The God cycle in genealogy

Written by Craig Balunsat. Posted in Section 01

The God cycle in genealogy begins and ends with you and me. We are God and prime source. There is no higher authority and power than us. We created our self and we descended from God who are we. The fact that we are inter dimensional being is perceived in the idea that we are God. As we trace are origins we well eventually discover that we originated from our self. This is true in genealogy also. The story of our-self on this planet earth goes back billions of year when it was first seeded and colonized anterior to creating it by beings from another planet. There are many theories as to which one. The truth is more than one planet may have been involved, but only one who is in charge. My thinking is that the controlling planet of earth is Polaris, because the north points to it and cycles it. The allegorical figures for earth seeding is Adam and Eve. There are other names for this man and woman. Adam is also identified with the archangel Michael. The planet that they came from had also been called Kolob, and was said to have a thousand year cycle to one earth year. This is according to a record of Abraham in the Mormon Pearl of Great Price. This is opinion, but what ever the name, the inference is good enough for me. In doing genealogy we will eventually discover our ruling origins on the planet Polaris, or which ever the main earth seeding planet was. And we will find ourselves descended from the Earth seeding family from there. Allegorically Adam and Eve. They have more than one name. We can call them the names we know them as. But what matters is identifying them for who they are so we know where we came from.

There are younger generations leading back to Adam or the man who is the seeding father of the people on this planet. The youngest line is from Jesus. Adam was his father. The next one is the line from Noah the Athenian. He is descended from Seth, the son of Adam. Seth is one of the younger sons of Adam. Adam had many sons that are much older. People lived longer in those early days. And allegorically, one day is a thousand in Adam's home planet. If people lived close to a thousand years back then, it could be a million years for all we know.

There are other family lines leading back to Adam, and Noah and Jesus are not the only ones. Some are much older. Examples are the Atlantians, and the older Lemurians. Some people can trace their line to Jesus. I can, and there are as few as 67 generations back to Adam via Jesus. And also to Adam via Noah which might be close to twice that of Jesus. Here are some examples of these lines.

Another line but much older, is that of the organic life on earth. This organic life has it's seeding origins from the allegorical Adam and Eve from the garden of Eden. This organic life also has it's biological origins with them. Evolution was also a part of the planet seeding process and with us. Part of our bodies are from the Earth's organic evolution. Certain beings evolved from earth seeding evolution. These are also our ancestors and relations. The allegorical Adam and Eve via their descendants also mixed with these other Earth races to form our current body types. This was necessary to the overall plan and is a process repeated in all planetary seeding in the universe. Additionally, it has been said that we have other world evolutionary beings in the mix which only ads to the richness of our experience and our bodies. These other family lines lead back to the allegorical Adam and Eve, and eventually to us.

But tracing back to Adam and to the native family of Polaris or Kolob, is barely the beginning. Next is the galaxy family association. The galaxy is a part of a larger being as the cell in our own body. This is inter-dimensional in our way of thinking. But as we trace our genealogy we will eventually lead to inter-dimensional origins. Eventually we well discover the beginning and end is God. And we are God. We are the beginning and the end. This helps put things in perspective while doing genealogy research. It helps to understand how we are one family related to ourselves, and ultimately beginning and ending with us. We are all one people and one family. In doing genealogy, we are exploring the details.