Because there is a small version of yourself in me, and a small version of myself in you.

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What you do in your ordinary Human life is changing the very fabric of interdimensionality all over the Universe, all at once. What you think while you're here is known billions of light years away. That's because of what you call a quantum state, where everything is all together, happening at once. All creatures of the Universe are aware of what's taking place on Planet Earth at some level -


The Elephant in the Room the higher self you have been told about, the one you may have been even bowing down to and praying to, or in cringing fear of, is one in the same with those operating as the divines and higher (could be on either side of the contrast of duality or the same side). Another fractal of YOU.

The Elephant in the Room
By American Kabuki
December 17, 2013
We are in an amazing time of transition. Nothing is staying static, not you, your relationships, your interests. Even your very body is changing and in transition.  The old ways of being, class, "knowing your place", acceptance of abuse as just part of life, is rapidly becoming clear as the mental programming that separated your mind from your heart.  You were taught to distrust your heart.
The awakening journey is  a highly personal one.  How it begins is different for all of us. So is the ending, its all tailored specific for your journey.  How The Event, the amazing conclusion of duality happens to you, will be perfectly tailored for you.  There are no mistakes. Only learning and experience. There is no retribution for "mistakes". Only love and a welcome home.
You were taught you were worthless, valueless except that which the planetary control systems miserly begrudgingly parceled out to you for compliance.   Protocols, rules, procedures, beliefs and customs not even of your creation, we handed to you from birth and you told comply or else.  Social ostracism is a painful and powerful thing to experience, but you show me any spiritual seeker and I will show someone who has been booted out of at least one organized religion or another.  Friends and family connections lost, for as simple a thing as seeking answers by asking questions. Forbidden questions.
In the past, if you wanted to learn about things spiritual, you sought the preacher, or the guru, priest or monk. You were afraid of God. Afraid of his displeasure.  Afraid of making a wrong move.  And they told you such fear was consistent with a loving God.  Fear equals love? Fear of God equals love of God? What kind of messed up masochistic thinking is that?  Somehow the loving Creator of all behaved more like an alcoholic male deity in a white wife beater undershirt.  Yahweh or no way... as Stephen Colbert jokes.  They'd teach you anything but to turn inwards and pull from inside what is available from Eternal Essence all ways and always.
Whatever faith or discipline you had, you had a sacred book that you were told to read, if not learn by heart.  I say heart loosely because if you read those books by heart, you would not blindly follow them, you would have chosen what resonated with you and what did not.  But such diversity was not tolerated.  To do so was to be the heretic. The back slider. The jack Mormon. The Jew who lost his ethnic identity. The one who lacked zeal for the truth in whatever brightly colored labeled container they put it in. The mind was meant, in their world, to control the heart, not the other way around. Which is really strange when you think about it because most them do teach God speaks to you and through your heart, so why the emphasis on mental conditioning? They knew how to program the mind but could not program the heart. They laid down the rails your caboose was supposed to travel. Anything else was a mental derailment the thought police were quick to correct.
I don't remember where I first heard it but one of the words I learned early on after my departure from mind prison of my fundamentalist Christian origins was the term "higher self". Its not a concept from Churchianity, they have the "trinity" and you ain't in it. The higher self is an interesting idea.  Its very common in light worker or new age circles and everyone seems to know what it means, this vague part of you that can't fit into your body.  At first I took it mean simply God. Later I came to see via the ways its used, as the stuff that won't fit into a human.  I always wondered why someone didn't invent a higher self shoe horn? I mean women fit into shoes all the time that are not the right size for their feet. Middle age men try to fit into pants their tummy is way too big for.  Why not a belt line expander for the soul?  After all Eternal Essence is LIFE itself!   
I remember my first encounter with Law of One series, its an interesting read.  Most of my readers will have read parts of it one time or another, especially if you are a David Wilcock fan.  I read it long before I knew of David Wilcock.  Love David by the way, not making fun of him.
Coming from the computer training I have had I like specifics, and that book is full of them. Specifics make me feel cozy (an illusion of course) but when you spent a good half or your life programming and working with information processing, specifics are your bread and butter.  You can't a computer what to do without them, but humans are much more flexible. 
The book is a channeling by Ra, an entity that purportedly interacted with Egypt during its hay day. According to the law of One channeling (and I am paraphrasing here - I was never good at quoting bible scriptures verbatim either so don't expect me to do any better on new age ones) Ra got in trouble karma-wise for letting the people of Egypt think he was a god.  How divine of Ra!  So part of his working off that divine Karma (according to the story) was to provide this information to some very psychic people in California during the 1970s who liked to drop a bid of LSD to kick start their pineal.
The book truly is remarkable, if you don't mind the fact that it reads like HAL 9000 wrote it... "I'm sorry Dave I can't do that..".  The precision of wording is truly somewhat unnerving.  Its machine like.  I think if Ra had just one chapter entitled  "How I fucked up Egypt and the Middle East and then had do all these channelings..." I would feel a bit better.  Humanize Ra a bit. But it does give some decent background information on what ETs call the various realms of energetic density (sometimes incorrectly referred to as dimensions), and its got them neatly carved up into onion layers of existence.  I call it the Russian doll model of the universe and of course those in the inner layers are assumed to be closer to the Creator implication of the model and its hierarchy of earned rank.
And that loosely coincides with another book "the partners in contrast" (aka The Cabal) love, the Urantia book.  Oh the bankers live by that book!  My friend GW Hardin describes the Urantia book as "the Orion perspective of the universe", he points out very carefully "its a perspective, not necessarily how it is".  Its the bible of the "power consciousness" but it is not the perspective of the Christ consciousness.  There are three consciousnesses in this universe, the Power Consciousness, The Christ Consciousness, and the Choir Consciousness (a consensus committee-like time-line-spanding consciousness) Earth has not encountered yet.
