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The Choice
Published 4-16-2017  Updated 4-27-2017
The Conscious Mind
The conscious mind is the one making the choice. In understanding this, is of use to understand that man has 12 bodies. some might call them astral bodies. The body in question regarding this conscious mind is this very physical body we happen to see as our physical form. But in a broader perspective,this is only one realm being brought into focus by the activation of this 5th dimension so to speak, and the veiling of the higher bodies and realms being of the same matter but rarefied in form rendering them invisible and imperceptible by the lower vibrations. Finding ourselves disconnected to our higher selves, we lost sight of our role here as the lower conscious mind. I am attempting to teach/learn the proper role of the lower conscious mind with regards to our corresponding higher minds. Understanding this is a good start. The serpent was created by a thought projection of the lower conscious mind without it's high self counter parts and without their approval. Having acted on it's own and not in alignment with the will of the higher self. Thus as creators, we alone are responsible for the negative polarity in our creative vortex and reality we have projected out of our self. This has been explained the Gnostic Secret Book Of John. In particular is the entity known as Yaltaboath who is said to be the thought projection of the Christ Child's partner Sophia who acted in thought form with out the participation and approval of her partner counterpart. And if we can accept it, that gnostic representation of our lower conscious mind.     If we can understand this, then we can proceed to explore the proper role of our lower conscious mind. It's purpose is to communicate information of this physical 5th dimension to the other parts of our-self and other minds inhabiting the higher astral realms of our 12 bodies. It acts as the eyes and ears so to speak of our higher mind. The vehicle through which the higher mind can experience this life through us. I would say vicariously, but the experience is of a much more personal, real and tangible nature. This is because there is a connection between the higher and lower minds in a avatar sense. What we didn't know is that our role is of a avatar nature to our higher minds. Though not exactly, but an approximation using this analogy. The proper role of the lower mind is to act in concert with the higher mind and align itself with the same.  The lower mind is to respond to the promptings and directions of the higher mind much as if our higher mind were driving a car or man riding a horse so to speak. If in this analogy, the higher mind is the man, and the lower mind the horse, who cannot see the proper role of the horse is to move as directed by the rider. In my experience with horse riding, there is a mental telepathy taking place with the horse. Trying to get the horse to do what you want can be challenging for beginners. Thus our lower mind became as a run away horse bucking it's rider and galloping away into the wild separating from it's higher self.  Our higher mind is an advanced version of our self and has been said to be an actuality of our future self. So when aligning with our higher mind we are accessing our self and are coming into contact with a more real and true version of our self. Thus we begin to understand our role and a purer version of what we want in any given situation and a representation of the vibratory nature of our true self. Phoenix Journal 33 page 15: Moreover, no sensed body in the universe could even move if not “told to do so” by he Intelligence which centers it. Just as your car cannot move without desire extended to it by its centering Intelligence so, likewise, your body and all other bodies move only because of desire of the Universal Intelligence centering them, and not otherwise.
There are two sides of creation. The Light and the dark. On the side of light we have a trinity of  spirit/mind/body/ symbolizing The Christ aka The Divine Child,  the man aka Adam and the planet or world in the form of Eve or man/Adam's partner Sophia.  On the dark side we have the trinity of mind/body/spirit being symbolized by man/Adam, The Mother Of Harlots (Revelation 17) and The Serpent aka, the gnostic Yaldabaoth.  These two opposing trinities are symbolic of the opposing positive and negative vortexes  of which every creation or Logos comprises. These two opposing vortex forces form a middle world I call The Choice. These vortexes have been more fully explained in the article The Circle Of Energy. We  are God and we are Logos, or the Word and the Creator. Every thought and every creation has it's opposite and this vortex pattern is repeated in every one.
Life and Teachings vol. 3  page 40 “Thus you can see that man by choice can become God or animal. He becomes the ideal which he presents for himself to follow. With this line of thinking, it is simple to see that man is the only- begotten Son of God, or the only-begotten son of the animal. Thus, by choice, man can become evil or devil if his eye beholds evil; or he becomes God, if his eye beholds God.
