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The Remnant
Written by Craig. Posted in Craig's Blog    Updated 6-1-2017

Who are the remnant?

Apparently whatever people are left on this planet who remain uncorrupted. "The evil has consumed all but a tiny remnant" The Phoenix Journal page 78: You do it by opening your minds and hearing truth, seeing truth and then, acting in truth by coming back into the balance of the Laws of God and The Creation. You will have to stop the lustful, greedy carnal behaviors, teach your children truth and discipline of actions and intent and learn the truth of how it is NOW. You must know the details of the evil conspiracy and then you must stand firm in rising above them who would destroy. You will do that through knowledge and the use of your God given rights and powers and the tags and rags of what is remaining of your Constitution. You will stand together as an unbending God power and demand your God-given freedom and removal of the evil slave-masters. Yes, the poison has seeped into the very joints of your body of civilization. The evil has consumed all but a tiny remnant--but you have all you need if you will but use of it.

Phoenix journal 23 Page 213: My only service is unto Holy Father God of Source, Truth-bringer, and Way-shower--to prepare a place for the Highest of the Heavenly realms to come. I, further, am assigned to bring a remnant through the time of chaos and into survival and rebuilding in transition.
Phoenix journal 33 Page 166: Then, brethren, those who turn us away--will be left to that which they have chosen and you of the remnant will come home for new assignment.
Phoenix journal 24 Page 125: My entire commission is to put the word of Truth to print as promised by God unto the ones of the transition as are noted in the prophecies, to reveal the Truth from the seventh seal, as you like to call it, through the one called the "Lamb", and get a remnant through the tribulation to rebuild the Kingdom of God.....Page 199: We need to get a remnant through who wish to come in the service and Truth of Godness into the kingdom of HIS sacred places--willingly and of free-will. The evil will be left to devour itself for evil cannot exist in the Light of Truth and he wishes not to come into the Kingdom of Light at any cause whatsoever. We are not speaking of force on the part of God for God is not in the forcing of anything nor anyone--by this very fact God always wins and your Satanic adversary knows as much. You who serve God are most certainly not desired among Satan's people and neither does he desire the ire of God if he slays ye ones about the work of awakening His people and rebirthing this planet into higher understanding and Truth. The place has become Satan's Kingdom and that which ye must have a goal is the accomplishment of survival through the days of tribulation while Satan brings his own into order and servitude. If ye do not rankle him, he shall probably even assist you in the gathering and help you. God wins wars by the very lack of warring behavior--Truth will give unto you your freedom and His children. Ah yes, the ones coming home aboard our craft shall likely be relatively few in number--BUT ALL HAVE A PLACEMENT PREPARED JUST AS PROMISED AND IF ALL WOULD COME THERE WOULD BE MUCH GLORIOUS REJOICING IN THE HEAVENS. Then, after the destruction is finished and the old is in the renewal--so shall those intended to rebuild will be brought again unto the wondrous place for the reclamation in fullness for by then the Earth's face will be renewed from the seas and the lands in agony will be put to rest and renew in the blankets of the seas and the renewal of the waters (life blood) of the planet herself. It simply shall not be as you have been told for you were not given to know and the adversary brought lies to cause you to wither in fear and speculation. Ye who believe on God and the Christed path of the Sacred Circle of Infinity and choose the laws of The Creation and that wondrous Creator/Creation--Mother/Father shall again soar with the Eagles having served and graduated. Ah, the glory and joy of it is beyond the imaginings. But those who do not recognize of that which has been sent to lift them up, they shall be left of their own accord and that shall be none of your business. But any who come with us, shall leave the things of fleshly destruction and lawlessness in the pit from which ye shall be lifted--so be it!)
The events to occur in these last days have not yet been decided. It will depend on the course of action and choice and decisions of the remnant. Phoenix Journal 25 Page 85: WE MUST MOVE ON AS TO THAT WHICH THE PEOPLE OF GOD CAN DO IN PREPARATION FOR THE REMNANT--MAN WILL HAVE FREEWILL OF ACTION UNTO THE VERY ENDING OF THIS EXPERIENCE AND THEN WILL BE DECIDED--THE FINAL ACT OF THE PLAY.
Phoenix Journal 59 Page 103: When I was a red man last, I wondered deeply why Grandfather had brought the white man here. We were good sustainers of the garden after all. We shunned the idea of temples and altars with all their technologies and trappings. Those things only breed trouble, jealousies and confusion. So why did this strange hairy white man arrive here, we asked? He sustains nothing. He creates and devours everything in his path and then creates more and more but fails to sustain his foundation. He is truly out of balance we said. Well, so too were we, I have come to see at last. Man was not meant to just graze in a garden forever either. He was designed to be a full reflection of Grandfather‟s potentials. Therefore he must become a creator/sustainer in perfect balance. From this state of balance and reconciliation, he becomes a “starman”; a builder and sustainer of worlds “with” Grandfather. So the creator/builder/inventor white man and the gardener/tender red man, both had what each other needed in order to bring man to balance. So, I am here today, in the son of a white man, to do just that. To birth the “starship Indian/cosmic cowboy” man. Together we become the “pink” of Christ. We emerge in balance together, ah ho.

There was a particular strain of remnants I was trying to point out below:


Phoenix Journal 35 Page 9: This is the time for you who are the human beings, mankind--known as "natives" across the lands--to change and move ahead, instead of expecting others to lead you-- for they will only pull you farther down. You must return to the roots of your oral traditions for it will be through these Truths coming forth and the explanations given here in these unfoldings of Truth and explanation, and the traditional Oral Truths., never WRITTEN until now (that they might serve as history of a civilization in an ending cycle) that you will find again, balance and harmony. It is in the oral "Indian" tradition that the world will be led out of the darkness into the Light. This time, though it seems to not be so, the people are ready to listen--the world is scared unto death of the physical existence. I choose not one tribe of Earth experiencing humans above that of another--ALL ARE ONE. But the messenger is sent where the Great Spirit of All chooses to allow expression. There are many great men but each has a task and this one is committed into the hands of Little Crow--who be YOU to choose another??.......Page 10: The Earth is undergoing a painful period of purification and I tell you now, you of the world--THE AMERICAN "INDIAN"-SPIRITUALITY WILL PLAY A KEY ROLE IN RESTORING PEACE AND HARMONY. Indian spirituality has the answer and it is not just for Indians—it is for everyone (MITAKUYE OYASIN).