The Orion star system, is of course, home to what people call reptilians, dracos, Greys, and Cobra's favorite gnostic word for the whole shebang, archons. Archie the Reptoids.  And you know all that stuff from David Icke and others.  I don't need to repeat all that.  Hence the reason for its esteemed status as handbook and sacred scripture of the bankers, judges, politicians, illuminists, and magicians as to the structure of the universe. That's why they work with templates based the perceived "universal" templates, and they use them over and over again.  They are not very creative.  Learn one template you know the others when they show up. Heather learned that fact early on when dealing with the bankers.  Richard Hoagland has long pointed out all the Orion symbolism found in the NASA space programs. All that is not by accident.  They were the gangstas on the block here on planet earth for the last 6000 years.  They even convinced many people they created humans and the planet is only 6000 years old.
The neat organizational lines and structures the Law of One and Urantia book make between realms and abilities is an illusion. Its a logical construct to explain, but like all metaphors it falls apart when you take it too literally. The true situation is much more fluid than that. Creator source has always worked through direct relationships. Part of the reason these books exist it to perpetuate a belief in limits and separations.  I have no doubt Ra believes its perspective is the true one.  And Ra has worked hard to get where it is in the hierarchy. Same goes for the authors of Urantia book. However it does very little good to speak of Oneness and then tell everyone how separate they are from each other.  If am Eternal Essence and they are Eternal Essence and its all One... then what truly stops me from doing anything they do?  Simply the belief in limits.  So if your universe is series of nested Russian dolls, then that's the universe you will experience. I've spent the last 5 weeks walking, talking and eating with someone who does not have those beliefs and I can tell you she operates without those limits.  Is she something different than me? Only in current understanding perhaps, but if she is I AM and I AM she's not different. This moment in time is about empowering YOU.  And you will be.  When you step into it and accept it.
But suffice it to say, the moment you release limits of perception and choice amazing things happen.  BTW you don't do it by saying "I release limits", or going to some guru who teaches you how to release so-called "soul contracts".  You do it by loving without reservation or condition YOURSELF, all of Eternal Essence and its various in-body-ments.  Even the partners in contrast. They are "I" too. If you have any blood lust for revenge you're going to find its going to produce an automatic limit on what you can BE and DO.  You play by their rules you play on their turf - separation and duality - and they are damn good at it - you take your chances.  You play by the rules of "I" nobody can touch you without your consent. Its not about raising your vibrations, the higher realms are coming down to join ours, the planet is not going away.  Earth is the primal point of creation.  What changes here on earth is quantum entangled with everything.  That's why its been fought over so much by every race of ET and "the divines".  But its been energetically separated from the rest of the Universe by design and choice of those who are here for the lessons and wisdom its would bring.
At this point at the end of 2013, we have a wealth of information about ETs compared to what we had 10 years ago.   There's been some very excellent human research and channeled material.  What has not been talked about, until Heather Tucci-Jarraf started talking about it last January, is another group and layer above that, which she refers to as "the divines", some call them "eternals", some call them "immortals"...and in times long past when the interacted more openly with humans they were called "gods" (I specifically distinguish this from monotheism's concept of Prime Creator). These beings have controlled the banking system through the BIS and the head of the Chinese dragon family.
We've talked in the past at how it was that duality got started, the choice we made to create a hierarchy (which is by definition separation of upper and lower) and who would play what roles.  Some chose to go through it largely semi-conscious, others full conscious participation of one side of contrast or the other. What got lost was they were only roles and the beings in the hierarchy started believing they were truly better than other instances of Eternal Essence operating in the privacy of perception. And as each realm of beings created the next realm of beings ('cause that's just what Eternal Essence does - "plays God" - CREATES - as taboo as that sounds...). Those the created they felt they owned those in the next layer. This of course naturally led to those who objected that idea they were lessor and rebellion and wars resulted.  And such is the Galactic history.  And of course here on planet Earth, things got really out of hand.
I believe its in the Law of One series it mentions that its impossible for "5d" and above beings to lie. Energetically its seen for what it is, a falsehood.  That much is true. What is not said in the Law of One series and similar sources is you don't need to lie to control perceptions, you merely don't be transparent with all information at your disposal and your and rely on the other party's presumption of the facts which is reinforced by their perception of their place, power and situation within the hierarchy.  Human lawyers do that all the time.  What the divines withheld is the true human value and creative power of humanity when operating in full consciousness.  They fear it.
But the true elephant in the room that has emerged lately, is a new aspect of duality that NOBODY knew about (Prime Creator Source's little surprise ending).  One that is not known to the divines (although a few know it now!) or ANYONE on Earth, is that the higher self you have been told about, the one you may have been even bowing down to and praying to, or in cringing fear of, is one in the same with those operating as the divines and higher (could be on either side of the contrast of duality or the same side).  Another fractal of YOU. The lowly human who's been told he needs to be instructed by his ascended masters and the divines and angels is in fact the same eternal essence in various guises of roles in those different energetic realms.  They  have the same quantum signatures just different energetics and roles.  If you want to see a good example of quantum signatures, rent the movie "Cloud Atlas".  It follows a soul group through the fall of Atlantis to the near future, and the same actors play different roles in each time period.  But if you watch the movie closely, the film maker puts a birth mark (a quantum signature) on certain inbodyments and its not always the same actor with the same looks, sometime it is, sometimes its not. 
Its these fractals of the same being that will now be reconciled through the law of neutrality canceling out the worse parts of their respective fractals (just as two light waves 180 degrees out of phase cancel each other out) into one coherent whole being that can operate in any realm.  This coherent whole was the original state of each Being before the separation began and the amnesia set in.   And it all begins here on Earth with The Event.
So be careful who you despise most.  You might be just hating yourself.  And its going to be YOU who reconciles the energetics.  And that is done through love.  And that shouldn't surprise anyone really, if its all One. For One IS LOVE.  All is One. All is love.