The Three Waves of Volunteers and the Ne - Dolores Cannon Page 192 D: And some of the lives were negative as well as positive, weren’t they? C: Yes, but negative is an illusion. Negative and positive are both construction material. Negative is evolutionary catalyst. D: But you know humans consider something negative as being bad. C: They should reword it to evolutionary catalyst. We have been given on purpose these catalysts for evolution. These things that appear negative... these things are on purpose.
As we progress in each step of our journey from the 1st on to the 21st step we arrive at that point where we are ready to transition into the 4th dimension, level or density. This has been called the harvest as in the Ra Materials.  We are here presented with the choice to go to the negative polarity or the positive.
We are agents representing this 5th dimension connecting our other selves in 12 parts. The thing  to do is to try to not work out of harmony with our other higher selves.
As presented in The SHAMBALLA HIERARCHY HUMANITY THE GREAT TRIANGLE Teachings of the Tibetan Master Djwhal Khul / Alice Bailey put together by Annrose Künzi Page 193: A disciple is one who above all else, is pledged to do three things: 1. To serve Humanity. 2. To co-operate with the plan of the Great Ones as he sees it and as best he may. 3. To develop the Powers of the Soul, to expand his consciousness until he can function on the three planes in the three worlds, and in the causal body, and to follow the guidance of the Higher Self and not the dictates of his three-fold lower manifestation.
The Phoenix Journal 28 Page 125: Let us refer to these two opposing human cultures of humans by the descriptive terms: The culture of manipulated masses and the culture of individual sovereignty. Backing away from both for a look no more long-ranged than "What kind of people do I want to associate with?" the choice focuses on the individuals who are products of the two cultures: 1) The culture of manipulated masses breeds for lack of perception and/or deliberate falsity, coupled with a strong instinctual affinity for the kind of deception that makes a clever manipulator, and 2) The culture of individual sovereignty breeds in perception and integrity, and breeds out manipulators.  Page 27:  And, unfortunate as it is for the only visible hope, many who were bred for individual sovereignty have now been so confused by words that they fail to see that the conflict is between the advocates of the two cultures.
The Phoenix Journals 9 Page 48: Perfection dwells with God, evil dwells within the void in separation from God and the wishy-washy continue of their lessons until they choose one or the other.
Page 63: At some point in this journey you will be as the mouse who sits equidistant from his favorite cheeses and yet starves to death because he cannot decide which way to go.
Page 65: Every square inch and every split second in the universe is claimed by God and counterclaimed by Satan--there is no neutral ground even for you fence-sitters and middle-of-the-road standers--ultimately there must be a choice. You can assume that the only true state of freedom is to stand exactly halfway between God and the devil, uncommitted either to goodness or to utter selfishness--but that freedom shall be torn apart for it is intolerable and in fact, the choice is already made by the inaction toward either.
Page 67: Ones will either move into the ultimate separation from God or to oneness with God--or a zillion choices of in-between experiences at differing levels of soul growth. It will ultimately be, however, individual choice--meanwhile the higher energies are drawing up sides and you, friend, will make your choice! So be it and selah.
The Phoenix Journals 5 Page 73: HOW IT "IS"! A most crucial drama is being enacted on a little planet, the Earth upon which you dwell, from out of all the billions of planets and satellites strewn throughout this galaxy like cosmic dust broadcast among the living bodies of the stars. Oh, brothers, it is the act of separation. It is the separation of the nobler from the baser fraction of humanity. This, that ones might progress in experience; that a planet in death seizures might be brought into transition and recovery--rebirthing and reberthing. When the final decision within each individual heart place can be put off no longer, when each must make his choice either for or against his own spiritual advancement, which is when the race of man will crack into two portions--no middle ground--no "just be"! It will be a wrenching experience deep within the soul essence for billions of humans, for they will be the ones who must be separated forever from others whom they have loved through many life-times along their life-stream. But none will escape the choosing--NONE!