There is some evidence of a role of the Native Americans in restoring an important way of life and spearheading a movement in these times ahead.
(The Revelations of James Strang SECTION 12)
4. And upon this land where thou standest shall the gospel of the kingdom be established among the Lamanites, and from thence shall it go forth to their tribes. And blessing and honor and great glory shall be on those that teach them, for he will make their arm strong, and their bow shall abide in strength, and they shall not bow to the oppressor; and the power of the Gentile shall not be on them, for the arm of God shall be with them to support.
(The Revelations of James Strang SECTION 8)
  3. The word hath revealed it. God hath sworn to give an inheritance to his people where transgressors perished. The word of God came to me while I mourned in the Death-shade, saying, I will avenge me on the destroyer. He shall be driven out. Other strangers shall inhabit thy land. I an ensign there will set up. The escaped of my people there shall dwell when the flock disown the Shepherd and build not on the Rock. 4. The forerunner men shall kill, but a mighty prophet there shall dwell. I will be his strength, and he shall bring forth thy record. Record my words, and bury it in the Hill of Promise.
Almost as a  fulfillment of the above prophesy, made long ago by a man called Rajah Manchou of Vorito,  Little Crow went on to write the book, THE SACRED HILL WITHIN about the oral traditions of his people. Much information about this movement can be found within the records contained in The Mentinah Archives.


This makes me think of this song Wild Fire. It reminds me of the Native Americans of those who authored the Mentinah Archives and who predicted a time when they would be killed off by conquest and disease from a foreign people who would over run and take over this country and ultimately cause damage to society and the planet from their greed and abuse. But that they through a remnant of their descendents and mixture of their bloodline with these people would return as a whispering from the dust and they would guide these people to a healing of the earth and a forming of a government based on a self empowered self governing people they way that they lived in their day and who were the pro-to type of a free people and an ensign to the people of our time. Read more in the article The Inward Fire.


The Phoenix Journal 230 page135: I am going to remind you that these CAHILLA mercenaries brought the slaves, have usurped everything from the Blacks--only recently taking everything from other races as well in the U.S.A. I will tell you now that you cannot recover this mess without the NATIVE AMERICANS who still, at least, sit on some sovereign lands which are being taken fully from them as we write today.


Read more about this in the article Elijah The Prophet. For my purposes, they are the descendants of Joseph as referred to in the Book or Mormon as well as in the Mentinah archives. Both contain histories of these people. Our story begins with Abraham who obtained the keys to the Patriarchal priesthood. This Priesthood in particular, came down to us from our father Adam, who was the seeding creator and progenitor of the species of this planet as it pertains to us. The order of this patriarchal system is passed down to all descendants of Adam and carried within their blood line. All people carry priesthood, and inherit gifts and powers from their respective family lines. People are called to be and do and exercise their powers according to their own worthiness, and appointed by the general consensus of mankind as administered by those in charge of representing us and our interests. Many of these work anonymously and are not always known or seen by the fledgling peoples of this planet. The ruling patriarchs are appointed by the most worthy, with2 preference being given to the right of the firstborn, or oldest worthy family line. Special note being given to the term worthy. Only the worthy are appointed and given commissions in the priesthood orders. So claims to authority by virtue of lineage and rights of the firstborn and also claims from confirmation and ordinations to and from certain priesthood lines and or personages become irrelevant. Every human being has priesthood of some kind or another. It is worthiness which allows the person to be appointed and commissioned to function in whatever priesthood capacity they may have. In the biblical days of the judges, the priesthood was carried in the bloodline of all Israelites. Samson never claimed any priesthood. He just grabbed a jawbone of an ass and went to work. The fact is, he inherited the gift and power to do so by priesthood. But he exercised the power of a judge in Israel because he was worthy and had the ability to be and do so. Abraham obtained the ruling patriarchal priesthood over the family of Adam. He was blessed and all kindreds of the earth were to be blessed through the authority continued in his blood line. If the most worthy person does not have the priesthood in his bloodline, there is the available power of adoption, where the most worthy is adopted into that family line. A notable example of this is Jesus. He inherited the keys to the political kingdom, from King David of the tribe of Judah, which tribe inherited the order of priesthood of the political order of kings. It was by this authority he was able to be crucified for the sins of the world and grant a civil pardon to the inhabitants. But he could also claim lineage from King David by way adoption from his stepfather Joseph. Joseph inherited the patriarchal order which presides over the family of Adam from his grandfather Abraham. And the keys were passed on to Saint Peter. Hence, the Pope and the Orthodox patriarchs get their line via St. Peter. But the Ruling patriarchal order went to the Tribe of Joseph with a preference given the the tribe of Ephraim. It was this patriarchal order that was brought to the Americas by The book of Mormon father Lehi. And then on to the modern day native Americans. The native Americans also have the bloodline of King Zedekiah of the tribe of Judah as well as the bloodline from Aaron of the tribe of Levi. Some British Ephraimites obtained a limited authority via The LDS Church. It has been prophesied that they would become abusive and the authority would be passed on to the native Americans. These are the remnant of which I refer to. This remnant was to have blood intermingled with Jesus. Jesus is the son of Adam who's anonymity has been cloaked in the office of Michael the archangel. In other words, Adam is and holds the office of Michael the archangel. Since Jesus is the son of Adam, he carries the priesthood of the archangels in his bloodline. This is one of the reason Jesus's bloodline is to establish a race of people called the branch and also the remnant in the end days. Again, it is based on worthiness. If a person becomes worthy and lacks the bloodline, the option of adoption in Jesus's family or any family is available. This has been explained in the Mentinah Archives:

The Mentinah Archives Volume One thru Nine (As of Jan. 12, 2011) Page 639 44. For they shall have been prepared by all that the Lord did accomplish through the Gentiles. And even there shall be some few from among the Gentiles who shall continue to be His servants, and shall set aside the riches and the enticements of the world to serve Him. They shall not want of reward. Nay, behold, they shall be numbered in among the children of Lehi by adoption. And all wherein the Lord has blessed them shall also be a blessing unto they who become the Sons and Daughters of Lehi and of Levi. But they shall not pollute the way of the Lord with the filthiness of men.

