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Frequency Published 3-16-2017   Updated 3-19-2017
12 in 7 explainedToday I discovered a connection between frequency and the healing and balancing effect of this in and on the energetic centers of ourselves and on our astral bodies or other ethereal type of bodies of which we have 12 and ,like the music scales of 7 and 12, we have been taught about the 7 in are elementary lessons.  I have explained in previous articles about the 12 and 7 and also about the other body types. See the picture on right for and example I am using in my priesthood theory page. Read more here. So after we understand these we can go on to explore the relationship of frequency to these. Once we create a concept of 12 x 12 (twelve times twelve) and the usage of 7 steps in the elementary lessons than we need to correlate the frequencies to this.  Since there are 12 x 12 steps, we can use the frequencies 1 thru 144. We can also make use of the 7 chakra or energetic centers with the corresponding colors of red representing the 1st step through the violet signifying the 7th step. So for the 1st step we would use the frequencies 1 through 12 because there are 12 steps inside the 1st step. So for example if I wanted to heal or balance in the area of the 1st chakra or density or whatever you would like to call this 1st step, I play the sound of this frequencies 1 through 12. And I also would make use of my red stone to visualize or make physical contact by touching to help focus my mind and energies on the 1st step area. I would use one of the 12 frequencies in this 1st step depending on what I was trying to do. For example, if I discovered an energetic blockage or imbalance in this area I would find out which frequency in this are needed attention. If you discovered a sickness or medical condition that needed attention in this area you would also follow this pattern. In another example, I wanted to crystallize my discovery today, so I went to this site: to play that frequency sound.  and I made use of my indigo colored stone which is a sapphire of the  Lapis lazuli type.  This is because I want to access the thought forming ray or density which is the area for crystallizing thought forms and making things materialize in the activated areas such as our 3d/4d state.  This is the 6th energetic center or the 6th chakra or density. So then I need to adjust my frequency sound to this level. If you look at the picture above, you can see that the 6th step in the 7 step scale corresponds with the 10th step of the 12 step scale. So this means in need to multiply 10x12 which equals 120. So then I know that I can use frequencies 120 thru 132 depending on which of the 12 steps within this 6th energetic center I want to use. I didn't know which one to use so I played the sounds 132 and down and I found that 130 felt good so I used that. Then I made this page. Did it work? If you can understand what I just explained then it worked. Note: some of the pieces of this puzzle were discovered by Marina Jacobi  in her book : The Harmonic Reactor at: Today 3-19-2017 I stumbled upon Jemie Buturff's The A=432 Hz Chakra Tones theory. This makes sense since an octive of 12x12=144 and then next octive is 144x2=288  and the next or 3rd octave is 144x3=432. And what about whales singing in the 432hz? Perhaps they're trying to tell us something?
The Phoenix Journal 21 Now, suppose that you know that at a harmonic frequency of 169443 you have "visibility" of unified structure (or, could it be 16.9443 or 1.69443 or 169.443?) It doesn't matter for all are a direct derivative of the "keystone" of mathematical infinity.
From The Phoenix Journal 8 Page 101: There is a number which will correlate in all instances to all work. It may be a square- of, a sum-of, a division-of, a multiple-of, etc., etc., of a harmonic of a given "thing": THAT NUMBER IS 169443 WHICH IN TURN IS EQUAL TO THE HARMONICS OF MASS AT THE CENTER OF A LIGHT FIELD. IT IS ALSO ASSOCIATED WITH STRUCTURE OF THE ATOM.
