. This matter we all have in common. Wherefore, when that same faith is exercised, it is recognized by that matter. This is why one may be moved upon by the Spirit to 281 do a certain thing, and if one is obedient to that commandment, a miracle takes place. Is it done by the faithfulness of the individual? I say unto you, Nay. Or is it done by the power that resides in the individual? Not at all. The miracle takes place because the substance is moved upon by that same power by which it was brought into being in the first instance.

8. Here is a mystery that I shall reveal unto you. There is no particle of matter, or anything with which we have to do, that is wasted. It may be used in this generation by you and I, and it may make up our bodies, and the things around us. And yet, when we lay this mortal down, do you suppose that the matter which was loaned to us for a time, is no longer utilized in the creation? Do you suppose that because the likes of you and I touched a thing that it must remain as we touched it forever?

9. Behold, I say unto you, This is vanity. For, there is nothing that is made that is wasted simply because it is utilized once by man or any other created thing. When we lay this material by, it returns unto the earth and is used again in the ongoing creation. Wherefore, all matter that exists today has made a journey through many mortal bodies. Yea, a journey that binds us all together.

10. Yea, this physical body which I possess today is made up of matter that has passed through countless generations of creations just like me. And when I exercise faith, every particle remembers the day when the Creator first so exercised His will upon the deep. And behold, recognizing that same exercise, in His name, and in connection with His will, the very elements respond in accordance with the decrees received in that day by His own voice.

11. Wherefore, never think that by your faith you bring about miracles in Jesus‟ name. This is too much to ask. Never so puff yourselves. You may say that by your faith the matter in you, responding to imperatives it received in the first day of creation, is quickened by the Spirit and, working together for your good, a miracle takes place. Yea, you would not be caught up in the pride of your heart if you so speak. For the same is very true. Miracles follow them that believe and are an effect of the believing, and the acting in faith.

12. Yea, this is the key by which miracles are wrought. And behold, this is also the power by which we can all be made one people. For, are we not made of the same stuff? Wherefore, esteem not yourselves higher than anything created. For, you cannot be esteemed so, being made of the same stuff. Yea, the earth and rocks are living, and your body contains nothing not found in them. And the plants are living, and your body contains nothing not found in them. And the animals are living, and your body contains nothing not found in them. Yea, look at the sky and take in the good air. Do not think that there is ought in your body different than what is in that good air. And look into the night sky and find 282 something in your body that is not found in the stars, the moon and the sun. Nay, you cannot. For, we are all made of the same stuff. Yea, we are all relations. Wherefore, marvel not that miracles follow them that believe, unless you believe that the creation was not a miracle.

13. And I know that you think no such thing. For your faith is an ensample to all people, and the miracles that other peoples marvel at, for they happen but once in a while, are common place among the Nemenhah. Wherefore, I know that you are accustomed to miracles in your lives. But it is still good that you should understand the workings of faith as they apply to the matter which makes up the creation.

14. And behold, this is the very power by which the miracle has come upon me and upon my brethren which allows us to tarry and to be of some usefulness to the Lord, even unto the day of His coming in power and glory to finish His work. Yea, it is by this working of the matter unto miracles that we are translated. For, it is true that we will not taste of death until He comes. And even then, we shall be changed in a twinkling of an eye, so that we will not taste of death in the way of other men. But, I say unto you, It is because of the workings of faith upon the matter of our creation that we live from day to day. And it is because of this substance that we are renewed each day.

15. And there are but few in the history of mankind that have received of this blessing. The first was Enoch, that prophet of old. And he was translated with his whole people. And what great faith did they exercise that caused the matter of their bodies to renew itself each day? And how was this great miracle accomplished? Behold, they did live all things in common, even as you do. But that is not all. They did also seek the face of their Creator continually, and they did rely every day upon the revelation of God to guide them. Yea, they did live in the Spirit at all times and in all seasons. And behold, the Lord took the whole city into His presence.

16. As also John, the beloved apostle of Christ, even that apostle who leaned upon His breast, and was beloved of Him, so changed that he shall not die by the shaft of death, but is renewed each day. And in the end, when he has accomplished all that the Lord shall command him to do, he too shall be changed. Yea, his corruptible that has been put aside for a season, shall he take back up again, but he shall not suffer death as do other men. Rather, that which he takes back up shall be quickly changed, his corruptible into incorruptible.