The plan and method of establishing a one people is in the intermingling of all races on the planet with particular emphasis on the bloodline of Jesus. The eclecticism of eighteenth-century France is an of example of a movement in sexual politics which allowed the intermingling of the blood lines on a larger scale. The free love movement of the 60's is another example. This is part of the blueprint and design of Humanity's growth. Polygamy was implemented for this purpose as well. Although the principle and purpose has been misunderstood and abused. The object was for the people with a strong amount of certain bloodlines to intermingle with other races and multiply on a large scale. Not for long term control, slavery or for sensual gratification. Rather, the idea was for people to have very short term affairs to allow for mingling of the blood lines with minimal commitments and not the long term commitments which were the cause of so much suffering and enslavement of family groups of women and children to one man.

Phoenix Journal 124 Page : Giving birth was an individual decision. A perceptive woman could be expected to choose her sexual mate with perception and give birth to perceptive children. Therefore, opposing the breeding methods of mass manipulators--of manipulators who arrogated to themselves the role of "authorizing" sexual relations and forbidding sexual relations they had not "authorized"--the Northern Europeans agreed that a woman's choice of a man by whom she would bear children would be exclusively hers--as an individual. The agreement was that no man could have sexual relations with her by force or coercion, and she need defer to no individual or group approval when choosing her children's father. The perceptive people reasoned that no one should have any word-invented "authority" over the intangible portion of Nature and Nature's God within an individual, because an individual's value judgments are made by the God within. The social agreement, that would not allow interference with the highly important value judgment of each individual woman regarding who should be the father of her children, effectively meant that the people looked upon each woman as a goddess.

The Mentinah Archives Volume One thru Nine (As of Jan. 12, 2011)
The Nemenhah
page 726 25. Behold, it is good that we have kept our records well away from our places of dwelling and from our cities. For, had we not, they too shall have been despoiled. And I know that they shall come forth out of the dust in some far distant future and my descendants shall once again know their grandfathers. For, of all the things that our society shall lose, one thing shall be preserved. Yea, the records of our doings shall last through these times and the Lord shall bring them once again to the light of day.
777 4. Behold, we do thank you for the patent which you have transmitted unto us through your messenger, even Nephi. And it does bring us much joy to know that the one we call Peacemaker, even the Lord, was not fatherless and had not posterity. Yea, it fills us with great joy that He who took us all unto His bosom and became Father and God unto us, does also give us brothers and sisters in a far away land. Behold, He did tell us of a people who would come into our land that He might do a great work among them, and that some of them would be grafted into our vine. Wherefore, we do live with the hope that His own blood also might be mingled with ours and that His fathers might also become our fathers. Then shall the fulfilling of the Gentiles be complete and the fullness of times shall begin. 5. Behold, we shall watch for your coming into our land and, although we know that our own people shall dwindle and become a hiss and a byword before the might of the Gentiles who shall come and take our land as their own, yet are we satisfied in all else that our Lord has taught us concerning those days. For we know that, when the times of the Gentiles shall be complete, He shall restore unto a little flock which shall be of our blood and of yours, all that was once had in times past. Then shall our families be united with yours and we shall be one people, Zion.
779 And also keep your records, for this shall be of great worth to your posterity. Yea, in the last days, your words and your teachings shall guide and inform the restoration of all things.
829 17. Wherefore, we do build up our High Places upon hallowed ground. Yea, the sacred places of our relations in times past do become once again sacred places for us. And we know that the same shall happen once again in this place, for the Peacemaker restores every good thing. And behold, the good that we do here will be remembered of the earth and the land will remember the healing that has taken place here. Yea, and when the Lord does bring again His people to possess the land, they shall surely find that which we have hidden up for them and because of that which we have written, surely the land will be made whole again. Yea, of a surety, the Nemenhah will restore the waste places. 18. Yea, behold, I have seen them and I know their doing. They shall revere once again the land and cease to abuse it. And they shall learn to use the land 829with thanksgiving and make a sacred walk upon her. Every step upon the earth shall they call blessed and they shall walk upon her with a song of thanksgiving upon their lips and in their hearts. Surely, they shall restore all things carefully. 19. Behold, I do not say that they shall be so numerous as the Nemenhah in our day. Nay, there shall be many people in this land, but the Nemenhah shall not be many. They shall come in small groups and in families and build up their waste places. And they shall not come with great possessions or with riches, but with only that which they require to establish themselves once again in the land. And none will be jealous of them, for they shall have little of that which the world desires. Yea, the world shall not consider them at all, for they will have none of that which the world esteems. But they shall be filled with the purposes of the Peacemaker and they shall have Zion in their hearts. Is this not riches enough? 20. But behold, they shall build up the High Place again and their settlements shall restore that which was once lost in this land. And behold, many of them will be descended from a race of people whom the Peacemaker might have established in this land in prior generations, but they would not. But they unto whom the Peacemaker shall reveal these records, many of them shall descend from those same who were condemned of the Lord because they would not fulfill His purposes, but preferred to build up a nation unto themselves. Out of them shall spring up a remnant and they shall combine with the remnant of Lehi left in the land. Together they shall build up and restore many things. 21. Yea, the purification of the Ammonites shall be restored by them. And they shall, also, baptize often and celebrate the sacraments of the Lord again in righteousness. Surely, the Sons and Daughters of Levi and of Aaron shall make a sacrifice again, one that shall be acceptable to the Peacemaker. And by and by, as they restore the ordinances of the High Place, the people shall begin again to understand things as they really are, and there shall be peace again in the land. 22. Behold, they shall be cleansed from the iniquity and filth of the world and they shall be anointed with the oil of sacrifice. They shall know their Lord and they shall hear His voice. There shall be fidelity and love in their settlements and they shall, line upon line, learn once again to have all things in common. And behold, they shall call themselves blessed, for these are the things which do prepare men and women to walk upon the Way. 23. And the condemnation under which their forefathers labored for six generations shall be lifted in them and their ordinances and all that they do for the Lord shall be acceptable once again before Him. Yea, their condemnation shall be lifted, they who descend from out of that generation which did not what the Lord commanded them. And also they among them who descend from out of our loins, who had become a hiss and a byword to all nations, shall raise up their 830heads and speak with mighty words. Yea, they shall sing again the song of the righteous because the days of their patience shall have been completed. 