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Sometimes I have to return mail and Refused for Cause: Mail Fraud  (18 U.S.C. Sec. 1341-1242).

This has to do with zip codes and the missuse of legal names. So I'm setting out to explore the fraudulent activities involved with zip codes:

So what is a zip code anyway? To begin, I think we have to start with The 14th amendment. This will take us back to the Civil War era. When the Union separated in the South, I suppose that Congress became dysfunctional.  How can they function when half the union ceceeded? So along came the 14th amendment. 

So they formed a corporate fiction. Then this US Federal Corporation created the Constitution of 1871. But it was not lawfully ratified as the south voted by gunpoint (source 1967 congressional archives) AND The constitution they wrote themselves only gave them jurisdiction in 10 square miles D.C. ONLY.

ZIP Code addresses are for the corporate "United States" and its agents.

So zip codes and all-caps have to do with corporate fictions and so they are fraudulent. Fictitious address (i.e., forum state jurisdiction) Federal “State” or a Federal Region / Zone area, both of which are designated by using the Federal Zone Improvement Program (ZIP). Consult Title 50 United States Code for the proper venue of a national regional area.

The bottom line... The (corporate) US Congress was strictly limited in power unless you lived on federal land. But since the corporations were foreclosed on by the UCC filings of 2012, what little they did have was taken away. And since no lawful claim can be derived from fraud, they really had none to begin with.

Zip Codes May be Omitted

"See Domestic Mail Manual 602 1.3e (2)"

The latest cite for the statement "zip codes may be omitted" is now "DMM 602 1.3e (2)" (last printing on January 8, 2006).previously (years ago) it was "DMM 122.32" "DMM" stands for "DOMESTIC MAIL MANUAL" See:

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