17. Now, is not this a miracle? That a man or woman may live and be renewed each day? For it is true that all men will die by the shaft of death. Yea, even for me and for my brethren, we shall taste of death when the Lord sees in His wisdom that our work is done. Yea, in that moment we too shall die, but we will 283 be changed in the twinkling of an eye. But unto some it is given to live long in the grace of God, and be not cut down by the destroying Angel to the same degree as others. Yea, unto some, because of their faith, is given the renewing of their bodies.

18. And this blessing and gift is available to all the saints who wish it. But, I say unto you, There are many miracles and gifts of the Spirit to which it would be better for you to aspire. For behold, in many ways, the miracle of the translation of the body is a very great burden. Yea, it is a great burden to them who receive it. It comforts me to know that only they whom the Lord chooses for this calling will receive the miracle.

19. But behold, all other gifts, though they also be burdensome, are not so burdensome as the power given unto me and my brethren. But pray for the gifts befitting your callings and your stewardships. Yea, be humble before the Lord, and beseech Him to bless you with all things that you can bear. For, He knows your capacity and will bless you abundantly.

20. But it is a needful thing for the saints to understand that in the moment they act in faith, and a miracle takes place, it is not by any power or ability in them that the miracle is performed. Yea, it is the movement of faith upon the matter which makes up all creation. All things work together for the good of them who exercise great faith.

21. For again, all matter remembers the first day of its creation, and the day in which it was brought into being and quickened. And when that faith is exercised, the matter does bend itself to the fulfillment of all that the Lord does command of it. And that knowledge that is instilled into all matter in the moment great faith is exercised is sealed upon the matter by the Holy Ghost. Wherefore, the matter cannot deny it, for the knowledge becomes part of its own creation. It is because of this truth that all things work for the good of them that exercise great faith.

22. For, faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. If it is substance, then it is commanded in its actions just as all matter in creation is commanded. Now, all things that are created exercise faith sufficient to fulfill the measure of their creation, except man. Yea, consider the birds, the trees, indeed all living things and discern which of them makes a law unto itself. Nay, they do all that they are commanded to do. Wherefore, even the grain of mustard, though it be the smallest of seeds, becomes a tree sufficient for the birds to nest in. Is this not great faith? I say unto you, It is faith that could move mountains.

23. But unto man is given freedom to choose. Because of this liberty, we are free to choose not to fulfill the full measure of our creation, for there is much evil in the world. And because of this freedom, there is suffering. For, with choice 284 comes action, and all action causes consequences. Wherefore, when we act upon matter, it is moved to and fro. But matter is not static. When it is moved out of its place, it in turn moves other matter out of its place. And that matter is made to move and cause other matter to move. But the universe is one eternal round and all movement returns unto its own. Wherefore, there is a law in the universe that restores all things into a state of stability and equilibrium.

24. Now, when movement takes place, or in other words, when there is an action in one direction, either for good or evil, all matter is made to move in that direction until it returns again to a state of equilibrium. This is according to the commandment given unto matter.

25. Wherefore, if a man chooses to do evil, the matter does not end with the choice and the action. Do you see how any action creates in its own sphere a disturbance in the universe? This disturbance continues beyond the actions of that one decision. Yea, it continues outward and affects all things created. And behold, when it returns again, it may have been magnified into a much greater evil.

26. Who among you has not seen this magnification? Look unto the Nephites of the Land Southward and the great evil that became of just a few men and their evil acts. Yea, the whole face of the land was laid waste, most especially in the northern most reaches of the Land Southward. Yea, there is not one place in that part of the land that has not been altered. Let this remind you of the consequences of your actions at all times.

27. And behold, the same applies when a man chooses to do good, for the same law operates in the case of good as it does in the case of evil. What you apply in this universe, be it good or evil, returns unto you. And if evil is multiplied in the application of the universal law, so then is good. Let your actions for good go out into the cosmos and return unto you so magnified that not one particle of your matter is left unaltered.

28. Now, this law has greatest effect when the motion caused is greatest. Wherefore, the Lord has commanded all of His children to seek an understanding of the Law of Sacrifice. For, it is by and through this law that the most significant change is made upon the matter of mortal man.

29. Yea, for with all sacrifice comes a crying out of the soul. And this crying out, or distress of the soul, causes the greatest movement of the spiritual matter of the universe. But this matter exercises faith according to that universal law of which we have spoken. Now, when this matter returns, it seeks faith with which to cause equilibrium. And behold, all matter is imbued with this intelligence. If it returns to the point of sorrow and finds there sorrow still, it will use that faith to 285 return unto its own and the consequence will be more sorrow and greater. For this cause does suffering bring about greater suffering if left unmodified.