Let us consider an observed fact in physics. This is a principle used in radio and in work with sound. When two different frequencies of vibration are produced, they inter-act upon each other to produce two new frequencies--one of which is the sum of the two original or fundamental frequencies, the other is the difference between the two originating or fundamental frequencies. As a good example in the range of sound; take, say, a tone of 400 cycles per second and another tone of 600 cycles per second, the resulting new frequencies will then be 200 cycles per second--or the difference, and 1,000 cycles for the other new tone, the sum. Royal applied this principle to the field of light. The visible frequencies range from about 436 trillion oscillations per second at the red end of the visible spectrum, to about 732 trillion oscillations per second at the violet end of the visible spectrum. An oscillatory rate faster than 732 trillion times per second results in a beam which is in the invisible, ultra-violet range. The ultra-violet band occupies several octaves of vibration, as compared to the visible spectrum which occupies less than one octave of vibration. The upper limit of an octave has twice the vibratory rate of the lower limit of the same octave
From The Phoenix Journal 10 Page 41: For each octave there is a certain pattern of amplitude and frequency. There will be millions of variations. Understanding this idea will give you a clue as to how to map human thoughts. One extra point I would like to mention, by applying a charge of external energy to a relatively closed system, you can selectively energize a given octave of energy. This is a simple process I used all my life, yet still only a few people have understood this subject. It is the basic principle of resonance. By selectively applying a specific vibration, you strike a resonance in one of these subtle bands of energy, and this then stimulates the lower octave, which stimulates a lower octave yet, until a simulation of the subtle energy of the higher octave--normally invisible to the human eye--becomes visible. This is actually what happens in Kirlian photography, although the energy is only being stepped down one level. A certain type of energy is applied to an aspect of the etheric energies, although it is not exactly what the scientists think it is. It is something else, but it stimulates the etheric energies so they can be photographed. I'm not sure I'm making myself clear and I'm a little annoyed because this is as simple as one plus two equals three. It is truly that simple. I detest utilizing that which is called "occult" terminology but it might clarify this a bit more if I do so. If you stimulate the "low astral", that will produce a corresponding effect in the upper etheric planes of matter. You could also then stimulate the upper etheric planes to produce an effect on the denser physical plane. That effect could be a photograph. I hope that this will be somewhat clear to some ones of you who receive this.
Phoenix Journal 30 Page 19: ASSUMPTION OF MATHEMATICS ALLOWING CRAFT If the geometric construction of the space-craft is compared with that of the earth (The Harmonic Geometrics of the Earth which I won't go into now), then a general idea of the geometric, electromagnetic field reactions can be visualized. According to theory, the numerical harmonic value of the unified field remains constant at 26974635 in free space, where the speed of light has a maximum of 144,000 minutes of arc a grid second (relative). During the creation of, and in order to sustain, the physical existence Page 19of a planetary body, this light value diminishes as the wave-forms spiral in towards the center of the energy system. The harmonic numerical value of the unified field is therefore diminished in direct proportion, so that the surface of the spherical mass of the harmonic has a constant value of 2693645 to the maximum of 26974635. It will be seen from this that any altitude above a planetary surface which falls between these two mathematical boundaries will have a unified field harmonic coincident with that level. Any change in altitude, to a theoretical height of 882.25 nautical miles, be it fractional or otherwise, would instantly alter the harmonic of the unified field. It follows from this that any fractional change in the unified fields surrounding the vehicle would automatically position it, in a vertical sense, at a level above the earth where the equilibrium of the fields would be restored. The horizontal movement would be accomplished tangentially to the earth's surface by the manipulation of the three interlocking harmonic fields tuned to 1694443. Calculation has shown that the reciprocal of the 2693645 harmonic (371244169) has a link with that of 1694443 when associated with the tangent of a spherical surface. As shown by the calculations (and if they don't make sense to you--KNOW that this explanation is given for your confirmation of Truth and for specific receivers awaiting the information for their own confirmation--in other words--ALL is not for ALL), the reciprocal harmonic values of the unified field are built into the vehicle to create a reaction with the physical environment. By manipulation of the fields surrounding the ship harmonic imbalances can be caused which will automatically shift the vehicle in