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  Our Reality
Published 10-11-16 Updated 5-15-2017

Things are not always as they seem. I don't propose that any race or peoples are better or worse than any other. All peoples have their gifts and abilities and have a place and time for them to shine. Like pieces of a puzzle.

In our reality men have many wives. In the eternal worlds, the earth is eve and collective mankind is Adam. So the woman in the eternal worlds has many Adam husbands. All of mankind put a part of themselves in the earth. This is how eve came to be from Adam's rib out his 12th power known as Sophia from the gnostic Eleleth in that particular application of this general principal.
In our world parents have many children. In the eternal worlds, collective mankind are the parents of a single only begotten child we call the universe.
In our world social ranking such as the Spanish social rankings tend to put the black race at the lowest. In the eternal worlds the 7th order of the gods is the highest ranking and one which we will take a long time to progress to that point were we become gods. The Black race will take the lead in this and would be ranked the Highest order of the 7th.
The Asian oriental race is ranked above the black race. In the eternal worlds, the orientals take the lead in the 6th order of the priesthood of lords.
The Arabic type peoples including India, etc. would take the lead in the 5th order, the priesthood of Archangels.
The Heathen Gentile type peoples would take the lead in the 4th order, the priesthood order of angels.

The Tribes if Israel would take the lead in the 3rd order, the Patriarchal priesthood. But the descendents of Abraham such as Isaac and Jacob would take the lead as Patriarchs of the family of Adam of this planet.
The Tribe of Levi would take the lead in the Aaronic Priesthood, the 2nd order.
The Tribe of Judah, the Jews, would take the lead in the Levitical priesthood the 1st order. This order is of a political nature and with in it's rank includes the rank of King David which includes Jesus who is the founder of the Stem Of Jesse.

From this we can see that in the eternal worlds, the first will be last and the last will be first. 

The Phoenix Journal 230 Page 82 I am at variance with my government. I respect those in authority. This is a   great country. But something is wrong here. America started wrong. She killed off the original owner, the Indian, the Native American, and put those who survived on reservations. You brought us (Blacks) here, and you know that you have not treated us right. You made us build the country but we have not enjoyed the best fruit of it.**** Page 85 By the way, readers: WHO TOLD YOU GOD WAS WHITE? STUPID ASSUMPTION, ISN'T IT? Salu and Adonai, h Aton n .
And in our reality the world is round. In the eternal world, the truth takes a course in between. The world takes on the human form. In it's infant state it seems round in a fetal old
                mapposition in a womb type atmosphere.

As you can see in the picture, ( ) there are pieces of the earth floating around in space. This is because some civilizations are able to advance faster and are given permission to colonize other planets or explore the universe. Pieces of the earth become like an earth ship and leave the planet. Or like islands floating in the air. One of the more recent events is Hy-Brasil: The Legendary Phantom Island of Ireland ( ) The City Of Enoch is another notable example. It comprises the area of the gulf of Mexico. This is the location where Gaia's reproductive parts used to be. This land is the home of The City Of Enoch, and the whole city was given permission to leave and colonize Venus. Venus is the planet reserved for our 6D experience as it is the 2nd planet from the sun. It makes sense that this city would be removed from the earth for Gaia's own protection considering the past abuses of the Natives of this planet as will be remembered in the Book Of Enoch and in the biblical account about the sons of god and the daughters of men.
The City Of Enoch is said to return during the Millennial Reign about 500 years from now.
"Venusians were early Earth settlers in the times of Lemuria."

The Three Waves of Volunteers and the Ne - Dolores Cannon Page 202
This is because the whole subject of aliens or extraterrestrials has been coated in fear and mistrust since the beginning. Most investigators look for and discover what they perceive to be evil and horror. This is all based on their belief systems; they create the very thing that they fear. They have never thought of the concept that I have discovered: that we are them and they are us. These beings created us, so they have no desire to harm their children. Because of free will and the law of noninterference they can only watch and shake their heads at the stupidity and juvenile behavior of these children
We think we want disclosure but do we? We came to this experience with a deliberate veiling of the conscious mind for evolutionary catalyst purposes.