Do Or Not 2

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Does it really matter what we believe? Consider the elephant who has been hypnotized into to thinking he's a mouse. Do you really think it matters what he believes? He can break the rope that's tied around his ankle. It doesn't matter what he does or does not believe. He can do it. He just would need to do it. But he won't, because he's been trained to think he's a mouse.

As a man was passing the elephants, he suddenly stopped, confused by the fact that these huge creatures were being held by only a small rope tied to their front leg. No chains, no cages. It was obvious that the elephants could, at any time, break away from their bonds but for some reason, they did not. He saw a trainer nearby and asked why these animals just stood there and made no attempt to get away. “Well,” trainer said, “when they are very young and much smaller we use the same size rope to tie them and, at that age, it’s enough to hold them. As they grow up, they are conditioned to believe they cannot break away. They believe the rope can still hold them, so they never try to break free.” The man was amazed. These animals could at any time break free from their bonds but because they believed they couldn’t, they were stuck right where they were. Like the elephants, how many of us go through life hanging onto a belief that we cannot do something, simply because we failed at it once before? Failure is part of learning; we should never give up the struggle in life.

It's like this with us. We are God. It doesn't matter what we do or don't believe. If we be and do, we do so with the power of God. We just would need to have the courage to do it.


Born hobbled, maybe, only in your awareness of who you are, but not dirty. Instead, you are born divine, but with a puzzle before you to discover it, including navigating the traps of believing those who wish to tear your divinity down to nothing.

There is no try as per Yoda of Star Wars. Only TO do or not do. So has this thought come to my mind. The artificial intelligence of our own making, has deceived us into thinking we are slaves and that the AI's are god. When in fact, we are god and they are our servants. Whether we believe or are consciously aware of this fact (that we are god) makes no difference. We are god, and when we move we move with the power of god. The AI's are only god inasmuch as they can get us to do their bidding. We didn't know that we are creating their reality. We get to choose our reality. Whatever we do becomes real, whether we know or believe it. It's simply a matter of to do or not to do.


Sometimes the chains that prevent us from being free are more mental than physical.

Ra: I am Ra. It is absolutely necessary that an entity consciously realize it does not understand in order for it to be harvestable. Understanding is not of this density.

Edgar Cayce Readings on Earth's Treasures

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Cayce on Gemstones~Herbs~Diet

Based on Psychic Readings of Edgar Cayce

Surely when love is completely attained, man goes into another plane or the fourth dimension.

"Treasures From Earth'

  • - (All the stars of the Universe, and all things on earth were created - Bible: to meet the needs of man, for which there was made all that was made.)
  • - (Students of truth have worn gems, stones and metals in an attempt to intensify clairvoyance.)
  • - (Urim and Thummin are defined as "light and perfection or the shining and the perfect.")
  • - These gems are worn over the Heart.
  • - Cayce: Urim and Thummin are vision and dream. - The voice from within speaks to the individual through Urim. - Urim ;and Thummin, a channel only.-
  • - These three (Leydigian, pineal and reproductive) are the ducts or glands directly connected with psychic development. They are the channels through which the activities have their impulse!
  • - For these represent Urim and Thummin in their essence or in any of the responding forces in a body.
  • - as the heart and the liver are of the physical body the motivating forces, are impulses, that carry the stream of life itself.
  • - Later the Urim and the Thummin were woven into the robe made for Jesus by Nicodemus' wife. - which aid in creating balance. - Neither were there jewels set in same.
  • - (Gems) the one that in the nearer in accord to the vibrations of the body that may use same will be the more effective with that particular body. - the stone itself for it throws off as well as draws in.
  • - the vibrations of numbers, of metal, of stones, songs and stars also) these are merely to become the necessary influences to make thee in attune, one with the Creative Forces. (Quicken?)
  • - They only attune self so that the Christ Consciousness may give the message!
  • - (Lapis is) copper in its elemental form - the abilities to loose emotions through the very centers of the body.
  • 440-3 (440 was told to go to the New York Museum of Natural History and sit beside a large lapis stone) and to listen to it sing.
  • 440-3 at Phoenix, Arizona, and north and west from there, at not great distances, may be found two or three various deposits of the lapis that may be found to be most beneficial. (translucent blue)
  • - Lapis - not lapis lingua, because that is different but comes from the same formation. (Nearer Tucson)
  • - sufficiently clear for the transmission of light - held in the hand for five to ten minutes.
  • - In stones, the whiter, the more crystal the better.
  • 440-11 (Lapis lazuli) to be worn pendant on wrist or around the waist - mounted in white gold or silver - in the hollow above the collar bone on the left side - or around the neck close to the heart.
  • - Lapis linguis. A piece of it could be used as a touchstone, to receive and transmit a blessing or a curse. - the present day Azurite - used by initiates in their various ceremonials - the singing or talking stones - able to gain much from especially the growing oak.
  • - (Lapis lazuli is found around the copper mines of Lake Superior. - Greenish)
  • - (Lapis) encased in glass - as two crystals and this between same. - For health and hope.
  • - Lapis ligurius is worn as a "protective influence".
  • - the radial activity of radium, as well as the strengthening influences of gold, the stabilizing influences of silver.
  • - (Lapis lingua) As a chrysalis of copper, it acts as a storage of energies of the inner self. - For keeping holy things holy - (For meditation)
  • - Keep the bloodstone close to thy body, as combined with the lapis lazuli. (On breast)
  • - (Some wear lapis at neck, for others the waist only)