space-time to a position of equilibrium. An interesting fact shown in the analysis is the overall dimensions of the cabin ensure that the electromagnetic fields surrounding this portion of the vehicle maintain a constant physical environment for the occupants. The harmonic 2693645 is a positive resonant factor that would keep the central spherical field of the ship stable during transition from one space-time reference frame to another. Harken up, George, for I am going to give you response to the inquiry of the "bubble" craft. On the basis of that which I just gave you, you will have to understand WHY that craft is one of earth's manufacture. It is simply a rather crude rendition of a prototype (not from Pleiades, no matter what was told to Billy Meier or anyone else) which was built and needed the extra spherical surface to come up with proper frequencies to even get off the ground. All of that nonsense came at a time after Meier was all but rendered useless to Pleiades command by your own compression and take-over by the "enemy". Billy was taken out by the adversary, replaced by the adversary, and other contacts conjured--for the Pleiadian Command ceased all contact in that sector. Commander Quetzal made contact later and the validity of the contact was assured lost and it was proven that confusion had been programmed within the system--intentionally. Therefore, the contacts with Pleiadians were stopped instantly and the adversary took over with mock-ups, arrangements to discredit all valid contacts, replicated models introduced and you know the rest. Each and ALL of you will have to understand that this is the method by which I can get specific information to awaiting receivers and you will simply have to bear with that which makes no sense to others except the intended Page 20receiver. We welcome you into and within the circle of information exchange but all must understand that information may only be intended for ONE FRAGMENT. I will not even jeopardize my scribe by giving, usually, the intended receiver for she is unknowing of both the information and the receiver intended. Each of you have purpose--and hers is to pen information--not to either decipher, understand nor interpret. This is major information of integration with the field theory itself and I give it in honor of her son, unto her--she does not need understanding. I do ask that this information be sent "blindly" to one Dr. Andrew J. Galambos. If there is follow-up on his part--fine, if not, allow it to pass. At any rate whatsoever, it would and/or will be, a very painful interchange as it now stands. After completing the analysis of the spacecraft one must concentrate on the position of the placements wherein arc is established--as on your own placement it would be "proven" in areas where craft have been sighted. Herein I will take an example from California. An easy place in which to prove my statements could be the position at Mount Palomar and the desert area where sightings have occurred. Then a check of the area as to whether or not there are points on the earth's surface in the vicinity which are mathematically significant and useful. In this case we will consider Desert Center along the rough track into the foothills to some 10.2 miles. You will find a measurement on the survey map will verify that the end of the mountain range is opposite a specific point on the road to the northwest. As a large ship has appeared from behind the first outcrop in the range adjacent to the highway you can concentrate on the latitude and longitude coordinates in the small area. It won't take long for a proficient mathematician and researcher to discover that directly behind the range in a small cove, at the base of the outcrop, the mathematical coordinates are of startling significance. To others in the given area--Gabriel--this should have great significance to you personally, for I know who Captains that very craft and so, too, do you, brother. The latitude is 33 degrees 53' 19.869" north. Which equals: 33.88886 degrees. If you divide the latitude by 2, you will have: 16.94443 (1694443 harmonic). SO, the latitude occurs at twice the harmonic of 1694443. The significance of the longitude value might seem a bit obscure, but you must apply the evidence that indicates that which you refer to as the Greenwich meridian for it is not an arbitrary longitudinal base-line, but a positive zero marker on the earth's surface--there is a major connection with the 2693645 harmonic. Therefore the calculated longitude passing through the cove is: 115 degrees 20' 56.2" or 115.348944 degrees west. It is necessary to calculate the displacement of the position in question, east or west, of the longitudes which are at 90 degree intervals from Greenwich. The computer will Page 21prove that in that particular case the 180 degree meridian was the prime base-line. The displacement along a great circle track, at latitude 33.88886 degrees, between longitude 115.348944 degrees west and 180 degrees is: 3162.2775 minutes of arc. You must understand that this value has a property which is quite unique in itself. It has a reciprocal which is a mirror image of itself. If you divide one by this number you get: 0.0003162277 (a doorway between the physical and non-physical) But to allow you adventurous brains to have a little fun with your confirmation we will