The Truth of Existence
The Phoenix journal 14 Page 65: You God-creations set of your own limits and will not go beyond--what is it you fear to go beyond? Ah, I see, you fear you will KNOW and the experience will end so you refuse to step into the light of total acceptance and hide behind the veil of unknowing. That, too, is sometimes most wise in the overall plan you make for self-- for indeed, the experience would be cut short and wisdom tells you as much. You are busily remembering how it IS and you do not wish to know more and therefore, the limits are set and you creep up on them like the tortoise for fear of uncovering that which will end this wondrous experience of present. You KNOW that which IS and lies beyond--you all choose to not be ready to confront the truth of it so you continue to mess and stir and confuse and hide and mess and stir and confuse and hide and over and over again, scramble it into  entanglements. You ones pull directly unto you that which you claim to "fear" for it is actually the very experience you desire whether it be experienced as dread, fear or joy. Often times these things can be experienced in dreams or visions and the actual experience of physical perception is unnecessary. That is why you must allow your visions and dreams to take form and accept them as the experience they are. You refuse to bring your dreams into consciousness for you will know then, that which is ALL and truth of ALL. Especially you who have returned for the purpose of walking through a remnant will refuse to bring the truth of thy sleeping experiences into focus of consciousness---it would ruin your challenging game. You have agreed upon a purpose within this particular experience and the all-knowing would distract you for you would understand the remarkable lie of it all--the illusion. Frustration would be manifested in tremendous burden for you would know what and how things must be done and yet, you would fall into the limits of the inability to thrust your actions upon those of another of free-will experience.
Page 77: In Pleiades alone, are large populations of Earth humans who were relocated at prior time periods for extension of experience and growth. In a way we are the elder brothers who come now to offer assistance and we shall do so openly as soon as you can clean up your aggressive hostility for hostile energies will not be relocated to innocent star systems. If man cannot look into his perceived "future" and come again in to harmony with God, he shall simply march his already projected path to destruction upon your little orb. You are prisoners upon your isolated placement for the technology for traversing star systems has been denied you.
Phoenix Journal 21 Page 140: Throughout the course of your existence you continually oscillate like the wave function that you essentially are, in and out of focus, in and out of definition, always moving back and forth, like the pendulum on a clock or the heart of an atom, out of the unity of being with God, into a finite expression of God's infinite potential and then back into unity once more, back and forth, back and forth. This is the natural rhythm of your existence, just as it is mine. It is the song of God, the rhythm of Life itself.
Like the holographic universe theory, the above has been further expounded upon by Basher:
In a similar manner, our consciousness "projects" individual "still frames of reality" in a steady and extremely rapid sequence. Bashar says we do this BILLIONS of times per second - thus creating the ILLUSION of the steady flow of TIME.     Each of these individual "still frames of reality" contains absolutely NO MOTION whatsoever! It is a frozen snapshot - perfectly still.   And yet, by sequencing these still frames at a steady very-fast rate, we have the ILLUSION of time - the flow of time.
In each moment you shift through billions of parallel realities. In fact, that’s what time is. The illusion we call time is our consciousness shifting billions of time – per second – from static parallel reality to static parallel reality and that creates the illusion of movement and of time. If one understands that one understands also that one is always at zero point, at a new beginning.