30. But behold, if the matter returns and finds in the place of suffering great acts and utterances of faith, this is that which it utilizes to bring about equilibrium. This faith is magnified and edified such that great miracles take place. Wherefore are we commanded to sacrifice, that through our suffering, a better creation comes into being.

31. For this cause is the purification of the Ammonites recommended unto you. Yea, and for this cause was it so highly favored and justified of the Lord. Which of you, having placed yourself in the suffering of this purification, can say that you returned from it without a miraculous intervention?

32. It is for this cause also that fasting, study, meditation and prayer are so highly recommended unto you. In fasting a soul suffering is caused. That soul cry moves upon the matter of your body, indeed of your whole soul, as also the matter surrounding you. This matter moves ever outward and affects all matter. But behold, do not think that the matter will move away from you continually, for the universe cannot be described as an ever expanding line, but as a sphere. Nay, that movement will return to you. But when it returns, it will do so seeking faith with which to create an equilibrium. The matter is satisfied in this search when it encounters your study, meditation and prayer. Upon these acts and utterances of faith is all its magnified movement bent, and out of it comes wonders, signs and miracles.

33. For this cause has it been said that signs follow them that believe. Yea, wonders, signs and miracles are the natural consequence of doing good continually. For behold, there is much temptation to move always within the nature of man and this natural man moves always to satisfy his own lusts. But when the natural man is put away, and when it becomes natural to do good continually, then does the cycle change and then do wonders occur.

34. Do you marvel that the Lord requires certain sacrifices at your hands? Yea, He requires a broken heart and a contrite spirit. This is the acceptable sacrifice unto Him. Wherefore, the broken heart is the soul suffering cry which moves upon the universe in a most powerful way. This is the cry which issued out of even the great Christ in the moment He undertook to make a suffering for all living. Yea, in that moment of greatest suffering, even He cried out that the cup might be taken from Him.

35. But behold, His spirit was contrite. For, did He not also say: Nevertheless, not my will be done. Yea, His soul suffering caused the greatest movement of matter since the world was created. And the elements obeyed His will then, even as they do now, even as they always will obey His voice. But, in accordance with 286 that great law wherewith He did command it in the beginning, all matter does move outward upon the world, and does return again to the origin of its movement. And when it did return, the moving, expanding, magnifying matter found the greatest act and utterance of faith since its own creation.

36. Behold, I say unto you, The sign that followed, and the wonder, is the atonement of all the lives. How great a miracle occurred that day not many of us may discern. But a great change came over the world in that instant. For, at that moment, He took upon Himself all things. Yea, in that moment, we became sealed unto Him with all matter, if we but choose to follow Him.

37. Now, it stands outside of all question that our soul cry is ever less potent than His was at that moment. But, this understanding does not signify that our suffering does not affect the universe in the same way, albeit to lesser degree. For this cause, He does command us to obey the Law of Sacrifice. For, by living that law, we do avail ourselves of the great power of faith to create the substance of miracles.

38. Wherefore, obedience to the commandments of the Lord does sometimes bring about hardship. For, He would have a tested and a tried people. Yea, the Lord has sometimes sorely tested whole nations in this manner. For such hardship brings about a certain measure of this soul suffering, albeit by compulsion. And they, who respond to this hardship with renewed faith, bring upon the nation, so tested and so tried, the blessings of heaven.

39. Yea, Hagoth, your father, when he came away from the land of his inheritance into the Land Northward, did he not sacrifice all he had and all that he knew to come into a wilderness of uncertainty and suffering? But, being moved upon by the Spirit to take up such suffering, he did as he was commanded. Now, who of you can look upon this city and this Temple, and declare that the consequences to him and his people were not miraculous? And who can compare the great turmoil in the Land Southward, indeed, the entire destruction of everything there, to the blessed state of the Nemenhah when the Lord visited you here in the fastness of the mountains? Nay, you need not look far to witness the application of these laws.


all things were free unto all

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From the works of Christopher Marc Nemelka:

TSP 16:81– 16:91 89

And this society began to use gold and silver and the precious elements of the earth to measure and control the gain that they desired. For behold, among the children of Adam there did not exist a means whereby the value of the things of the earth was measured. For all things were free unto all. And everyone did that which they could, according to their individual abilities, and all received according to their individual needs. And this was done by the sweat of their brow, which was commanded of them by the Father in the beginning.