give you something to probe a bit further: 3162.277 minutes of arc is equal to: 52.7046166 degrees. The square root: 7.25979 The square root: 2.6944 The harmonic 26944, which would occur at altitude, and 1694443 are undoubtedly present at the position where the ship can materialize and did, in fact, materialize as one example which can be verified. The reason we use this as example is that it can be easily proven against that which I give you. The position of significance on the southern slopes of Mount Palomar is 33.308333 degrees north latitude/116.929444 degrees west longitude. The calculated great circle track distance from this point to the 180 degree position is: 3099.317166 minutes of arc (plus or minus 100 geo/feet). And to the contact site in the desert: 86.31453 minutes of arc (plus or minus 100 geo/feet). If you give careful consideration to these two coordinates as radii, then the spheres of influence encompassed by them would have a certain volume, as follows: 3099.317166 minutes of arc equals: 185959.03 seconds if arc, The volume of a sphere with this radius equals: 2.693645 to the 16th cubic seconds, 2693645 harmonic. The volume of a sphere with a radius of 86.31453 minutes of arc equals: 2693645 cubic minutes, 2693645 harmonic. Dear ones, we have deliberately left behind a set of precise mathematical clues for you to follow. We cover the area with clear sets of mathematical fingerprints, knowing full well that, in time, you will come to decipher them as the time sequence is appropriate. You ones who have figured it out have promised me lunches, drinks to wisdom and conquest and all manners of wondrous things but that which you do, instead, is simply discount the Truth as BS and deride my scribe and publisher as dupes. What a wondrously strange world of people you are. In addition, you fall into "selling" and rendering worthless your own truthful investigations by your squandering of the blessed information into the hands of the deceivers and greedy money-changers. So be it, for the time is at hand to sort of the deceivers from the truthbringers. As we move along in proving some of the instances of what you call your Biblical references--which COULD NOT BE SIMPLY ERASED FOR THEY WERE TOO Page 22OBVIOUSLY EVIDENT--such as took place in the legendary journey of the Judaites from Egypt to Sinai via the Red (also "Reed") Sea where the clues were evident at all points along the way. The mathematical facts are there and they are there in such basic fact that it would appear to me to be impossible to miss. There is enough proof of God's presence, in that place alone, that it astounds our brotherhood that all "religious" groups have not bound together. It may surprise you to know that the Vatican is placed deliberately on a geometric position which has direct mathematical relationships with the harmonic unified equations already presented unto you ones. Many "religious" manifestations have occurred in places around your world, during very recent historical times and there is also reason why--by the harmonics present in the locations. The fact, as Einstein told you, "The Creator does not play dice with the Universe...nothing would be left to chance". The things of God, dear ones, became corrupted upon your placement and throughout the journey the keys to Truth were presented--only lost--deliberately or divinely--until such time as Man would come into understanding of his Journey. The Bible, as it is left untampered gives you the clues you need to decipher Truth from it--for the ones tampering were not given to understand the true meaning in such instances and they knew not enough to tamper. They simply turned it into MYSTICAL NONSENSE and you did the rest of the self-deceiving. For instance, your Bible gives narration of a story about that Pharaoh who finally let those people go--God led the people around by way of the wilderness towards the Red Sea, Exodus 13:17;18. The Lord, it was told, went before them by day in a pillar of cloud to lead them along the way; and by night in a pillar of fire to give them light, that they might travel by day and by night; the pillar of cloud by day and the pillar of fire by night did not depart from before the people. Exodus 13:21;22. These people were deliberately led to the Red Sea which would, by all sane adventures of man, be a most foolish thing to do because, with the Egyptian army coming up from behind, the Hebrews were literally caught between the Pharaoh and the deep blue sea. Your Bible tells you that Pharaoh thought the people were entangled in the land; the wilderness had shut them in. Pharaoh and his army moved in for the kill with the pillar seemingly having proved a poor guide; that is, unless the future events were known to the intelligence controlling the object in the sky. Now, do you think all the people following along knew what was "up there"? Don't continue to be foolish in your demand for "proof" unless you wish to be left twiddling your thumbs while the boat leaves. The safety net will not be presented until the need arises--you will be in the decision-making before the gift of the safety-net lest you try at "fudging" your intent! The Bible text would suggest that some sort of celestial object totally under its own control in some manner, led those people out of Egypt to the Red Sea and then, as Pharaoh's army closed