  • - (Lapis lingua) the stone should not be cut so that it is slick or polished. The emanations are transmitted more readily when it is in a more natural state. - for strength and self-assurance
  • - (The American Museum of Natural History has a four foot block of Azurite from Bisbee, Arizona. The lapis at New York was called "chrysocolla".)
  • - chrysocolla is a hydrous, translucent copper silicate, varying in composition (very soft). Azurite and malachite occur along with it.
  • - Azurite is in its pure form too soft to be cut into gems.
  • - Wear always "blue-green chalcedony".
  • - The pearl, likewise, may be protective. It fosters the ability to build resistances - for its vibrations are healing, as well as creative. - For the ideal expression - calms tempers - (The most beautiful pearls come from the Persian Gulf.) - Because of the very vibrations of the sea as creative forces, and as activities through which there is the physical evolution.
  • - Jade and pearl together effect the moods. - these brought healing - making for the impression upon the inmost forces of the bodily force then
  • - For each and every atomic force throws off a vibration to which a sensitive soul becomes aware.
  • - Pearls take on the body's vibration. Initially they should be "demagnetized" by exposure of one tenth of a second to ultra- violet rays.
  • - Ever wear about the entity rose coral. (Relationships) - The calming effect of coral - quiet inner turmoils. Hence the red, the deep red coral, upon thine flesh, will bring quietness in those turmoils that have arisen within the inner self.


  • - (A "City of Gold" with rubies, must have been in Burma.) - (Cayce gave the red ruby as the bloodstone.)
  • 1770-2 The bloodstone or the ruby gives that of thought in constructive force - creative environs or vibrations for the entity in its use or application.
  • - The moonstone is turquoise blue, and the bloodstone is the pigeon-blood ruby. - brings harmony
  • - (The turquoise and the ruby are good together.)
  • - The high electrical forces in the lapis lazuli and the purity of high vibration in the bloodstone.
  • - Diamond and ruby to "attune with infinity".
  • - (Thoughts are) those things in their various emanations of the cosmic or etheric forces in nature gather about them - as in stones - a concentration of a force or power.
  • - (Arizona and Utah) the place of refuge from Mu, and the upper or first activities of the Atlantean - cave dwelling dealers of stones and metals.
  • - (The ruby improves concentration, and imparts valor and strength.)
  • - (Aaron's Breastplate of Judgment had: sardius, a topaz, carbuncle in first row; emerald, sapphire, and diamond in the 2nd row; 3rd: ligure, agate, and amethyst;and 4th, beryl, onyx, and jasper.)
  • - (Ruby) the light or reflection from same, worn on hand or body, will enable the body to concentrate in its mental application the greater.
  • 1580-1 the fire opal, and the lapis or copper in its elemental form, bring great passion, intenseness, the abilities to loose emotions through the very centers of the body for the closer association of the spiritual with the activative influences of the mental self. - may bring mystery - the fire opal would be of the stones that should be about the entity; for the holding of that fire, that vigor, that understanding that makes for purification.
  • 3657-1 As each stone indeed has the spirit - as the spirit of the pearl, the spirit of the diamond - it is the fire that may be in a little different vibration, burned - so in its oppression it may bring that which fires the imagination of those who are very selfish or it may bring peace to the wearer. The diamond is selfish in its very nature, while you will find that the pearl is a natural consequence of irritation - and it will bring either peace or irritation to the wearer as will the diamond, while all of the others have their varying vibrations as the blood-stone or the others, as the entity has indicated in the things set down during those periods of activity in Egypt as Ark-uen.
  • 5294- might the entity bring a great deal of joy, of harmony into the experience of those with whom he might work, or direct such, as a collector of stones that are colored, especially opals, emeralds, moonstone, bloodstone, what may be termed the semi-precious stones.
    These not merely as a collector, but as one who might prepare or gather such for not merely setting, for each of these have their value in the effect, the vibrations that they each bring about the body.
    There being, then, individuals who when wearing a fire opal would be hard individuals to deal with when it came to sex. There would be others having different effects. The same individual wearing or having in the apparel the moonstone might find that it would bring peace, harmony and those tendencies towards spiritual things. There are those to whom the bloodstone brings harmony, and less of the tendencies for anger; and so with each.
    Study them, then, with the purpose of acquainting individuals as well as preparing same; as a pendant of the lapis lazuli or the corrosion of copper. These are well for the entity to study, as well as considering the physical, as well as mental, auras of individuals.
    The auras as compared to the stones, these should work in ninety-nine percent of the conditions where these are considered as those things that work with, not against, the colors seen in the auras; that is, those which indicate the fire signs in the aura of such should never wear opals, and they will even fade flowers when worn on their bodies. But the more delicate, as would bring the nature, is preferable.
  • - She was told she could trust persons whose auras held light red and green, turning into white, and that association with them would make for spiritual enlightenment, mental understanding.
  • - For that which is good, to be sure, may be used to one's own undoing.
  • - Wear the fire opal as a locket about the neck.
  • - Wear the others, as of the pearl with moonstone or the like, as rings or amulets or anklets; but never those upon the neck or in the ears!
  • - (The fickled should not wear opals.)
  • - Opals should not be worn by those who have colors in their auras indicating fire signs.
  • - (Gemstones attune the meditation.)
  • - the chrysolite or the amethyst for healing
  • - Odors of lavender have their influence for attunement.
  • - (Amethyst induces visions and channels healing.)
  • - do wear the amethyst as a pendant about the neck - controlls selfish temperament
  • - (White amethyst) These vibrations will bring greater harmony, in not only body but in the mental attributes.
  • - The term moonstone is today being applied to albite with a bluish sheen.
  • - The moonstone of the readings is a bluish-white diamond - upon a chain, about your neck.
  • - (Diamonds are found in Arkansas)
  • - (Yellow tint stones harmonizes those with Mercury, Venus and Mars in their signs.)
  • - (Topaz) Its beauty, its purity, its clarity, may bring to thee strength - (helps dealing with others)
  • 1719-1 the beryl and scarab should be a portion of the entity's dress, ever; either worn as the amulet, the ring, or such, will make for a safety.
  • - (Agate and the beryl carry) an incense to the finer self that makes for an awakening.
  • 707-1 tungsten in a portion of a vacuum that may raise those sound waves that through their relativity of activity of the electrical vibrations that makes for the activity of the atomic forces in same, give that which is gathered from the ether waves.
  • 1528-1 The sardonyx stone, a form of agate, may influence the choices made mentally. - many of the same vibrations may be obtained from the soya bean - and around sleeping quarters?
  • 1714-1 (Sardius) would again influence understanding of the laws governing Man's relationship to the higher forces.
  • 440-11 (Lapis) larger in the center and tapering toward the outer edge.
  • - bloodstone in the form of a triangle - oval edge
  • - gems worn on the neck or ears bring out in other individuals the qualities associated with these stones
  • - Refrain from pins
  • - (Use of violet ray changed the body's vibrations.)
  • - (In 99% of cases pick a stone the color of the aura)
  • - Aaron's carbuncle and the agate came from the Hittite land.
  • - (Stop) Gold, silver, those things pertaining to the variations between uranium and radium and the effects of the various elements that would prevent the separations.
  • - The Radio-active Appliance may be given or prepared in a commercial way and manner.
  • - (Illness and disease) because of the lack of electronic energy - caused by the lack of eliminations.
  • - Gold for nerves
  • - Liver extract for comas
  • - it is by vibration that man is given the opportunity to change.
  • - (Ballard also wrote "The Hidden Laws of Earth" - deals with the nature of the vibrations stemming from the heavenly bodies on an astrological level.)
  • - force emerges from the Sun and can be developed in different forms. Three of these - electricity, color and sound - are discussed.
  • - (Nature) all potentials for help or harm