The Phoenix Journals 7 page 135: All of the negative actions are coming from the need of the carnal mind to assert itself. It is not real! It has no power to dominate your personality. I speak directly to you, and all of you know whereof I speak. You compromise yourself by your inappropriate use of thy free-will choices.
The Phoenix Journals 8 page 115: Beloved Lucifer is quite 'real'---Satan, as you recognize the energy. In the higher dimensions of perception, there are energies of higher status than the third dimensional state of perception. These ones are guides, tormentors, experience makers----et cetera. Just as there are the wondrous energies of Christ consciousness and guides that work within the lighted perceptions, so, too, are there the dark brotherhood guides and energy forms. These we refer to as "fallen angels" simply because they cling to the Satanic consciousness and "angels" are discarnate energy forms. You ones wish to place your "heaven" somewhere above you--out there somewhere; therefore anything displaced from that realm of experience in human terms, must "fall" down from somewhere--to somewhere. These are simply the energy form guides and "persuaders" of the dark brotherhood of Evil. There is a most important point to be repeated herein, "Evil" as an energy form most surely exists and it comes from the Satanic forces--the blackest negative void of all action and reaction, and you better consider it very 'real' for through these perceived actions and reactions will come the placement of your own energy (soul) form during and at the closing of the play.
Page 116: You will not, as such, walk down the road and meet Mr. Satan and his band of fallen angels---or will you? It is all in consciousness--Christ consciousness or Satanic consciousness, of which will you be the tool? Which "army" are you serving, and to what extent? Do you completely follow the Laws of the Creation or do you fudge just a bit on almost all counts? You see, there is the summit on either side--the deliberate serving of the "Devil" in Satanic ritual practice; or the Cosmic Christ goodness and purity within the Laws of The Creation. In between, lay all the grey areas whereby the self-"judgment" shall fall upon you from time to time---where will you experience next---with the Christ consciousness or the Satanic consciousness? That, brothers, is free-will choice.
Below is an example and a perspective on how the lower minds act as the eyes and ears and senses for the higher self: Phoenix Journal 21 Page 151: Outside of time and space, you are one with the Creator, the All that Is, the Source. But when your consciousness moves within the context of a manifest universe, you become the Son, the Christ. In essence, you are the relationship between Spirit and Matter, the mediator, the bridge, the means through which the Creator relates to Creation. You are Life as it relates to planet Earth, eternity as it relates to time, the infinite as it relates to the finite. Though you presently experience yourself as a separate and fragmented species, you are in fact a single unified being, sharing the full consciousness of the Creator. You are brought into living, focused expression when you are inside of Creation by the manner in which time and space, matter and energy, sea and stone, react to your presence.
Phoenix Journal 30 Page 29: What I do say is that God gave you creation and the gift of reason in infinite measure--if you are to grow in perfection-- you will utilize that gift as nearly in perfection in all possible directions of Goodness to allow HIM to live and experience through your eyes and hands, taste and smell--for you are HIS nose, fingers, sight and ears--touch and taste. If you had a plugged ear or nose would you not get it cleared if possible? Then why do ye plug God's?
Phoinix Journal 31 Page 144: The universal Mind has two desires--the desire for creative expression through the action of concentrative thinking and the desire for rest from action through decentrative  thinking. One desire is for separation from Oneness into unbalanced multiplicity and the other is a voidance of multiplicity into balanced Oneness. One desire is for action and the other for rest. These two desires of Mind constitute the give for re-giving principle by means of which all things in nature grow or unfold by appearing from the void of rest in the kingdom of heaven from which all creating things appear, reappear and disappear in sequential cycles.