in, the object moved from the front to the rear of the army of Judeans and kept the two camps separated during the night. Page 23Phase one of the operation involved leading the people to the sea; phase two required the object to keep the camps separated until darkness would fall. Now comes phase three; "Then Moses stretched out his hand over the sea; and the Lord drove the sea back by a strong east wind all night, and made the sea dry land, and the waters were divided". Check out the route of these Judeans on one of your maps and see how totally absurd from a physical standpoint. First they headed south, south east from Raamses to Succoth, then for some unaccountable reason they turned back and headed north to the crossing point at the Red, or "Reed" Sea. With Pharaoh's army in hot pursuit, doesn't it seem, at the least, that the Lord should lead the people into a possible trap of such nature when a free route could have been taken to the southeast over the land which would eventually have led down to the eastern side of the Gulf of Suez? This route would also have been much shorter, unless of course it was known ahead of time what would happen at the Reed Sea. DEAR ONES, A GEOGRAPHIC POSITION CONFORMING WITH NATURAL LAW HAD TO BE SELECTED SO THAT ALL THE NECESSARY HARMONIC COORDINATES WERE AVAILABLE. Ok, let us look at the harmonic coordinates available at that specific "crossing point". Latitude 30 degrees 52' 46.7099" north / Longitude 32 degrees 11' 22.68" east. The Vatican focal point is: Latitude 41 degrees 54' 22.68" north / Longitude 12 degrees 27' 08" east. The direct great circle distance between the two points is equal to: 1156.147 minutes of arc, or nautical miles. Which is equal to: 19.26769315 degrees. The square of this number: 371.244. The reciprocal: 2693645 Harmonic. The great circle distance between the two longitudes at the latitude of the Reed Sea crossing is equal to: 1015.4968 minutes of arc, or nautical miles--which is equal to: 6092.98072 seconds of arc. The square of this number: 37124415.9. The reciprocal; 2693645 Harmonic. (Getting warm?) The displacement in latitude between the two points: 661.599 minutes of arc, or nautical miles. The area of a circle with this harmonic diameter would be 343774677 square minutes. This number is harmonically equal to the radius of the earth in nautical miles, or minutes of arc relative to the earth's surface. SO--The latitude of the Vatican creates the following harmonic: Latitude displacement from the North Pole =2885.622 minutes of arc. Latitude displacement from the Equator =2514.378 minutes of arc. Difference = 371.244 minutes of arc. The reciprocal of this number 2693645 HARMONIC. The latitude of the Reed Sea crossing creates the following harmonic: Latitude displacement from the North Pole =3547.221 minutes of arc. Latitude displacement from the Equator =1852.778 minutes of arc. Page 24Difference (Ah Ha!) 1694.443 HARMONIC!.
Phoenix Journal 30 Page 32: BYZANTIUM / CONSTANTINOPLE / ISTANBUL For the safety of the Empire, Constantine decided to move the Capital from Rome. He considered that the provincial Capitals to the north and west were far too remote and uncivilized to serve as places in which to centralize the power of the state, so he looked towards the eastern provinces which were more settled and civilized in their ways. He considered, amongst other places, the cities of Jerusalem, Naissus, Nicomedia, Sophia and Thessalonica for his new Imperial City, but ultimately rejected them all. Eventually he chose Troy, the ancient site of the battle between the Greeks and the Trojans, as the best location but while construction work was in progress it is said that God appeared to him and commanded that he move to a more suitable place to establish the new Rome. Ah ha! It pays to listen to God when he speaks to you-- therefore, it is good to clean thine ears so that you can hear. The final choice which was acceptable to the Lord was a small town named Byzantium on a tract of land adjacent to the Sea of Marmara. What developed from that point in history was the establishment of the first Christian nation. Thence commenced a long period in history where the Byzantines remained faithful to their Christian heritage and it was a good time for those people. Constantine could have been considered the "first Pope", I suppose--except that it is a rather seedy term--for all Popes since have been more powerful than Godly, so let us just refer to him as the founder of the Holy Church. They established a senate and based their system of law and order on the old Roman ideals and at the same time gave support to many monasteries and asked the political advice of mystics. From there let us move on to the sixth century when the Emperor Justinian appears on the scene. He could be called the lawmaker. It was he who appointed a commission of ten men, in AD 528, to classify the constitutions handed down by the Roman Emperors into a single code of 4,652 laws. Seem like a lot? Check how many you have! This code was so explicit that most of the emerging nations of Europe used it as a model for their own legal systems. Justinian was the last of the great Roman Emperors and it was during his reign that the Byzantine Empire became a distinct entity of its own, in contrast to that of Rome. This new and dynamic empire lasted for a period of