90 Nevertheless, it had come to pass earlier among the children of Adam, that there lived some who did not want to work by the sweat of their own brow, but who had put themselves up above their brothers and their sisters. And these thought that because of their words, or because of their intelligence, they should not have to work by their own sweat.

Priesthood is explained

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Read about the organization at:  7x7 priesthood 



The need for priesthood is an illusion.

We are God, and god is the priesthood. Those who don't know this need someone to guide them, and this is the what the priesthood is for. Advanced beings have no need of this. An explaination of this is also offered in the works of Chrisopher Nemelka.

From the works of Christopher Marc Nemelka:

AND now, I, Moroni, have been instructed by the Spirit to write an explanation of the priesthood of God which I have mentioned previously in this record. And this explanation is also taken from the words of the brother of Jared. But again I say unto you, that I knew the true meaning of this priesthood, having received this knowledge from the Spirit of God that hath accompanied me all the days of my life.

2 And it shall come to pass that the knowledge of this priesthood shall be had among the Jews and the Gentiles in the last days. Nevertheless, they shall not understand this priesthood, nor shall they have the Spirit to teach them the truth regarding these things, because they choose not to follow the words of Christ in righteousness, and therefore, have forfeited the right to know these things.

3 For it shall come to pass that this priesthood shall be misunderstood and misused in such a way that men will begin to exercise control and dominion over the souls of the children of men; because in their pride, they will claim that they have been given the authority to do so by those who have the authority to give this power unto them.

4 In the beginning there existed no priesthood of God, for all were equal like unto the Son of God, therefore there was no need for this priesthood.

5 Behold, there existed an Order of spirits that committed themselves to the plan that the Father had presented unto them. And this Order of spirits promised the Father that they would follow the commands of His Son according to all things whatsoever he would command them.

6 And this Order became known as the Holy Order of the Son of God, having been organized and ordained by those spirits in the kingdom of the Father who were the firm supporters of the plan of salvation as presented unto us by the Father. TSP 9:7– 9:20

7 And it were these same spirits who kept their first estate and entered into mortality where they would pass the days of their probation.

8 Behold, it was during the times of the wickedness of the children of men that the Lord allowed to be instituted upon the earth symbolic representations of this Holy Order. For behold, it is his desire, and hath always been the desire of the Lord, to teach all of his children the same things that each heard when each of them was present in the spirit world listening to the teachings of our common Eternal Father.

9 But because of the frailties and wickedness of the children of men, the Lord allowed to be established a Holy Priesthood which would officiate in the offices necessary to teach the people the things that they would need to do to keep them in remembrance of him and his commandments.

10 And it is this priesthood after the Order of the Son of God that the Lord alloweth to be established in the churches that he suffereth the children of men to organize among themselves so that they can worship him and learn of his commandments. Now, I say that the Lord suffereth these things to take place among the children of men because this is not the plan or the purpose of the Lord.

11 For as I have said, the children of men find it easier to hear the word of God from mortals, who share their same means of communication, than they do by listening to the promptings of the Holy Spirit of Promise.

12 Behold, the Lord sorroweth in the formation of any organized form of religion where men are called upon to perform in the offices and appendages of the Holy Priesthood. For many times these ordained leaders become wicked and mislead the people away from his commandments and cause the heavens to withdraw themselves. And when the heavens withdraw themselves from among the people, the spirit of the Lord is grieved. And when the spirit of the Lord is grieved, there can be no more power in this priesthood, and it becometh a thing of naught.

13 Nevertheless, because the children of men refuse to obtain their knowledge and their direction directly from the Holy Ghost, who hath the proper authority to bestow it upon them, the Lord suffereth his children to hear the words of salvation from leaders who have been ordained to a position of authority in the Holy Priesthood and have received this authority according to the formation of the religions that he suffereth to be created among the children of men for their sake.

14 And this he suffereth that there may exist some order upon the earth regarding the preaching of his gospel and the establishment of the religions of men to teach this gospel unto the people.

15 And again, I, Moroni, caution you to beware of the religions and priesthoods of men, especially those that shall be established for the sake of the children of men in the last days.

16 Behold, for this purpose the Lord hath caused to be written the holy scriptures, even those things which ye are now reading from the works of my hands. Yea, the fullness of the gospel of Jesus Christ can be found in these writings, and with these writings the children of men can judge their leaders whether they have power in their supposed priesthood or not.