24. They shall not surely cover the face of the land, as we do. But behold, they shall begin again to heal the earth and to prepare her for the coming of the Peacemaker. They shall be His disciples and His children. Yea, and through them shall He heal the hurts that have been done to the earth. 25. Behold, and this shall be a sign and a surety that the Peacemaker has again lifted up the hands that hang down. For they shall call themselves Nemenhah and they shall hurt no more the Earth, but all that they do therein shall be a healing thing. Surely, the Earth shall bless them. 26. For they shall have hurt the Earth in everything that they did know by her. Yea, they cut down the tree and hew it. But this is not enough, for they waste most of it to make some few usable pieces with which to build. And when they build, the structure is all sticks and air. Wherefore, they do create of the Earth that which can be attached to their houses of air. And they dig up the Earth and plate it, and this they attach to their houses to make them solid. But the walls of their houses are still but sticks and air, wherefore, they fill them with waste to keep out the cold. 27. And this shall be a sign of those times, that there shall scarcely be one thing that the men and women who shall inhabit this land shall use for houses, or for raiment, or for food , or to move about upon the land, that they do not buy from others. Yea, and if I were to visit them in their homes and in their shops, behold, there might not be one or two things in them that they shall have made with their own hands or even that was made by an artisan of their own village. 28. And in that day, a man shall labor in order that he might buy his living, but his labor shall not provide sufficiently. Yea, and in all that he does labor, he cannot be satisfied. For with what little of gold and silver that he does earn for his day‟s labor, he shall be only able to purchase the day‟s sustenance. And this shall be a kind of thralldom unto them, for all the people of the land shall thus wear out their lives in labor that does not satisfy. 29. But behold, the Lord shall work upon the hearts of a few, that they shall turn away from this slavery. And they shall go into the wilderness and take up again the good earth. And they shall cast up their walls as we do, and their houses shall no longer be things of air, but they shall be solid as the ground upon which they shall stand. And they shall produce with their own hands again that which satisfies. 30. And among the little flock, behold, there shall be no more of aimless labor, for they shall have sufficient for their needs, but also a little surplus. And they 831shall not seek to buy up the things of the Earth, but they shall cherish her and take good care of her. Yea, and in this shall they receive but little acclaim and the world shall not esteem them, but the Earth shall bless them abundantly. 31. And behold, the Lord shall surely instruct them in this thing, and it shall be a great ensample unto them. For, many shall say unto them, when they go out to begin their enterprise, that such things cannot be. Yea, they shall scoff and refute, saying: 32. You must build the way all things are built, for it is the way of the world. Yea, and if you choose to build another way, it shall be to your hurt. Why think you to be different than all people? Come, build your homes properly. Work with your might and all will be well with you. 33. But behold, the manner of building in that day shall be so wasteful and costly that a man shall have to become a slave to the possession in order to provide shelter for his family. Yea, and the woman must also go out from the home to labor for the upkeep of her children. And this shall be because of the wastefulness of the manner in which they shall build all that they build. Yea, and there shall not be one thing built in that day that shall not be so costly as to require the break up of the family. 34. But the Lord shall teach a more excellent way, both in spirit and in body. For He is the Creator and the Peacemaker. Shall He desire man to use up the earth and to consume it all up? Behold, He shall not. Wherefore, He shall instruct His remnant even in all that they must do to restore the earth. And He shall begin this schooling in the manner in which they shall build their dwellings and their meeting places and even their High Places. 35. Yea, where the world shall teach them that their High Places should be built of the most costly goods, in order that proper reverence shall be given unto the God of Heaven, behold, He shall teach them to build with humility. Yea, their High Place shall seem very low when esteemed by the eyes of the world. Behold, in this shall the Lord teach His people to heal the Earth. 36. And when they go to adorn their High Places, shall they fill them up with the costly things of the world? For this shall be the habit and the custom of their times. Yea, when the world builds a temple, behold, it is filled with costly and fine furnishings. But this shall not be so among the Lord‟s remnant in the last days. For they shall sit them down with but a blanket between them and the earth from which they did cast up the bench. And when they build a chair, it shall be the work of their own hands, or of the hands of a neighbor. And the floors upon which they stand shall not be made of stone cut and crafted by unknown hands in unknown lands, but it shall be earth that is poured and cast, and when they walk upon it, it shall sustain them gently. 832  37. And this shall be an ensample unto them, that they do the will of the Lord. For, the way of the world does use up the good thereof. But behold, the way of the Lord does sustain and edify. The way of the world does destroy the will of man to do good, for all his labor must go to the using up of the Earth. But the way of the Lord does edify him, for his labor shall return unto him a blessing from the Earth. 38. But behold, this thing shall be hateful to the world, but in this there is wisdom, also, in the Lord. For, if the world does hate a thing, the world does avoid it. Yea, and when the world shall judge this ensample of the Lord, behold, the remnant shall be esteemed as a thing of poverty and want. Yea, who shall molest them? For they shall have nothing that the world might desire of them. Who shall covet a house made of earth? Yea, when all the world esteems that retreat from useful labor into which men and women shall have fallen as virtuous, who shall covet the house built of such labor? Nay, the world shall think itself above such things. 39. But in the day in which the Peacemaker shall whisper again in the ears of them that hear, the remnant shall take up again the Earth without hurt. And they shall no more cut down the tree to waste the more part of it. But they shall learn providence again and they shall care for the Earth. And behold, when they do this thing, the Earth shall give forth abundantly and they shall have sufficient for their needs, for they shall not have enslaved themselves to the costly thing. 40. And they shall learn from this ensample that the wisdom of their shepherds has been foolishness. Yea, they have been taught from their youths to labor with their might, that they might have security in their homes and in their families. But, because the shepherds teach them to labor for the things of the world, they shall enslave all the people. 