some 1,123 years, from AD 330--1453, and its far boundaries were in a state of constant flux. During the time of Justinian the borders extended from Spain in Page 32the west, to Mesopotamia in the east; and from the Black Sea in the north, to the coastal areas of Africa in the south. The history of the Byzantines is an exciting and intriguing period in the emergence of the modern world as we have already presented to you but it is far more important than simply as "history"--for the placement of some of the landmarks are indeed crucial if you are to truly decipher the puzzles of which we shall speak. IT IS SO IMPORTANT THAT YOU WILL FIND THE TRUTH OBSCURED AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE BY MYRIADS OF MYSTICAL TALES WOVEN THROUGH THE TINY TRANSLUCENT THREADS THROUGHOUT THE HISTORY OF THESE PEOPLE--IF YOU LOOK CLOSELY THE THREADS BECOME ALMOST TRANSPARENT BUT YET THE COVERED VISION IS CLOUDED AS THROUGH A DARK GLASS. BUT, AS WITH ALL MYSTERIES, THERE IS A MOST NON-MYSTICAL PRESENCE. Mysterious forces were always apparent whenever it is necessary to establish places connected with the religious and political affairs of the Empire. Visions are given forth which sway the decisions made by heads of state, or God was said to have made his presence known by descending from the sky and somehow forcing His will upon the people. Well, then as now--God never FORCED anything, he simply states how it IS and you are left to make your own decisions regarding response. It is good, then, to look first at the Red Sea where God had given demonstration of His awe-inspiring powers, then turn to Mount Sinai where God, again, supposedly commanded His people; from there to Byzantium, the site of the new capital of Rome, founded by Constantine because of visions and commandments apparently from God. From there the Empire had expanded--it seemed with the guidance and consultation of MYSTICS and/or religious ORDERS. Always the overlords were present in the background to mold and direct the proceedings to suit themselves. The remarkable point, however, is that above and beyond all there was a directing and guiding intelligence behind all the activity that knew far in advance of anything ever imagined to exist in those early times. The concept of the unified equation and the unity of all things was known and many places of major importance could be mathematically related to the harmonics of the light fields. In relation to the ancient sites of Byzantium (now Istanbul), the descent point on Mount Sinai, and St. Catherine's Monastery on the slopes of Mount Sinai you can prove the same harmonic conclusions. Then take a good look at Bethlehem, the birth-place of Esu Emmanuel, Mecca, the birth-place of the one called Mohammed, and several positions around the world where religious manifestations have occurred; Lourdes, in France; Fatima and Oporto in Portugal; El Zietun in Egypt; Campbells Creek in Australia and the most startling of them all, San Sebastian de Garabandal, in Spain. Page 33If you look at all of this and then consider the placement of the new center of government at Byzantium you will find incredible geometric relationships with that new religious headquarters at Rome. Intelligence from outside was guiding the proceedings and logic and reason which could later be proven through mathematical calculations was set up to insure the information and "proof" would be forthcoming to a population and species of Man in the critical time of cycle changes--set for the awakening of mankind who would have been fallen into the trap of the adversary as had been already established to be his pattern of physical actions. So let us look at some mathematical "results" of careful calculations. You would be able to check through computers which would indicate that the selection of the new capital had not been mere chance or mystical palm readings. So what do we have if we focus in on a focal position near the center of the city? Latitude 41 degrees 01' 09.7309" north/longitude 28 degrees 56' 55" east. The great circle track between this point and Vatican City in Rome is found to be: 742.48833 minutes of arc, or nautical miles long. If you divide this distance by 2 you have: 371.244169 which happens to be the reciprocal of: 2693645 harmonic. It is obvious that the two main religious sites have a geometric, harmonic relationship with each other. So, let us check out the positions of Mount Sinai, where the Lord had supposedly descended in order to pass on instructions to his people, and St. Catherine's Monastery where the angel of the Lord spoke to Moses. By the way, people who are descendant from the early Bedouin servants, in the time of Justinian, still help the monks in the monastery of St. Catherine. Manuscripts that were presented to the monastery centuries ago are now accessible to some modern scholars but thousands were taken and destroyed. Coded messages will surface to prove these points but at this time they are intentionally obscured and/or have been physically destroyed. But let us look at another "coincident" action--St. Catherine's is "accidentally" built on the TRADITIONAL ACCEPTED SITE OF THE BURNING BUSH AS REFERRED TO IN EXODUS 3:2-5. Let us look at that: Now Moses kept the flock of Jethro, his father-in-law, the priest of Midian; and he led the flock to the backside of the desert, and