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How Real Is The Power of Snowbird?

Real enough to cause one of the most destructive storms in U.S. history. Read about how Hurricane Sandy passed right over the Cecil County seat:    

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The Dream

 This Story and song and indeed the real event began when I had a dream. I dreamed I was a traveler and fortune hunter. I loved gems especially. I would travel the world searching for lost treasures and found many. One time my search led me to a New York City type place in my dreams. My dreams seemed very real. I could almost say that they seemed more real than this supposed reality.

 So I unraveled a mysterious legend and discovered a secret entrance to a underground cave. I found chests filled with treasures and gems. Lots of large gems, rubies, sapphires, and especially emeralds is what I remember most. There were many strange artifacts and records of Egyptian like things although some were different, but the strange eerie power was best compared with the awe of Egyptian artifacts.

 In one of the back rooms there was a dark and dreary place with a cage, and locked inside was a strange and terrible beast. It was slimy and it’s hair was gone. It probably fell off his rotting skin. It was a terrible thing to witness. He had deep sunken blue eyes filled with pain and compassion.This animal had been locked up for over 10 thousand years. I later came to reflect on this dream, and concluded that these must have been some remains from a lost Atlante-an Civilization.

 So as I wrote in my song and story, I took the animal home and he began to grow white hair and ended up with one horn. The details of his transformation are incomplete in the story, because it would be too long, and I can’t remember all the details as clearly as I would like. But I do remember him going through many changes before reaching his unicorn type of state. For one, he grew fur and it was spotted and colored at times. And at some point, he had many eyes on his head. Then he would change. On another day, he might have many horns and his eyes would change. He was a strange and supernaturally powerful animal. for one thing, he was an immortal type of being. I never knew that animals could come in an immortal condition like a type of angel, but I guess they do, and there are many strange things we have yet to learn and discover.

So I began to see the symbolism in this dream. A white goat type of animal to me meant the beginning of a new futuristic government. This was what snowbird means to me. Snowbird is a white goat that I got for my family. I wrote about this in The Snowbird Story. You can read about it here.
Snowbird is a female goat. As I discovered reading the Mentinah Archives, a thousand plus pages book based on Native American records. The council of 13 mothers is to be the beginning structure of a future political movement based on Utopian type society as prophesied in these Native American records dating back thousands of years.