As all these parallel realities exist on the same time, one can always redefine oneself and choose any path through these countless realities. Whatever one defines to be at that moment is the sequence of parallel realities one sets up for oneself.  It is a new story line, so to speak. So one could change any illness or other state of being into something completely different – from moment to moment. This is certainly worth to be practised! This is the long time longed for magic of fairy tales…

Darryl Anka for Bashar
Phoenix journal 21 Page 141: As I search your symbol storage systems for a word with which to express something of the reality in which you exist as one with your Creator, I come upon an Indian word "nagual". It is a term which you understand to mean "everything that cannot be named". You have no such word in the other languages as suitable. This is a good word for the region of being, the region of unity. I will use this word to emphasize a point I wish to make herein.
In the pre-Fall state of awareness, you existed in the nagual, the all, the everything, the nothing, the primal void where all exists in a state of potential. This is the Creator that surrounds Creation like the sea surrounds a fish. Out of this nagual, you are called many times to dwell, for the space of a relationship, in its opposite, the "tonal". The tonal is everything that can be named. It is the imaginary world of God in which all apparent differences exist. It is the playground of What Is. The tonal draws all of its sustenance from the nagual. It cannot exist apart from the nagual. While the nagual is a dynamic, yet steady state of rest, the tonal, or manifest physical universe is continuously flashing on and off. This oscillation occurs in all things manifest from the smallest subatomic particle to the greatest galaxy.
About The World Population:
From The Rabbit Blog---
Since the earth population is over 3\4 robitoid, the mother earth has only enough resources to clean 500 million non creator robitoid waste products and food nourishment. But since non-roitoid creator people can clean their own mess and create their own food and nourishment, the earth doesn't have to maintain these such because they support themselves. They become potty trained so to speak. They also become free from the earth bound planet prison restrictions and can colonize other planets if need be.
Where did this idea that the earth can't support the human population come from? If we humans are indeed god, then we created the earth and did, can and will create planets and other things as so suits are needs. Why then if we can create a planet, can we not sustain ourselves on the same? So I postulate that the earth was designed, by us I might add, to sustain 500,000,000 animals of human form or likeness. I'll just call these huminals. By this I mean humans who have not evolved out of their animal natures derived at the said fall. This means humans who either from choice, negligence or inability have not been able to overcome their animal nature and step into their divinity or have not yet discovered who they are. Because they are god or gods in embryo. I suppose that the earth may only be able to support a given number of such huminals. But those humans who are aware of their divinity and come to understand that they are god in every sense of the word, most certainly can and will and have maintain(d) themselves on any world including earth regardless of the population question. Humans i.e. gods can maintain themselves period. No planet comes into question. Gods create earth and worlds. Earth does not create man/god. Earth is not man/god's mother. God is earth's creator and mother, or father as the case may be. Earth was formed from man's rib, metaphorically. One of the 12 divisions of man's power was separated to form the earth, our partner. Earth is for all purposes a part of the collective us. It is all of us in part  and in whole. Again, if we can create the earth, we can most assuredly create whatever resources and conditions we need for our own sustenance. Earth sustaining god/man...Indeed! Let me rephrase this: God i.e. man sustains the earth! God saves the earth.
Phoenix Journal 13 Page-127: Your world is suffocating in the pressure of six billion people, many of whom are starving to death, the air is so polluted in all of your major cities and most of your landscape as to be a hazard to simply breathe and what has over 40 years of research given you except a high cost?
Phoenix Journal 30 Page 160: The WORLD is your child, Mothers and Fathers--and as you come into balance, so shall the child and as the child comes into balance--oh precious ones, so shall the grandchildren!

We create our own reality. Why should we learn of all the evil and paths others have chosen? This does not mean that we wish to partake of these paths of the negative polarity. We learn about history and of their agendas and ways and methods for our own protection. We need to know the tricks of the adversary so as to not fall prey and to avoid deception in our projected paths of the positive polarity. Why become wise as a serpent and gentle as a dove? As painful as it may be to face the evil ways, our best defense of this evil is to be aware of potential deceptions. We may choose a positive reality, but the negative and opposing force is always there to lure us into error. If we learn the truth of their ways it is like a light shining. It's easier to avoid stepping in the potholes when we are aware of them in the sunlight. In the world of shadows and moonlight it very easy indeed to misstep.