About Us

Written by Craig Balunsat. Posted in Articles

Balunsat Organization is a family history site with a data base. This Organization was started by Craig Balunsat, in an attempt to record, archive and make available, family records and information before it becomes lost to future generations.Our goal is to further the research and to connect the families who lived in Nueva Viscaya, Philippines, with emphasis on the Bayombong and Solono regions.  We are working with other groups who share similar interests.
It is hoped that this site will be of use to relatives around the globe who become interested in their history and origins.  
  1. Project Objectives are as follows, but not limited to:
  2. To identify others who are related.
  3. To discover early ancestors.
  4. To connect known branches of the family.
  5. Prove or disprove theories regarding our ancestors.
  6. Identify and isolate genes peculiar to the Gaddang Tribe of the Philippines.
  7. Trace any ethnic descent to points of origin.
  8. Solve brick walls in our research.
  9. Determine a location for further research.
  10. Validate existing research.
  11. Trace the genes related to the incidence of missing lateral incisor tooth in some individuals.
  12. Discover the impact of DNA on our family's social and genetic makeup. 
  13. To spark interest in relatives everywhere,  in an attempt to bring  family members together (both past and present).
  14. We encourage family members, no matter how distant, to participate.
  15. We invite anyone who is interested to join!