came to the mountain of God, even to Horeb (Mt. Sinai). And the Angel of the Lord appeared unto him in a flame of fire out of the midst of a bush; and he looked, and behold, the bush burned with fire, and the bush was not consumed. And Moses said, "I will now turn aside, and see this great sight, why the bush is not burnt". And when the Lord saw that he turned aside, God called unto him out of the midst of the bush, and said, "Moses, Moses". And he said, "Here I am". And He said, "Draw not nigh hither; put off thy shoes from off thy feet, for the place whereon thou standest is Holy Ground". Page 34So now, let us look to the position near the summit of Mount Sinai (Gebal Musa as it is now called), where the Lord supposedly descended in order to command the people. At that established position it is found to be Latitude 28 degrees 32' 55.6476" north/Longitude 33 degrees 58' 51" east. The focal point falls just east of St. Catherine's Monastery and the latitude produces a most interesting harmonic. If the circumference of the parallel of latitude is calculated in minutes of arc, or nautical miles, relative to the equator you will have a value of: 18973.66596 minutes of arc, or nautical miles, which is equal to: 316.227766 degrees, relative. This also happens to be the only number which has its own mirror image reciprocal and creates a harmonic doorway to other dimensions. Now you can check the relative position of the landing point with the religious centers of the Vatican, in Rome, and the ancient city of Byzantium. The great circle distances are found to be: 1318.551 minutes of arc = distance Sinai to Vatican/ 787.8735 minutes of arc = distance Sinai to Byzantium; 748.2347 minutes of arc = latitude displacement--Sinai to Byzantium. So, if the distance to the Vatican is doubled, then squared, you have: (1318.551 x 2) = 2637.102--squared: 6954307 which is the harmonic reciprocal of the speed of light at the earth's surface. (143795.77 minutes of arc per grid second). If the distance to Byzantium is multiplied progressively by 60, then: 787.8735 x 60 x 60 x 60 = 17018068 = the harmonic of mass at the earth's surface. If the latitude displacement between Sinai and Byzantium is multiplied progressively by 60, you have (Garabandal/Vatican/Bethlehem) 748.2347 x 60 x 60 = 269364.5 = unified harmonic. The great circle displacement in longitude, calculated at the latitude of the Sinai landing, is found to be: 265.2582367 minutes of arc. Now, if a circle is constructed through the points using this diameter, then the circumference measures: 138.888 minutes of arc, relative. The half circle would measure: 69.444 minutes of arc, relative. This being the speed of light reciprocal in free space. You are going to find in reconstructing the calculations that the numbers are accurate enough to allow for "area of confidence" or visualization doorways. WHAT DANGER? Now why would it be unwise to approach any of these "landings"? Well, some craft give off light radiation which is so high in frequency as to simply burn human flesh and, at the least, damage greatly, the eyes. Radioactive radiation in those instances would not be a factor for the higher dimension craft do not operate on radioactive (nuclear) material as you recognize it to be. There would be a tremendous electro- magnetic effect associated with that type of descent in physical manifestation onto the mountain top which would produce radiation harmful enough to kill any living thing instantly if it were to approach the area. I can promise you, however, the people were scared out of their wits--as will you be even with this advanced time of knowledge when such a thing "lands". Page 35The focal point upon which the descent was carried out created a very strong harmonic relationship with the position of St. Catherine's Monastery. The Latitude is at about 28 degrees 33' north/33 degrees 58' east. So let us see what we have with that old calculator in hand and, doing just a tad of zeroing in on a focus within the Monastery walls, you will find: Latitude 28 degrees 32' 59.78" north/33 degrees 58' 00.045" east. The direct great circle distance between the two points turns out to be: 0.74910827 minutes of arc, which is equal to: 44.9464962 seconds of arc. If a circle of this radius was produced with the center at the Sinai descent point, then the circumference would equal: 282.4071645 seconds of arc, relative. This is a direct harmonic of gravity acceleration: 28.24071645 geodetic feet per grid second/second. And one-sixth of the mass harmonic: 1694443 ("Oh, my gossshh", I hear?). The angle of displacement of St. Catherine's from the Sinai focal point is then calculated to be: 84.72215 degrees-- WHICH IS A HALF HARMONIC OF GUESS WHAT?!--169.4443! COULD YOU ACTUALLY HAVE SOMEHOW ISOLATED THE MOST IMPORTANT PULSE OF THE UNIVERSE, OR AT LEAST A PORTION THEREOF--?
Phoenix Journal 30 Page 118: The position of Mecca is: Latitude 21 degrees 26' north/Longitude 39 degrees 49' east. The computer indicates a focal point within the city area of: Latitude 21 degrees 23' 38.32458" north/39 degrees 49' 37" east. The latitude of the focal point was therefore equal to: 1283.638743 minutes of arc north. The displacement from the North Pole, in minutes of arc, was therefore: 4116.361257 minutes of arc. THE SQUARE OF THIS NUMBER? YOU GUESSED IT: 1694443 HARMONIC!
