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The Padilla's are Sephardic Jews?

My grandmother is from the Padilla line. 
The Padilla's are Sephardic Jews?
Ray Padilla, director of the Hispanic Research Center at Arizona State University in Tempe, says the conversos here belong to a rich American tradition of immigrants surviving against all odds in a foreign land. "They didn't just come to the Americas and disappear," says Padilla, 46, who suspects he is of crypto-Jewish background. "Their influence may be stronger than we might have expected". After all, he says. "Spanish history has been influenced by Jewish culture and Jewish people for the last 1,500 years. Why wouldn't the greatest enterprise of that empire's encounter with the Americas also have a Jewish side to it? 36-93

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This is interesting. Remember I took you to the historical society looking up Mary Lois Smith, grand daughter of Captain John Smith, and wife to a John Hiatt. I did some research a while back and some how a family tradition came down through to distant cousins with no known connection and yet having the same family traditions coming down about being related to Pocahontas and Captain john Smith via their child  Peregrine Smith the and his daughter Mary Lois Smith. So there appear to be multiple lines to our Native Ancestry.   From what I understand, the Gaddang tribe in the Philippines also have a connection to the Island people related to the Book of Mormon character named Hagath's son who was lost at sea and colonized the island of Hawaii, and later became a great sea faring nation extending all the way to the Philippines of whom the Gaddang tribe are related. Me and My dad's DNA testing show our nearest DNA match to the Micronesian who in turn are genetically connected to the Polynesians who are connected these lost Book of Mormon  People I mentioned who are related to this Hagoth character.  I mentioned to you at one time about a book I was reading called the Mentinah Archives. This is a 1000 page book containing the history of some Book of Mormon characters who had settled in the North American and Canadian areas. This book contains the genealogy of this Haggoth person. He is a Nephite and also related to the Mulek people from whom he claims a heritage to King David and the tribe of Levi through Aaron. It also contains some history of the Island people colonized by his son. It mentions that there are records not yet translated nor made available yet about these Island people.

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On 04/14/2017 07:29 PM, Vonda Balunsat wrote:
Hi!  Found my notes.  Here is how the line goes: Nancy Ruth McMullen to Lucy Gale (not Seneca, Ha!), Lucy to Mary Elizabeth Thornburgh, Mary to Lucy Maria Ashby, Lucy to Edith ""Edy" Oglesby, Edith to Martha Ellis, Martha to Elizabeth Perkins, Elizabeth to Anne Pollard, Anne P. to Anne Hughes, Anne H. to Nicketti Powhatan, Nicketti to Matachanna Powhatan (Princess Matachanna Cleopatra Powhatan) to her father, Wahunsonacock Powhatan (Chief of the tribe at the coming of the British--also father of Pocahontas (his favorite....).
So there you have the proved line which can be easily traced on Family Search....


On Fri, Apr 14, 2017 at 10:05 AM, Vonda Balunsat
Good morning, my Dearest Son!
I thought it was about time to communicate a bit with you. 
I have recently gotten back in contact with a second cousin--the only White cousin I know--.  She is interested in family history, and especially the AmerIndian connections which  it appears that they are to be found in two places in the White line.  We have uncovered ONE sure one.
We have a direct line to Pocahontas's sister.  It can be searched on Family Search through Nanny White (my grandmother), using the 'fan chart' and following ONLY THE MATRIARCHAL LINE.  Pocahontas's sister married a Powhatan chief and had a daughter, Princess Nickit?(Have my notes in a pocket somewhere in some coat in one of the closets...)  Anyway, this Indian princess married a white man (not John Rolfe) and it comes down directly to us through the matriarchal lines.(  John Rolfe and Pocahontas did have a daughter through which a line comes down, but it does not connect with ours.)
The OTHER connection may never be proven.  It starts with Grandmother Nanny giving her son Herbert (your grandfather & my father) an old  tintype of a baby in a papoose carrier attended by an elderly Indian woman.  Grandmother tells Herbert it is him--and that the woman is his great grandmother.  (Marcus has a copy of the tintype photo).
Well, in the first place tintypes weren't in use in my father's day--that was before him.  I THINK
that if the tintype's child was a family member, it might have been HIS father, Mark, and the great grandmother, his.Tthis is why:
1.  Tintypes were used in that day
2.  His mother (Lucy Ann Atalanta Reed White) had a  grandmother whose shady past may give some clues.
a.  Lucy Ann's mother, Eunice)was an illegitimate child whose mother(Polly) married a white man who gave the child his name (3 years after birth).  The White family (possibly ashamed of the connection) whispered a story about an Indian raid upon the town and a rape  that resulted in the conception of the child.
(Well, THAT was a little unlikely.  By that time in history, the Iroquois (who had sided with the British in the Revolutionary War) had largely skedaddled to Canada , and Indian raids were mainly found further west on the Great Plains and mountains where the Indians now had a foothold.)
b. BUT, Lucy Ann's Grandmother (Polly Hatch) was born in Moravia  (the area our White family settled in) BEFORE it was settled by whites.  (At the time it was settled (on the site of a former Indian village) there were STILL Indians living in the area.  Polly's parents are nowhere to be located, and  the Hatch family whose name Polly has, came from another area and it can't  be proven where they were at any given time. 
c.  Presumably Polly continued to live in Moravia for a time, but her child was born and lived with her mother (and later, father) in Auburn, 16 miles away.  In later years, she lived in Moravia.
3.  Grandmother Nanny was known to change and embroider stories, and she may have done this in the story of the tintype and in  changing this particular connection to HER side of the family instead of her husband, Mark's.  (Nanny's  history shows NO place where this might have taken place.  Seneca Gale could not possibly be the connection, according to his records...)

We may  never know exactly what the connection consists of, or the complete truth of the matter. DNA testing might or might not clarify the issue.  Anyway, I thought you might be interested in the story...Hope you are well!  Love,Mom

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Honoring the Memory of our Cousin Alex Padilla Balunsat's passing. RIP Alex.

Friends and family, this is to let you know my father, Alex Balunsat has passed away.

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