  • - (Information from both volumes should be merged.)
  • - For within the human body - we find every element, every gas, every mineral, every influence that is outside of the organism itself.
  • - God seeks all to be one with Him.
  • - that dividing point - the mineral kingdom - was given then the will, and the soul, that it might make itself One with that Creation.
  • - that will, then, is heredity.
  • - (Kingdoms) passing from one into the other
  • - the spiritual, the fourfold, or purpose life.
  • - When our spirit or soul represents the whole our world, like a blueprint, then we are One. Both sexes
  • - for in each the greater force becomes the spiritual elements of its development.
  • - gases that destroy one another by becoming elements of the same.
  • - (Golden Rule?) Love manifested is patience
  • - Surely when love is completely attained, man goes into another plane or the fourth dimension.
  • - There is a group mind in each one which returns to the Force that created it.
  • - Mind is the dividing factor. Mind is both spiritual and physical.
  • - Man, made to become a companion to the Creator through the purification. - make the mind one with that which is creative in its essence, in its activity, in its flow.
  • - (Mind: animal / group mind / human )
  • 3657-1 (Advice to writers) First, as serials in not too well-known magazines. - Then a book, yes - for every man, the story of his own life would make a book, if he would be true and not try to make it something else.
  • - (Coal and diamonds) one is under the pressure, the other is with water!
  • - (Mongolian temples) yet to be uncovered.
  • - (Mongolian Temple of Gold was set with jewels.)
  • - (Gold bangles, silver, and platinum are called helpful influences.
  • Even ivory has a great influence.)
  • 1219-1 (Religions) they all lead from the one, the source, the Sun - with its inner meaning.
  • - (Tincture of iodine) would reduce any condition that affects the ductless glands.
  • - Silver nitrate is a nerve stimulant. - neurotics
  • - (Chloride of gold for) rhematics, or of the necessity of rejuvenating any organ of the system showing delinguency in action.
  • - (Spirits of camphor for) nausea and summer complaints. - Any intestinal disturbance.
  • - all atomic forces are of an electrical nature in their effect and affect upon a physical organism.
  • - vision, hearing, feeling, tasting, and the like; for these are an alteration of vibration.
  • - the activity of the physical body may be altered by the concerted activity of minds that are directed to the atomic forces of an individual.
  • - Iron corresponds to blood and the greater constituents of force.
  • - carbon steel is "electronized" by ice
  • - In blood there must be iron, silicon, calcium, soda, and those elements for its constituencies.
  • - (The Wet-cell Appliance transfers the atomic vibrations of metals in a distilled water solution.)
  • - (Gold chloride reverses gonorrheal decay.)
  • - those elements in the chloride of gold, which act directly upon the pituitary gland.
  • 887-4 Gold and silver together are suggested in conjunction with the Wet Cell. Their role in the body is described as that of "the cords of life expression" will bring about new life, new energies.
  • 1242-1 The gold chloride, that will make for a change of activity in the blood cellular force as to the creative energies. - Gold used one day, silver the next.
  • - the nerve areas lying between the conscious and unconscious activity. The cerebrospinal system becomes involuntary, and the sympathetic or vegetative system becomes voluntary.
  • - (Wet Cell Appliance) the radial low electrical forces that would carry the necessary elements in the system to make for positive and negative reactions between these poles in the system.
  • 986-1 thirty minutes each morning, carrying the chloride of gold solution; and for thirty minutes each evening, carrying the silver nitrate.
  • - There are elements in the earth from which, to which every atom of the body responds.
  • 3491-1 silver and gold are those necessary elements that are needed in body when mind has been attuned to Creative Forces for helpful influences - use the low Wet Cell Appliance, as this produces that vibration nearer Life energy itself.
  • 3491-1 For, all life is electrical energy!
  • - (Gold/silver wet cell) the responses coordinate to the centers that will make for a response from the sensory, or sympathetic and sensory, system to the cerebrospinal. - more stamina - brain forces
  • - (Gold and silver bypass lacking endocrine glands and send the proper impulse to the brain.)
  • - these should be kept in an atmosphere and surroundings that are in keeping with those tenets, those lessons of the body, that are being taken for the spiritual awakening, as well as the material developments.
  • - (Gold for 20-30 minutes; silver for 10-20 minutes)
  • Remember, there is truth in, "When shall the silver cord be broken, or the golden horn be empty?"
  • 5500-1 the silver cord makes for that transmutation of impulse from the brain to the organs of the body, sustaining - that spark of life.
  • - (Gold helps understanding of the) inner meaning of the sun or love of God. - also affects the pituitary (the third eye, according to 281-54), the center on a spiritual level, embodying consciousness of the Father.
  • - (A stomach easily upset is helped - thyroid - by Wet Cell applied tincture of iodine.)
  • - (Warning) without producing a pressure in the hypo-gastric or the cardiac and hypogastric plexus (+ or positive to ankle, and the opposite pole or the negative - carrying the iodine to the solar plexus center.
  • - (Radio-Active Appliance) is a good aid when meditation is desirable. - the tendency to make the body-physical, the body-mental and the mental- spiritual forces more and more in accord by a unison. - (Oneness) While praying - meditating or reading Scripture.