17 And because of the weakness of the Nephites and the Lamanites when the resurrected Lord visited them, according to the record of Nephi, the Lord suffered a church to be established among them.

18 And he called forth twelve men to whom he gave the authority to teach the people. And now, my beloved brothers and sisters, what was it that the Lord commanded his disciples to teach unto the people?

19 Do ye believe that these people were spared from the great destruction wrought throughout the promised land because they were righteous? Behold, if ye believe this, then ye do not understand the record that my father hath prepared for you.

20 Behold, I say unto you that these people were not righteous. For did not the Lord proclaim unto them, even out of the great darkness that did cover the land of Bountiful: Oh, all ye that are spared because ye were more righteous than they, will ye not now return unto me, and repent of your sins, and be converted, that I may heal you? Chapter 9 29 TSP 9:21– 9:35

21 Behold, the Lord knew that these people would not listen to the promptings of the Holy Ghost, and therefore it was necessary that he set up a church among them and establish an order in this church according to the ministrations of a holy priesthood.

22 And he commanded those whom he had called to teach the people to go forth and baptize the people and teach them the commandments of the Father that he would give unto them.

23 And the Lord commanded the people that they should offer up no more sacrifices by the shedding of blood as they had been taught in their traditions according to the law of Moses.

24 And he said unto them: And ye shall offer for a sacrifice unto me a broken heart and a contrite spirit. And whoso cometh unto me with a broken heart and a contrite spirit, him will I baptize with fire and with the Holy Ghost, even as the Lamanites, because of their faith in me at the time of their conversion, were baptized with fire and with the Holy Ghost, and they knew it not.

25 And now my beloved brothers and sisters, how can it be that the Lamanites were baptized with fire and with the Holy Ghost seeing as they had no church established among them, yea neither did they have any type of priesthood to administer this ordinance unto them?

26 Yea, many of the Lamanites were brought unto God by the preaching and patience of the prophets of God who lived among them. And these same prophets of God surely belonged to the Holy Priesthood after the Holy Order of the Son of God, yet they did not have authority to perform the ordinances and act in the authority of a church, nevertheless they were prophets of God.

27 And according to the record of my father Mormon, the people of King Limhi, who were Nephites, accepted the gospel of Jesus Christ as it had been taught to them by Ammon. And King Limhi and his people were desirous to be baptized and form a church among them, not understanding the workings of the Holy Ghost which had been the cause of their conversion.

28 But Ammon refused to use his authority to organize a church among them and baptize them. For Ammon knew that it was not his 30 The Sealed Portion—The Final Testament of Jesus Christ mission to form a church among them, and that the authority to do this was passed down by a holy anointing given by those in authority in the church of God.

29 And the church of God had become corrupt because the wicked King Noah and the High Priests of the church had caused the people to commit many sins against God because of their examples. And was not Alma one of these wicked priests who had been anointed by the church to perform the ordinances therein?

30 And even though Alma was wicked, he still maintained his standing in the Holy Priesthood that was set up within the church to maintain order therein. And after Alma heard the words of the prophet Abinadi, he fled from before the other High Priests and lost his standing in the church. Nevertheless, he did not lose his priesthood authority.

31 For this reason the people of Limhi sought out Alma and his priesthood authority so that they could be baptized as a witness and a testimony that they were willing to serve God with all their hearts and keep his commandments.

32 And these commandments of God are the words that the resurrected Lord gave unto the Nephites and the Lamanites that were spared in the land of Bountiful because they were more righteous than those that were killed.

33 And these were the same commandments that Jesus gave unto the Jews when he lived among them at Jerusalem. And he also suffered that a church was organized among the people at Jerusalem. And he laid his hands upon his apostles and commissioned them, or in other words, gave them the authority to act in his name according to the commandments that he had given unto them to teach to the people, thus showing them an example of how he suffereth the Holy Priesthood to be instituted properly in the religions of men.

34 And now my beloved brothers and sisters, what efficacy do ye suppose this calling and authority of the priesthood hath in the kingdom of God?

35 Behold, before ye are allowed to enter into the kingdom of God ye are required to have the capacity and the understanding of living TSP 9:36– 9:48 according to the commandments of the gospel of Jesus Christ, and have proven yourselves worthy to live by this standard forever. Therefore, what need do ye think ye will have of a church? And what need will there be for a holy priesthood if there is no church established among you?