41. But when they do take up the Earth again, without hurt, but with an eye single to the service of their God, they shall cease to esteem the costly as security. Yea, they shall see once again that the Earth does provide abundantly for those whose hearts are not bent on destroying her and on using her up. And the Earth shall loosen the bonds of their captivity and she shall gently remove the shackles of their slavery. 42. Yea, and the scales shall fall from off their eyes and they shall see more clearly. And in all else that they do that does use up the Earth, they shall begin to curb themselves. Yea, they shall cease to buy with silver and gold that which does not edify, and the Earth shall give abundantly all that which cannot be bought with money. Yea, their eyes shall be opened and they shall see as they have not seen before, the wonder and majesty and beauty of the Earth around 833them. And she shall hold them in her embrace and they shall feel again the love of the mother which gives them life. 43. These are the doings of the Lord‟s remnant whom He shall bring once again into this land. And behold, they shall be in the midst of a great people, wherefore, do not marvel that I say that the Lord shall bring them once again. The Gentiles shall cover all the face of the land, and yet, the land shall not claim them as her relations. Wherefore, the blessing and the curse that lies upon this land shall affect them, and they shall all be in bondage. But there shall be the seeds of liberty planted by their forefathers yet living in their breasts and this shall be enough to ensure that the Lord‟s remnant shall have peace to establish Zion. 44. For, it shall be for the sake of this liberty, which the Gentiles shall cherish above all things, that some measure of freedom shall be granted unto they who turn from the getting of gain, even unto the establishing of Zion in the land. For behold, the manner of thralldom under which the Gentile nations shall place all the people, shall be in the love of gold and of silver. Wherefore, they shall build up their cities and their towers and they shall hurt the Earth. And it shall be the hurting of the Earth that shall form a foundation for the subjugating of the people. For, when they hurt the Earth for the sake of gain, behold, their gain shall become slippery and hard to hold. And all their labor shall not be sufficient to hold onto the things they deem to be precious. Yea, their day‟s labor shall not be enough to buy their day‟s needs. Wherefore, they shall wear out their lives for the sake of gain, but they shall be old and have gained nothing. Now, all this shall be because they do hurt the Earth to get their gain from it. 45. Now, the Lord‟s remnant shall not seek after gold nor silver, but shall seek after that true abundance that can only be acquired by that people who nurture and care for the Earth. Yea, and they shall find true riches in the abundance which comes from her bosom, and their labor shall satisfy. Wherefore, in the midst of slavery, wherein all men shall labor for the governors for their bread, the Nemenhah shall eat of the bread of life and be filled. And in the midst of bondage, wherein all men labor with their might to provide wine for the governor, the Nemenhah shall drink of the wellspring and they shall not thirst. 46. And behold, the governors shall not esteem them at all, because they shall have not gold nor silver nor any manner of gain. Wherefore, they shall be hidden amidst the host and shall not be discovered. For behold, only they who have substance whereby the governors might gain shall warrant their attention. And how can a man who eats from the Earth that which he has planted and lives in a house made of that same earth wherein he does plant, have wherewithal to be 834taken from him evensomuch that the governors might pay even the cost of taking it from him? 47. So greatly blessed shall that man be, for he shall not be seen nor esteemed. Yea, in the midst of the thrall there shall be slaves enough, and he who has not shall not be desired. And the Earth shall be so despised that he who shall stretch forth his hand to embrace her and care for her, shall also have no merit and no beauty that shall be desired by the world. Even so shall the Lord instruct His people and bring them once again. Chapter Nine 1. Now, this is not all that I have seen concerning that time in which the Lord shall bring this record into the light. Behold, I am blessed of the Lord exceedingly. For I did ask of Him to reveal the times and the seasons, and behold, He has shown unto me many things. Yea, and I have seen the times and the seasons surrounding the restoration of Zion in this land in the latter days. 2. And this is a choice land, a land of covenant. Upon it lies a blessing and a cursing, and this is the will of the Lord. And it is also His will that the Gentiles shall also be brought to a knowledge of Him and of His Zion. Wherefore, He shall drive them into this land. And because of the blessing and the curse, they shall learn more of Him and of His ways than they could have should they remain in their own land. Wherefore, He shall drive them. Yea, with the wind of their own ambition, He shall toss them up upon the shore. And behold, He shall try them in this land. 3. And He shall show unto them a beginning, even a commencement. And He shall raise up prophets unto them, and unto them He shall give commandments and instruction. But they will not. Yea, they will call themselves His Saints, and yet they will not do what He bids them. They shall claim to speak in His name, but their hearts shall shun the task He places before them. 4. Yea, He shall command them to go even unto the seed of the House of Lehi left in this land, not to instruct them but to be instructed of them. But they shall esteem them lower in station than they and shall shun the work which the Lord shall lay upon them. And the Gentiles shall abuse and drive the remnant of Lehi from place to place, because that they shall remind them ever of that which they ought to have done in the name of the Lord, but that they chose abomination of desolation in the stead thereof. 5. For the children of Lehi might have taught them to temper their lust for gain. For, we have much in our history concerning the outcome of justice in this land when the lust for gain does take control of the people and of the government. And even they shall have the record of the Nephites as witness unto 835them of the same. But behold, they shall do unto the remnant of Lehi like as they would do unto a beast of the field which is bought with gold and brought even to the slaughter. 6. Yea, I have seen what shall befall my own descendents at the hand of the Gentiles. And I have seen how that the people shall suffer and perish. But behold, they shall not be utterly destroyed, and because they shall not be utterly destroyed, the Lord shall preserve that part of their customs that shall set them apart from all the world. And even He shall raise up seers who will take of these records which we leave in sacred places and they will translate them by His peculiar power into their own tongues. Then shall He teach the Gentiles a mighty thing indeed. 7. And some of them shall take heed to His word and they will learn a new and better way, casting away their lust for riches and looking only to that which they need. But this shall not come without a true trying of their faith. Yea, in the day that they cease to hide up their treasures against the day of need, but use them abundantly to the good of many, then shall He graft them into the vine and they shall be one with Lehi. Then are the times of the Gentiles fulfilled. 