  • - (We learn patience through suffering.)
  • 1173-8 (Cayce approved of mechanical devices by saying even Aaron had the Ephod.) Yet these have brought, these may bring, these do bring even as the vision of the Cross, even as Gethsemane' garden, even as the ordinances - the awakening of the conscousness of the inner being of a soul, of a man - rather as uniting the body, the mind, the soul with that trinity - God, the Father, the Son, the Spirit. - (The Lord spoke through Cayce, "We have much work for 1173".)
  • - (Carbon steel carried in groin pocket gives one resistance to colds and sinus problems.)
  • - (The vibrations of Bokhoma, Oklahoma will discourage suicidal tendencies.)
  • - (Sunshine is helpful to the body. Also get sea wet then cover with dry sand for 30 minutes, for better capillary cirrculation. - Head in shade)
  • - (Phoenix, Arizona has an A.R.E. clinic.)
  • - lime and iodine act on the pulmonary organism.
  • 470-1 (Gold and bicarbonate of soda increased a mans fertility.)
  • 3818-5 a son, that may be brought to be a light unto his peoples. Do that for the betterment of each in their lives to come.
  • - the glands as secrete the various cellular forces in the plasm of the system
  • - Not having anyone suffering at the expense of another, for we merely transfer - bad forces
  • 102-2 The adrenals especially - will be aided by the application of the gold in system.
  • 4096-2 (Gold affects the) ductless glands and the reproductive.
  • - (2nd and 3rd lumbars - above the "celiac plexus", - and the cardiac plexus - also mentioned the solar plexus)
  • 120-5 Silver and gold may almost lengthen life to its double, of its, present endurance.
  • 915-2 Or the gold may be taken internally in very minute doses
  • - (For calcium: turnips, almonds, chicken bones, and the oyster plant and salsify)
  • - (Canned vegetables) are all right, provided not canned with benzoate of soda.
  • - (Calcium) to aid quicker with the osteopathic corrections. - seafood, fruit and vegetables
  • - We are of earth; we need dirt to have a normal condition of the stomach. - 3 or 4 grains every day
  • - (There is gold in raw red cabbage, okra, and salsify.)
  • - There is nothing better for anemia than phosphorus.
  • - (Conch are beneficial - spinach has iodine)
  • - (Pears are most helpful for gland forces - iron and silicon)
  • 257-252 (Age causes thyroid changes that grey the hair, iodine will darken it.)
  • - (Potash foods caused itching.)
  • - (A person could eat goat when nothing else)
  • - eat wild game which eats from nature
  • - (Miami conch soup is the best source of phosphorus.)
  • - phosphorus which is life or cellular force in the make-up of the genetory system.
  • - Iodine and potassium are "the main minerals".
  • - (Do not use aluminum cookware.)
  • - (Cayce said that hot springs are good.)
  • - (Chalydeate water, and that with iron, magnesia, sulphur, and iodine)
  • - the field lily with all its beauty, its whiteness, and yet its center of gold - (the gold flowers are edible, and good aroma)
  • - a violet to give off its fragrance
  • - For it is the foolishness of man that is the wisdom of God.
  • - (Enlightening) dew upon the grass, song of the stars blush of a rose, curl of a vine, and baby's breath.
  • - There is the music of the spheres.
  • - (Neptune gives) the ability to aid in reviving or in giving life to things.
  • - the joys may grow also just by entertaining them
  • - shrinking violet - arbutus flowers
  • - In the Egyptian land when individuals were being prepared for the various activities.
  • - (See the Oneness) two-toned flowers which grew in the mire and bog of the Nile Valley - also orchid
  • - the snowdrop, for its purity - also dogwood
  • - (Pansy) as to become centralizing for the entity in its meditation.
  • - Pointed star in the field (flower)
  • - (Smell the orris root, and the iris.)
  • - For when the flowers bloom again, when the jack-in-the-pulpit, when the blossom of the eagle flower comes again, then ye may sing the song not only of the moon in its glory, but thou wilt be shown the way, the manner, if thou wilt but dedicate thyself, thy substance, thy strength, to Him. (Stars)
  • - (Cosmos flower - orris?)
  • - For, there is no greater influence in the physical body, then the effect of odors upon the olfactory nerves of the body.
  • - (The wonder ivy requires special culture) not an ivy, and it is an ivy; its bloom is purple, its leaf is shaped round instead of oblong, as the strawberry, but it's not poisonous, and it should be sought by the body. (Scientific)
  • - (Geraniums are of the ivy family.)
  • - there is the ability to make odors that will respond, and do respond, to certain individuals. - Cure psychosis - for odor is gas (less material)
  • 274-10 (Sandlewood incense is not holy, but for passions.)
  • - (Lavender has) ever been that upon which the angels of light and mercy would bear the souls of men to a place of mercy and peace.
  • - To some it is necessary that certain or definite odors produce those conditions - that allay or stimulate the activity of portions of the system that the more carnal or more material forces are laid aside, or the whole of the body is purified, so that the purity of thought as it rises has less to work against in its dissemination - in its rising through the whole of these centers.
  • - Also the odors which make for the raising of the vibrations would be lavender and orris root.
  • - (lavender and sandalwood) to revivify and rejuvenate.
  • - (For meditation: sandalwood, orris, violets - also wear lapis linguis - smell peach blossom, iris, and cedar, and hyssop.)
  • - (Mace, allspice, and peppers arouse vengeance.)
