Francisco Balunsat

Written by Craig Balunsat. Posted in Historical Research

The Balunsat's descended from Francisco Balunsat born in Bayombong, because Solano was at the time only a district of Bayombong and not a separate city, The Year was1782.There was a gold rush in this area around this time and people came from various parts of the world seeking their fortune. Many Spaniards came as well. We suppose that Francisco is a decendant of one as the surname seems to come from Ibiza. Read more about this in History of the Balunsat's of Solano. Also at Surname Origins, and at The Balunsat Family Line. Around age 32, he is on public record as an Alcalde of Bayombong , Nueva Vizcaya, Philippines. He is one of the earliest ancestors. If you are related to the Balunsat family, chances are you are descended from him. Below is a list of families and descendents of this man: Francisco had two sons named Andres and Gregorio Balunsat.and a daughter named Dominga. Andres who married Catalina Talibungan. had at least four children, named: Maria,Mauricio, Juan and Angela. We descended from Mauricio. Gregorio who married Ines Dinahum had 11 children named: Juan, Mariano, Torcuato, Simiona, Michaela, Jacinto, Buenaventura, Inocencia, Prudencia, Maria, and Andres Dinahum Balunsat.