Phoinix Journal 34 Page 16: Let us consider that the purpose of life is to reach the topmost pinnacle of human unfoldment. That topmost pinnacle--beyond which no man can go--is the illumination into Cosmic Consciousness and the Consciousness of Christ. We, therefore, are going to help every seeker by efforting to illumine the path to that supreme goal, so that he can become aware of his own immortal divine SELF. It is not enough to explain the working of the universe, the flow of electricity and God-through manifestation. You must be given insight as to HOW to touch and use that which is within that you can find your own TRUTH. The divine spark of that Light lies dormant in every human being. As long as that Light does lie dormant, one is aware only of one's mortal body which lives and dies and has physical desires one is forever satisfying. That awareness of physical existence lasts for many centuries after primitive man emerges from the jungle and before the dawn of his Consciousness begins to awaken a slight awareness of the Light of his divine power. During that period, he is dominated by his body desires to such an extent that he thinks and believes that his body IS his Self. Out of millions of sensually-dominated humans, however, comes one who awakens that unquenchable divine spark which all inherit from God, and becomes somewhat extraordinary during his human experience for he is given to bear extraordinary knowledge and power. Let us just refer to these extraordinary personages as "geniuses" or "prodigy". This is the first step away from the purely physical human toward the spiritual-Mind goal. Every genius prodigy has begun to develop God-awareness within and knows that he is MIND and not body. All body-dominated human beings think outwardly through their senses. They can hear sounds with the ears of their bodies. They can see objects with physical eyes and record the memories of such sensations upon their brains. Every genius thinks INWARDLY toward his Mind instead of outwardly toward his senses. The genius can hear sounds coming out of the silence with his inner ears. He can vision nonexistent forms with his inner eyes and he can feel the rhythms of God's thinking and His knowing--which are a blank slate to the man who believes that he IS his body. When a human rises to the exalted state of genius, he becomes a co-Creator with God. The beginning of creative expression in man is the first evidence of the unfolding Light of his genius, for no man who is purely sense-controlled can create. He can remember and repeat the records which he has imprinted upon his physical brain, but his brain has no knowledge. Therefore, he cannot create. Man can create only with his MIND--and the brain is NOT the mind. The brain is merely the seat of sensation and the electric recorder of sensation.........Page 30: To the extent of your awareness and understanding, and to that extent only, you may use universal power to think your knowing into material forms. Your KNOWING is your Mind-Self. Your Mind-Self is you, the eternal Being. Your Self is not your body, nor is your knowing in your brain, but your knowing controls your body and your brain as their absolute master. Do not confuse your Mind and brain as being the same. Your Mind thinks through your brain and with it, as a lever works upon its fulcrum-- remember the JOURNAL describing this working mechanism. Your brain is but the instrument for fulfilling the commands extended to it by Consciousness, which Mind is. Your brain records memories, experiences and information electrically, just as phonographs likewise do, but it is the will of your Mind which orders your body to obey through electric messages from your brain, just as it likewise orders your automobile to obey. The nerves of your body are the "wires" of the electric machine which your body is. The brain is but a nerve recorder and distributor.

We are the tree of life. Because we are god and the presence and substance of the tree and it's fruit is god and the emanation of himself in the form of man and planet. Man became mortal through the infusion of animalistic type bodies. The spirit of man is the collective of many intelligent beings making their home on miniature worlds. These can be solar system types such as atoms. These beings become separated from each other on this mortal body. So then the body itself becomes this cherubim guarding the tree of life. So then we are the ones separating us from ourselves. By overcoming the animalistic nature in and on our mortal bodies, we can gain access to the tree of life. This tree of life is our divine self.