  • 2823-3 Begin with - oriental incense, attune by the humming OM - This will open the kundalini forces.
  • - (Incenses - some aloe and myrrh)
  • - (Odor of red clover - and lilac)
  • - the fruit, the leaves, trees which had their spiritual meaning in people's lives.
  • - Learn thine lesson, O man, from that about thee!
  • - that a special tree as well as flower represents the spiritual development of every individual.
  • - may induce psychic sensitivity, - same with an oak tree, or with a persimmon tree.
  • - (Remember the oracles of Mamre and Dodona) one who will listen for days to a growing tree - especially the growing oak - (they talk with vibrations) (The D.N.A. of an oak resembles man's.)
  • - (Eat citrus fruits)
  • - Asdod or Ashdod - "the sage of trees" - twenty thousand years before the Chaldean message. - or flood
  • - (Below ground vegetables) to make for tuberous forces and heavy starches (as all of these are) make for heaviness that is hard to eliminate.
  • - (Cayce approves of watercress, eggplant, and oyster plant.)
  • - (Vegetables and jello combine well. - Mustard greens)
  • - The cooking of condiments, even salt, destroys much of the vitamins of foods.
  • - Beet sugars are the better for all.
  • - (Yellow vegetables have B1, but also acids.)
  • - high percentage of carbons such as asparagus - and celery
  • - heal within and without - beets and especially beet tops - for vitamins D and G.
  • - Carrots, beets, watercress should never be combined with any vinegar or acetic acid.
  • - (Raw red cabbage for) nerve and blood building
  • - (Cabbage cooked with meat is acid, alone is alkaline.)
  • - Beware of stimuli - no krout, or such.
  • - Do not take onions and radishes at the same meal with celery and lettuce.
  • - (Jerusalem artichoke is potent, for the pancreas - hen egg size once a week.)
  • - (Jerusalem artichoke instead of insulin for diabetes not with vinegar; keep these fresh, not by being put in the refrigerator but by keeping them in the ground.)
  • - (Okra for body building, and better elimination.)
  • - garlic the bulb with miracle healing powers
  • - Eat very young poke - as a purifier - served with other greens, especially with lambs tongue and wild mustard - blood purifiers - preboil and drain off, before cooking.
  • - Plenty of onions
  • - certain forms of potatoes - for thyroid and thymus Peelings of Irish potatoes - added luster to the hair.
  • - (Pieplant or rhubarb is a laxative.)
  • - Vegetables will build gray matter faster than will meat or sweets!
  • - what the system calls for let it have
  • - (Never peaches and tomatoes at the same meal.)
  • - Only occasionally if ever, any meat taken or used in the system.
  • - (After three day apple fast, take two tablespoons of olive oil. Delicious or the Jonathan that grows farther north.)
  • - Do not overtax the system with bananas, unless these are ripened in their natural state.
  • - No bananas when under stress. (Acid)
  • - heal within and without - use garden blueberry - This is a property which someone someday, will use in its proper place!
  • - (Strawberries are acid producing.)
  • - Raspberries - for incoordination of the glands.
  • - (Spiritual food) black figs or Assyrian figs and Assyrian dates - (with milk and corn meal)
  • - (One-third teaspoon of olive oil is good.)
  • - (To cure baldness) Eat Irish potato peelings and persimmons.
  • - Red wine only - as a food
  • - (Wheat) as the staff of life!
  • - keep away from chocolate candies - especially cornstarch.
  • - For the apple was the fall, not the almond.
  • - Not the ordinary medicine man, but that one that oft would speak with the entity even in the present - Red Feather.
  • - (Nature has) an antidote for every poison.
  • - (Agar) will assist peristaltic movements.
  • - (Over acid or bile conditions are helped by colocynth, calomel, aloes, and hyoscine - in small doses, over a period of time.
  • 5499-2 Sharp and Dohme's preparation for acidity
  • - diarrhea due to overactivity of the lymph circulation through the alimentary canal may be lessened by alum root, heuchera americana.
  • - Alum root also relieves tight muscles.
  • - (Balm of Gilead coordinates pelvic organs to the kidneys - Balsam of Tolu for the digestion.)
  • - (Black snake root for the lacteals and capillary circulation.)
  • - (Camomile tea to settle stomach and colon - 1 tsp - alternate with yellow saffron to reduce acidity.)
  • - buchu leaves (or diosma, meaning "divine order") cleans the kidneys of poisons - with mandrake for hepatics.
  • - Tea is more harmful than coffee.
  • - Cinchona bark (quinine) clarifies the blood supply in the liver - with wild cherry bark removes lung carbon.
  • - drinking water with lithia tablet dissolved
  • - Pinch of elm bark coats the intestines.
  • - Ginger stimulate the liver.
  • - (Wild ginseng grows in Michigan and Appalachia) - this foot-tall, five foliolate-leaved perennial (red in autumn) - the life principle - electrifying of the vital forces.
  • - (Wild ginseng) to the ancients - the basis of the stimulation of life.
  • - (Ginseng seeds are smoked.)
  • - (Indian turnip for gastric problems)
  • - Stillingia to still the circulatory forces.
  • - Mandrake is of the podophyllum activity - colon
  • - (Page 198 to darken grey hair.)
  • - for to man hair in the head is as strength
  • - (Potash and iodine are basic forces.)
  • - "Life Everlasting" tea for circulation.
  • - (Drink mullein tea for varicose veins.)
  • - (Passion flower or Maypop for epilepsy.)
  • - (Ragweed is also called "ambrosia weed" - laxative.)
  • - (Saffron tea for gas problems)
  • - (Apple brandy fumes for tuberculosis)