8. But behold, they who are grafted in shall not be many. For the whole world shall lust after riches and the hearts of men and women shall not be upon the good gifts of Heaven, but they shall seek every day to get more gain than the previous. And with each day‟s passing, they shall hide up more of their precious things, that they might be esteemed rich by their neighbor. 9. But a time shall come when they shall go even unto the place wherein they have hid up their wealth, to withdraw it from its hiding place, but behold, it shall not be found. Yea, it shall be taken from them. Or, if it is not taken, it shall have lost its worth and shall not buy bread. And this disaster shall come upon all people at once. Yea, and so great will the disaster be that whole peoples shall run headlong before it and shall not be found in their place. 10. And even shall all nations be at the ready to tumble and fall to pieces, and the governors and the rulers shall all shake their heads and wonder. Yea, and the money lenders shall all flee, for there shall be no interest in anything. And the merchant shall sit idly by, for there shall be no buying of his wares. And the artificer shall set down his tools, for there shall be no profit in his hire. Yea, and the mother shall have not that which might sustain her children, for her man shall have no means to support her, though she have right claim upon him for her support. 11. You may believe it! And this shall be a sign unto you that the time of refreshing shall be at hand, yea, even it shall be at the door. Behold, a man shall not labor to build his own house, but shall sell his birthright to the money lenders 836for the means to engage other men to build him a house. And because of the dearness and the cost of the house, he shall work the whole generation to pay the lenders. And when he has paid the lenders and the house is free, behold, he will discover that they whom he did engage to build the house made poor work of his commission. Yea, the house shall have no value and shall fall, after a generation of labor to redeem it. 12. And this sign shall be even the same upon all things made by the hands of men. Yea, they shall pay dearly for all that they have, and yet the workmanship shall be such that the object of their desire shall have no worth ere it is redeemed with his labor. Yea, this shall be the bondage into which the man in the last days shall sell himself. He shall be instructed by his shepherds in the things that he must do in order that he might be respectable. But, when the stuff is redeemed and he has worn out his life obtaining it, there is nothing but dust, and there shall remain none who esteem him for his fugality and wisdom. Yea, his neighbors shall not esteem him, for they know that he shall not esteem them in their poverty. This is the nature of slavery that the nations shall thrust upon all people. 13. But the Lord‟s remnant shall learn of Him to cast off this bondage. Yea, they shall be released from slavery because that they shall be instructed of Him. And when men and women take up this stewardship again, as they did in the past, behold, they shall begin to see all things differently. Because the house is the beginning of the community, they shall take stewardship of that as well, and they shall esteem all things differently. Yea, they shall see clearly that which they esteemed of no value previously, and that which the world shall esteem low, shall be riches unto them. 14. And they will cease to hide up their wages, but they shall begin to use them for their immediate good. Yea, they shall work with their might to build a tangible future and they shall take the Lord at His word, and live each day for its own merit. And behold, they shall not be in bondage to their own future, for they shall each day work toward a better future for all people. 15. Thus shall the Lord instruct them in the manner in which Zion is built in the heart. Yea, it shall be through the building of His house that He shall instruct them in the building of their own. Yea, and it shall be through His instruction, yea, face to face, He shall be their mentor, and they shall learn the meaning of His words. And the record of Heaven shall be written upon their hearts. 16. Behold, I declare it unto whom this record shall be lifted up; you shall discover yourself in the midst of slavery and wonder that you could have wasted your life in voluntary bondage. Yea, you shall have lived in that bondage all of your life, without knowing it, and the discovery of it shall cause you to wonder. 837Your wise men shall have taught it to you and you shall have been raised up from your youth believing it to be the best way. 17. Yea, and so virtuous shall all men have esteemed this slavery, that the governors shall teach it in all the world. And they shall cause that many nations shall sell themselves into this bondage. Yea, the governors shall do it, and the people shall support them in it. And even many who do already live a more perfect way, shall be compelled to lay down that better manner in which they live, so that they might be esteemed equal in the eyes of the world. Behold, they shall be made to lay down abundance and take up poverty, so that the world might esteem them to be the same as other men. 18. But the governors and the shepherds shall not esteem men to be men and women to be women in those days. Nay, men shall be but the means to produce gold, and the women shall be but a sack of provender. And a man may not stand and declare himself, for he is not a son, but so many hours of labor. And a woman may not stand and proclaim her generations, for she is not a daughter, but so much stuff to be counted and stored. 19. This is the evil that shall mark the fulfilling of the times of the Gentiles. Behold, in eight generations they shall have lifted themselves up from weakness into great might, and they shall rule the world. And all nations shall bow for a time before their obvious superiority and their opinion shall be greatly esteemed by all the rulers of the world. But, ere the ninth generation fails and the tenth generation culminates, the eyes of the world shall be opened and the rulers of the nations shall no longer be blinded by the riches of the Gentiles. For they shall all see together that they have become slaves, and that, even with all the riches of the world, there is no virtue in bondage. 20. And men shall once again stand in their lot, sons of God, and declare themselves. And women shall proclaim their generations, daughters of God, and they shall take up abundance. And the esteem of the world shall fail in their eyes, for they shall walk and talk with the Peacemaker. Yea, they shall esteem not gold nor silver, but they shall know their own worth and they shall esteem that abundance that comes of the liberty of the soul. 21. And they shall cast down the slavery into which they were sold and which they were educated to uphold and revere. They shall walk away from all that the world taught was sweet and desirable, but has made bitter and good for refuse. That which the world esteems highly, shall be distasteful to the remnant. Yea, that for which all men labor and wear out their lives shall be hateful to the Lord‟s remnant in the day that He shall teach them. 22. Yea, they shall be ashamed of the ways and the customs of their fathers and their grandfathers, for they shall be such ways as shall cause the destruction of 838the earth and the losing of all that she does freely offer her children. And the Remnant shall take up the earth into their hands, not to spitefully use it, but to make sacrifice for it. Yea, when the Sons of Levi do offer again a sacrifice in righteousness, then shall the Lord restore all things. And when the Daughters of Levi do make sure their offering again, then shall He keep His promises that He made unto the Children of Lehi, to restore them in their bishopric.