An analogy was used of this choice in the symbolic Tree Of Life vs. Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.  Below is an interesting interpretation by Anrita Melchizedek -Elders Transmission ~ February 2015: Certain of these slaves were transported to North Africa, later known as Iran, to work on the beautiful gardens and lands of the Anunnaki. And this is the unique story of Adam and Eve. The slaves were told not to eat of a particular apple tree in the center of one of the beautiful gardens, the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, the Tree of Life. They were told not eat of this tree as it would give them, like the Anunnaki, supergod status. One of the Anunnaki called Enki, meaning snake, convinced Eve to eat of this tree, and through this event, Eve was able to conceive. She found Adam, who too ate of this tree, and together they had children. Unfortunately, the Patterns of Perfection were distorted in these Earth Souls due to the distorted DNA encodings from the Anunnaki that were to be experienced by Adam and Eve through the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. However, it was the Lucifer experiment, undertaken at this time with the assistance of the Anunnaki that created the full spectrum duality of good and evil on this Earth plane. Lucifer, meaning “the bright and shining one”, was one of the greatest Archangels in creation. With the blessings of Mother/Father God, he devised a plan to create a reality separate to Mother/Father God, through the Cosmic Law of Free Will. Through free will, you have the choice to experience the Divine Will of Mother/Father God, or separation from Mother/Father God. So, instead of operating from your original Divine eight-cell blueprint, you had the choice to operate from two blueprints, and through this duality, experience the full spectrum rainbow creations of Mother/Father God. This experiment, which had not previously been carried out in this specific manner before, was seen as another way to experience Mother/Father God. For by transcending the duality of good and evil, you would come into Oneness of all Life. Put another way, through the embrace of chaos and disorder, you would come into harmony and order. These original encodings were activated in the Garden of Eden with the assistance of the Anunnaki, and this spectrum duality of good and evil still exists to this day, through the Cosmic Law of Free Will, and sealed into Humanity’s fate the seven earthly ego allurements of lust, laziness, gluttony, pride, anger, envy and greed. And this, sweet ones, is further depicted in the Tree of Life by the Great Serpent with seven heads, which raises its crowned heads above the lower Sephiroth and into Daath, the Sphere depictive of your Beloved I Am Presence. You have been under the illusion that in order to experience Love, compassion, forgiveness, empowerment, wisdom, and so on, you must first experience pain, sadness, envy, greed, ignorance, and a thousand and one other maladies. This is the influence of the Lucifer experiment and the Anunnaki; and the reason they have been able to negatively influence you is because they created you through silica based clay, in order to program you with negative thought forms and feelings. The reason you may still be choosing to experience this duality, sweet ones, is that this is how you perceive that you learn best, or is experienced through the imprintings of old cellular memories. This, sweet ones, has been one of the greatest illusions of all, but has served as a useful tool for you to transcend your dualities through the embrace of each thought, feeling and experience you have while in form, accepting and appreciating the Divinity of All That Is. Over time, with the assistance of the Spiritual Hierarchy, and the new Patterns of Perfection installed through the Unity Grid, and the 144 000 components of Christ Consciousness, you were able to again come into the frequency of Christ Consciousness as these sacred Transfiguring Flames of Divine Love. You were able to connect to the Divine Flame of Eternal Light of Mother/Father God, and through the Highest Potential of your Soul levels and Monadic level, experience the Kingdom of Mother/Father God. However, humanity continued to experience the duality of the third dimension, as it has for eons of time, and as it still does, sweet ones, from both dark forces, and human miscreations.
Some might say, well I don't want to be a part of this logos where I have to abide by the free will of this creator logos being whom I have chosen to be a fractal part of. Then I would say fine, you are free to go to some remote part of creation beyond the universe and it's allotted time/space and confine yourself into some box tucked away some where far far away from every one. There you can be given your creative powers to create anything you want free from any interference and involvement with other entities.  But at some point you will or will have become bored with this experience and would like to participate in a construct involving other people.  You may also want to experience being the prime source or creator of a particular body of universe rather than the fractal part of an atom/solar system logos that we find ourselves a fractal part or. This is well and fine. But we must first graduate and evolve to that point were we experience all and return to source ever expanding to attain the status of the creator logos entity we find ourselves a fractal part of. This has in fact already happened to each of us which is exactly why we are here. It is because we have chosen it so. I suppose you can change your mind midway and leave. But I'm thinking you may need to clear any karma your may have caused or created thus far before being allowed to leave.