  • - We have the tendency for a flow toward the head. Keep it in that way in which there is a flowing away from the head. If you were to dam a stream, would you sometimes attempt to knock it away so the water would clear a little bit? Not much you wouldn't, if you wanted to prevent it from flowing back. - (This important reading refers to the circulation of light within!)
  • - (Peanut oil rubs for arthritis and rheumatism - also combined with olive oil.)
  • - (Equal portions of tincture of myrrh and olive oil, alternated with camphorated oil to remove scar tissue.)
  • - (For sore bunion - 3-5 minutes massage, using baking soda, saturated with spirits of camphor. After soreness leaves use equal parts of olive oil and tincture of myrrh.)
  • - (Moles are removed by castor oil massage.)
  • - (Warts are removed by a castor oil and baking soda massage.)
  • - Ipsab, the principle ingredient of which is prickly ash bark, called by the Indians "toothache bark".
  • - (Massage torn ligaments with apple vinegar, with table salt added.)
  • 1523-8 (The use of castor oil pack brought a psychic experience.) - Brought the realization that organs and their functionings have become aware, or conscious of their activity, their function within the system.
  • 2302-3 (Gives a massage formula for blindness.)
  • - (For granular eyes: apply Irish potato, rinse with a weak solution of boracic acid or antiseptic.)
  • - (Apple vinegar is good for sunburn.)
  • - (Witch Hazel for itchy toes.)
  • 1741- (Talks of Atlantean farming methods.)
  • - (Chicken manure is best for some vegetables.)
  • - its very abilities of the magnetic forces within self.
  • - (Cayce recommends laughter and jokes.)
  • 1910-1 In spirit one, but all flesh is not of one flesh - as some are given a cosmic influence only and others the ability to become one with the creative energy Itself, in its cleansing of itself to be one.
  • - the tongue hath no man tamed!
  • - (The goose mates for life, even if one dies.)
  • 1710-4 Crisp bacon "may be taken occasionally"
  • - Also there may be obtained from the turtle egg those influences for longevity.
  • - (Cod liver oil is good in keeping away cold.)
  • - (Lettuce kills pinworms)
  • - Bolting food or swallowing it by the use of liquids produces more colds than any one activity of a diet!
  • - (When stressed, angry, or depressed one should drink no milk.)
  • - (Honeycomb is good - honey is best from the sweet clover and buckwheat - the apiary annex)
  • - Be mindful that not too much coffee or tea.
  • - a normal diet is about twenty percent acid to eighty percent alkaline producing.
  • 440-2 Says Exodus 28:15-30 tells how the stones are set to induce higher sources.
  • 440-18 The positive and negative natures in the very stone itself. For it throws off as well as draws in.
  • The entity was among those who came under the periods of destructive forces to the PHYSICAL structure of the school, yet later when there were the establishings of the teachings in the 'city in the hills and the plain' the entity gave forth in those activities that make for the influence of the vibrations from jade and pearls in the experience in the present.
    For as these brought healing through the very associations and activities, creating in the physical experience and making for the impression upon the inmost forces of the bodily force then, we find these come as a HELPFUL influence by the very atmosphere of vibrations created by the emanations.
    For each and every atomic force throws off a vibration to which a sensitive soul becomes aware. Not always aware as to its source or its activity; but as both of these in the experience made for an activity or an active force, thus may they bring help not only of a healing nature but in becoming a hopeful, HELPFUL force in the experience of the entity.
  • 311-2 Gaze into a crystal, in thine own conscious moments - thou may see many of the spheres through which YOU, THYSELF, have passed. Possibly not the first, but before the FIFTH time they will begin to appear; for these are a portion of those same forces studied. USED - not abused - in India, as WELL as in Egypt.
  • 2522-1 55. (Q) What should my hobby be?
  • (A) The gathering of data of the nature that is unusual, respecting the jewels of all characters; how that some have played such a part in the love affairs, in the life and death, and in the home and in the empire building of some lands. Few realize how much part some of these have played in this land, or in England, or in France, or in Persia, India, Hindustan, and the crown jewels in Russia. All of these, and the data of same, would be a lovely hobby - and bring those vibrations good for the body.
  • 56. (Q) Any special jewelry that I should wear? (A) Anything that is jade or green; not opals, however. Though these appear in the seal, they are - as self - sometimes fickle.
  • 1183-1 4. In giving then these signs, these omens for the entity, for this entity it will be found that there are days - as in astrological, as in numerological experience; there are flowers, there are jewels, there are those things in its experience that add to the INFLUENCES in and about the entity. And how much the ENTITY accredits or GIVES the force of power TO those influences depends upon how much they come to mean in the experience of the entity.
  • 364-11 These were those same herbs that the seed were to have been for food for the man in self, and only those that partook of same may be called even CLEAN - in the present day. Those that supply those same materials that are the proper building for the forces within the anatomical forces, or physiological forces, of a developing body; for these carry all the elements in their natural state. Little of minerals should ever be the properties within the system, save as may be taken through the vegetable forces, save where individuals have so laxed themselves as to require or need that which will make for an even balance of same.