 861 3. I believe that this record will come into the hands of my descendents for a good purpose in the Lord, for He has shown them to me and my heart is returned to them. Yea, the Peacemaker has shown me that my few words, and the record of the establishment of our people in this country shall be of benefit to my children in the last days. 4. And I perceive that they will be a dispossessed people and shall give up their homeland for money, and this shall become a great stumbling block to them. But, in time, they shall return once again to the knowledge of their ancestors and they shall begin again to establish themselves in their own land and become a people again. 5. And the record of my words shall flow unto them through one whose connection with them is far sundered. Nevertheless, help shall come to them from diverse quarters and in diverse means. Wherefore, I do greet you, my children, and I do commend this record unto you. 6. I do not mean to suggest that this record narrates the beginning of people in the region, for there were people here when we arrived whose origins are their own. But to my children I say this, your history is known and written. Your grandfathers and grandmothers came into these coasts and these mountains from a far country and they established themselves in villages and settlements. And I see that you shall have little before your eyes to prove my words to you. Your wise men shall say that this record is a mere fancy. Notwithstanding, I witness it unto you, that you are Nemenhah, even the People of the Spirit, and your ancestors remember you. 7. And behold, your sacred sacrifices, your ceremonies, your healing ways and all that you utilize to relieve suffering, yea, in fine, all that you make in the day that these things shall come even unto your shores and your mountains, are remembered of your ancestors, who I assure you yet live and perceive your doing. And behold, they are remembered of the Lord. Yea, your fathers and your mothers do look upon you with great joy, for your healings, your 861ceremonies and celebrations, yea, and in fine, all that you do to raise up a joyful and righteous sound unto heaven are heard by us. 8. And behold, we do celebrate with you. You may believe it. When you make your ceremonies, we sit with you, and when you make your sacred dances, we dance with you. Yea, when you hold the suffering in your arms and administer unto them, behold, you hold them also in our arms, for we are in you and with you. When you raise up a celebrative sound, behold, we sing with you and when the sound of your drums rise up, we are there also. The smoke of your pipes bring us nigh unto you and your prayers summon us. We are ministers unto you and we bring peace into your hearts. 9. And this is the manner of our stewardship. Do not be amazed that I say that we work among you and minister to you. I know that your holy people, your priests and your seers and your healers, shall have taught you the truth of these things. Yea, the world may scoff at you and call you childish, but doubt not. Wherefore, do not be amazed that such utterances should come up to you even out of the dust and that you should receive by the hand of a stranger, words from your ancestors. 10. Take that stranger by the hand and rejoice with him because the hearts of your fathers are turned to you, and that your hearts are turned to them. Behold, only this can prepare you to stand face to face with the Peacemaker. Only then can you receive Him in your countenance. Yea, then shall the record of heaven be written in you again. Amen. Chapter Seven 1. In the last days, there will arise again in this land all the manifestations of the healing ways of that Spirit which does quicken the Earth and all Her parts. And behold, because of the work of prophets and seers, the Healers shall once again arise from the midst of the people. Yea, and they shall do great wonders and even miracles. The lame shall walk again, and the blind shall see. The canker and the wasting shall be cleansed from the loins and from the sinews. The ache shall relieve and the issue shall abate. Surely, the Healers shall once again work with power and wonders shall not cease. 2. Yea, and these same shall extend the gifts they shall have received even to the healing of the Earth, and behold, the Earth shall arise again from Her sickbed. Yea, even as a man who has been stricken many months with a wasting and a fever does rise himself up when the fever is broken. Yea, what man stays in bed when the sickness has passed? But the Earth that does sustain you shall also arise and make a commotion when the days of Her confinement are accomplished. Yea, when the fever is broken and She does begin to shake out the linens of Her 862sickbed, behold, the gifts that have lain long dormant during the time of Her ailment shall come again unto Her children. 3. And they who call themselves Nemenhah in those days shall be Healers. Yea, they shall be Healers of the Earth and all that in Her dwells. For they shall recognize once again that the soil upon which they depend is not property, but it shall be a stewardship unto them. And they shall see with eyes that see, and they shall realize that they have been taught an untruth in the name of God – that they are masters of the Earth, to subdue it. But they shall open up their eyes and cast down the scales from their sight, and they shall see that man is not the master of the Earth, but the steward, and to keep the admonition of the Peacemaker is to take good care of the Earth. 4. Behold, to till does not mean to rend. To harrow does not mean to shatter. It is an unfortunate thing that the children of men shall take into their hearts in the last days, that they interpret what is sacred into that which is unholy. Yea, they take that which is good and make of it an evil. Because that God gave our first parents dominion over all the Earth, behold how in the name of God the children of men shall injure Her. In the last days, dominion shall have less to do with the kingdom of God and our stewardship of it, and more to do with domination of all things living. 5. But behold, in those same days, if a man call himself Nemenhah and yet care not for the Earth, he shall be cast out from among them. And if a woman call herself Nemenhah and deny the care of the Earth, they shall not abide her in the Council. Yea, they who call themselves Nemenhah shall take up the Earth again in cradling arms to nurture Her and to comfort Her. They shall surely see things as they really are and shall no longer be blinded by the Gadiantonhem who shall have paraded as their shepherds and their governors. They shall open up their eyes and they shall take back up that stewardship which the Father gave unto their parents. 6. And the Earth, even their Mother, shall reward them. Yea, She shall arise from Her sickbed and bless them once again. And the cursing and the condemnation under which they shall have labored for many years shall be lifted from them, and they shall enjoy the great blessing that is laid upon this land. Behold, part of this great blessing is that when they shall follow the commandments of the Lord, they shall be prospered. And they shall have learned this because of that little portion of the record of the Nephites and the Lamanites which they shall have received of the Lord. But they shall esteem prosperity as property. Wherefore, if there be any who have not property, the same shall be condemned of them. And if there be any who have property, behold, these shall they call prosperous. Wherefore, because of this interpretation, they shall not 863understand the condemnation under which they shall suffer, even to the sixth generation. 7. But behold, when the Nemenhah shall arise out of the Remnant of the loins of Lehi, they shall see again with eyes that see and they shall hear again with ears that hear. Yea, to them prosperity shall mean a different thing, for, they shall care for the Earth and magnify their stewardship. Yea, and She shall bless them and magnify them in healing power. Yea, She shall extend to their hands even that same healing by which She is healed. 8. Does this seem strange to you? Yet, you shall see all these things happen in the days in which the Nemenhah shall once again take up their stewardship. Yea, when you shall read these things, turn your head to and fro and see if these things are not manifest. For the Peacemaker, even the Great Christ, is also called the Great Healer, and He would have us become even as He is. It is for this cause that, although we, each of us, have our stewardship in the foundation, yet are we also trained as Healers, every one. And though there are those whose gifts are very great, yet there are none among the Nemenhah who are not Healers according to their own gifts and their own abilities. 