Phoenix Journal 30 Page 121: OK, now with this "possibility" of relationship in hand, let us do some mathematics: the calculated focal point near Fatima is Latitude 39 degrees 37' 54.45" north/Longitude 8 degrees 36' 40.5" west. This position would be a bit easterly from the center of the town where the apparitions were seen and where it is thought the Lady ascended. The direct great circle distance from Mecca is calculated to be: 2693.645 minutes of arc (nautical miles). Don't you think this is interesting for the result is the unified equation immediately associated here in harmonic form, 2693645. This creates a slight dilemma, however, at first for the Fatima apparitions have been recognized by the Catholic Church, but the fact that they occurred in a Moslem dominated area does suggest that the message was directed to both faiths, and thus, to the world. Let us continue: The great circle displacement in longitude, measured at the latitude of Mecca, is found to be: 2694.617 minutes of arc, or nautical miles. The displacement in latitude between the two points equaled: 65656.12668 seconds of arc. A circle of this diameter would have a circumference of: 206264.8052 seconds of arc, relative. This value doubled equals: 412529.6104. This value now squared; 17018068 = the harmonic of mass at the earth's surface. Fatima (the considered daughter of Mahommet), the appearance of Our Lady at the Zeitoun Coptic Church in Egypt also indicates geometric associations with Mecca which can be measured mathematically for some dandy results: El Zeitun is: Latitude 30 degrees 06' north/Longitude 31 degrees 18' east. The computed focal point in the small areas equaled: Latitude 30 degrees 05' 27.52" north/Longitude 31 degrees 18' 20.3" east. The direct great circle distance between the focal point and Mecca is: 695.4307 minutes of arc, or nautical miles. This value is the reciprocal harmonic of the speed of light at the earth's surface. The displacement in latitude is equal to: 31309.1958 seconds of arc. This value multiplied by 60 equals: 1878551.748 harmonic. So let us study a theoretical circle with this same diameter and we find it would have a circumference of: 5901644.371 units. AH SO: WHICH IS THE RECIPROCAL HARMONIC OF: 1.694443. SO BE IT.
Phoenix Journal 30 Page 123: Let us just cut through the details mathematically, quickly for 'tis only the results you desire, I'm sure. The Position of Lourdes is: Latitude 43 degrees 06' north/Longitude 00 degrees 02' west. The calculated focal point (grotto) is Latitude 43 degrees 05' 53.952" north/Longitude 00 degrees 01' 57.1" west. The direct great circle distance from the Vatican equals 556.34456 minutes of arc, or nautical miles. This value divided by 8 equals: 69.54307 which is equal to the harmonic of the speed of light reciprocal at the earth's surface. The latitude of Lourdes focal point equals: 43.09832 degrees. This value divided by 16 equals: 2.693645 unified harmonic--and you can finish out the story. Well, how is it that the utilized numbers are variations of "8" in some manner or another? Because 8 is the universal number representing infinity! Ponder it.
Phoenix Journal 30 Page 124: Back to this Oporto point: The position is: Latitude 41 degrees 09' north/Longitude 8 degrees 37" west. In relation to the Vatican the computed focal point is: latitude 41 degrees 09" 49.005" north/Longitude 8 degrees 36' 05.5" west. (Now, this is case number one--so let us look at Mecca): In relationship to Mecca the focal point is: Latitude 41 degrees 09' 49.005" north/Longitude 8 degrees 38' 45.8" west. (case number two). The latitude of both cases would be equal to: 41.16361257 degrees. The square of which equals: 1694.443 harmonic. The great circle distance from the Vatican (case one): 944.2631 minutes of arc. This value divided by 16 equals: 59.1644375. The reciprocal of which is: 0.01694443 harmonic. The great circle distance from Mecca (case two): 2711.1088 minutes of arc. This value divided by 16 equals: 169.4443 harmonic. Again giving reference to the use of 8 and multiples thereof: This not only represents the sign of infinity but also the harmonic octaves in wave-form. Examples are given utilizing known points of sightings, etc., so that you can relate to the incidents for it can be demonstrated that certain values can be derived when calculating between specific points on the earth's surface wherein definite visualizations have been validated. This, further, indicates that there is no accidental placement of these places of historic value. Now, am I going to just give you a whole bunch of points and a calculator? Not on your life. I honor ones who have discerned this information and broken the code of the grid system and confirm evidence of visualization (materialization) and at what frequency that is accomplished wherein light forms into visible manifestation. I must ask for a break at this time for it has been much too long a session without break. Thank you. Hatonn to clear, please.
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