36 And those of you who belong to the Holy Order of the Son of God, of what need will there be to have prophets and apostles, yea, even the scriptures that teach you the commandments by which ye should live, when ye already belong to an Order of men and women that knoweth and liveth by these things?

37 Therefore, I say unto you, that the priesthoods of men are suffered by the Lord so that he might teach his children his words in a way that they might understand them. And these priesthoods are necessary for the order of his church, which church only pertaineth to the children of men in the flesh.

38 And in the spirit world there is also an order established, even a church, which is under the priesthood authority of the Holy Ghost, who administereth unto the children of men in the flesh, and also unto those in the spirit world according to the ministrations of this priesthood.

39 Behold, there is save one true church of God, which is the church of the Lamb of God, who is Jesus Christ. And any church that doth not teach the words of Christ, or the words that he taught the people when he came down among them, is not the church of the Lamb of God. And these churches that teach not the words of the Lamb of God do not have the priesthood authority to act in the name of God according to the commandments that He hath given unto the children of men through his Son, Jesus Christ.

40 And this is what Jesus meant when he commanded the people to call the church in his name saying: Therefore, whatsoever ye shall do, ye shall do it in my name: therefore ye shall call the church in my name.

41 And many believe that this meant that the Lord would only sanction a church if it was called after his name. Now this is not what the Lord meant. For behold, there are many churches built up that are called after the name of Jesus Christ, nevertheless, they are not built upon his gospel, which are the commandments that he gave unto his disciples as I have explained it unto you.

42 For behold, the Lord commanded the church to be called in his name, which signifieth that it doeth the things that he hath shown it to do. For the name of the Lord hath reference to his works, and it is customary among the Jews, as it is among us, that our works constitute the name by which we are known.

43 Therefore, if a church is built in the name of Jesus Christ, then it will do the works that he hath commanded. And it mattereth not whether this church is named after any other thing, for its works shall be shown within it and it shall only be accepted by the Father according to its works.

44 Now, it is expedient that I make this clear unto the faithful who shall receive this record, even this sealed portion of the plates that I have made with mine own hands. 45 For behold, in the last days there shall be many churches set up among the children of men that are called after the name of Jesus Christ, nevertheless, they are not built upon his gospel, but are built upon the works of men or the works of the devil. And their works follow after them.

46 And ye shall have this record and also the record of the Jews as two testimonies of the teachings of Jesus Christ. And if any church teacheth more or less than Jesus taught the people, ye shall surely know that these churches are called after his holy name and not in his name as I have explained it unto you.

47 And whosoever preacheth the words of Christ hath the blessing and authority of the Holy Priesthood of God. And whosoever teacheth more or less than the words of Christ, though they might have the priesthood conferred upon them, they have not the sanctification of the Holy Spirit, and therefore, have no power in their priesthood. For behold, many are called, but few are chosen.

48 And there will be many of you who question the authority of those who teach the words of Christ because they do not have the authority of the church to do so. Beware of this Chapter 9 31 TSP 9:49– 10:10 fallacy in your thinking, my beloved brothers and sisters, for so thought the Jews at Jerusalem when they rejected the prophets who were sent to preach repentance unto the church that was set up among them. For the Lord hath said: For he that is not against us is for us.

49 And if a man can cast out devils in the name of Jesus and doeth many wonderful works also in his name, then that man belongeth to the church of the Lamb of God, whether he belongeth to an organized church upon the earth, or whether he doeth it on his own, it is the same.

50 For any man or woman that obeyeth the gospel of Jesus Christ as he hath given it unto us, hath the priesthood of God and can act in the name of God according to the words of Christ.

51 And if it so be that this man or this women desireth to establish a church in the name of Christ, and call it after his or her own name, then it will be counted as righteousness before the Father and He will send the Holy Ghost to sanction it.

52 Now this is the mystery of the priesthood which the Spirit hath commanded me to explain unto you. And there are other things about the priesthood that I have not explained. But the most important part, which is for your understanding, I have explained upon these plates.

--------------------- 39 For behold, these ordinances were given by the Lord freely unto all of his children. And they are given for the edification of all; and it is 50 The Sealed Portion—The Final Testament of Jesus Christ not important to the Lord whether or not his children can pay a tithe unto him. Behold, this is not the sacrifice that he requireth of them; for he requireth a broken heart and a contrite spirit