9. And it is also for this cause that our historians have included all that could be written about our manner of healing, that our descendents might know how we esteem healing as part of our stewardship, yea, we consider it a commandment of God. Wherefore, even they who feel they have no gift in healing are trained as healers from their youth. And though all would prefer the administration of that Healer whose gifts are strong and come from heaven, yet in their absence could any one of us suffice to save the life and render competent aid. So much do we esteem the admonition of the Peacemaker that we become as He is. 10. Now, this is not to say that all people administer, but rather that it is difficult to find anyone among the Nemenhah who knows nothing of the healing ways. Yea, the potter knows how to bind the wound, and the miller knows how to soothe the burn, and the thatcher knows how to cool the blood. Yea, every father and mother can render aid to their children and their old people, so that the Healers are not overburdened with smaller matters. 11. Yea, and our historians also write how that the Nemenhah send to all the world to find out their ways of healing and their medicines. Yea, in days of old, our prophets walked in distant lands and our seers studied the ways of other nations. And behold, all the knowledge that they learned in far away places, they did also add unto our own. Wherefore, be not surprised to find how we did make admission into our own language names of things from others. 12. In fine, it is the custom and the tradition of the Nemenhah to learn the good and healing ways of all peoples and to bring them into the foundation. Yea, we 864accept the ways of many people, if they are healing ways, and this has been our tradition from the beginning. 13. Or do you think that Hementah and Cumeni were of the same people and tradition as Hagotl? And perhaps you consider Pa Hementem and Shi-Tugohah of the same people as Hagmeni? They were not. For, Hagotl and Hagmeni were of the Nephites in the Land Southward and Hementah and his brother were Ammonites. Behold, the Nephites welcomed them in and gave them land to make their inheritance, but they were never Nephites. 14. And the Nephite way was different than the Ammonite way, yet, when Hagotl brought his company into the Land Northward, they were no more Nephite nor Ammonite, but became Nemenhah every one of them. And they did merge the ways of the Nephites that were good with the ways of the Ammonites that were good. Yea, and their ways became one way. 15. Do you suppose that they argued over whose way was right or whose traditions were better? Behold, I say unto you, they did not, but they did embrace that which was good in both ways. Behold how their customs did emerge into a better way. This is an ensample unto us and we continue in it to this day. 16. And behold, the people who shall emerge in the last days, yea, even that people who shall call themselves Nemenhah, shall also have this custom and it shall come from out of their own dust. Yea, we speak our ways into their hearts and they, taking their own ways that are good, and also all the ways of all the world that are also good, do also make an emergence. 17. For the unifying of all that is good is truly a teaching of the Peacemaker, even Jesus Christ. Is it different than that which has been taught of Jesus in your day? I cannot help that, for surely His teachings shall have been wrought upon by wicked men. Nevertheless, these are His teachings as we have them, and they are beautiful. 18. Yea, it shall become the custom of all they who call themselves Nemenhah, though it go against the custom of the fathers, yea and even their nation, to take up the good teachings from all nations and make them their own. And it is because of the words of this record that they shall do this thing, wherefore, our ways and our customs shall live in them again. 19. And there shall be many who shall deride them because of this custom. Yea, there shall be many who shall say: Behold how they have no thought of their own! Behold, how they corrupt the ways of our fathers with the ways of other people! Behold how they take up that which is sacred and taint it with the customs and traditions of other people! 86520. But the Nemenhah shall not contend one with another over whose tradition is better, if it is good. They shall have no contention if the matter is healing. For their purpose shall be the healing of the Earth and the relieving of suffering. Behold, theirs shall not be a jealous custom or a selfish tradition, but it shall be for the good and benefit of all people. Wherefore, there shall be no contention among them on these points, only debate and discussion to ascertain the goodness or the badness of a custom or tradition. 21. And governors shall revile them for that they do bring together the teachings of other peoples. But this custom they shall have received from those of us who have spoken to them out of the Earth, their grandfathers and their grandmothers. And behold, in the end, this custom shall be a protection for them. For they shall make peace in all their words and doings, in a time when dissentions shall threaten all nations.
897 22. And what little of our own traditions that shall survive shall be kept in the legends and the stories that are told at the hearth alone. Yea, were it not for the workings of the Spirit in the hearts of that Remnant of our posterity among whom the Peacemaker shall make a great work in the last days, our ways and our customs might be lost to history completely. 23. I am reminded of the blessing and the curse which has been placed upon this land, that as long as the people do live the teachings of the Peacemaker, they shall have peace and they shall prosper in the land. But, in the day that they leave the teachings of the Peacemaker and seek their own way, that peace shall be lost and their prosperity shall turn to calamity. 24. This is the prophecy that I leave with my people and unto a future race which shall take up these records and use them as a schoolmaster to their own actions. Be instructed by the generations that have left behind their own warnings and prophecies concerning the land upon which you place your feet and the days in which you live.
926 And these books have I also laid in store in this library, according as the Peacemaker did teach me, in a not far distant time, our descendents, even the fruit of our own bodies, shall take them up again. Yea, and even because of these things which I lay in store, they shall make a great restoration of all that shall be lost for a season. 4. And this restoration shall be seen in the visions that shall come to the wise men and women of that time. They shall see it as a renewing, even a renewing of the earth. And the ground shall rise up in their visions, as if to cover the whole earth. And that which shall have disturbed and hurt the earth shall be covered up with new soil. This is the delightsome thing that they shall see in their visions. I say it is delightsome, for the earth shall have been sorely abused in their day and how can the wise see a renewing of all things and not find delight in the vision? 5. Now, these are the books which are contained in the Library of Penlinisits: the Archives of the Records of Mentinah and its People, the Archives of the Records of Nespelhem and its People, the Archives of the Nemenhah of the Coasts, the Books of Corianton, the Book of Remembrance of the Nemenhah of Corianton, the Small Book of Tuilhah, the Greater Books of Tuilhah, the History of Hagotlah, the Record of the Nemenhah of the Islands, Mor-Honayah‟s Record of the End of the Nephite People, the Books of Akekthim, and the Record of the Ancients of Penlinisits, the many books which do comprise the Teachings of Pahmet Akekt and, finally, the Books of the Jaredites. 6. These are the books which the Peacemaker shall cause to come out of the earth and to speak to my descendents, even the fruit of my loins. And He has shown it to me in a vision upon the Way, that out of my own family He shall raise up one of the prophets whom He shall use to bring about this great work. Yea, and out of other families of the Nemenhah He shall raise up others, until the work of translation is complete and all this library is had by the people. 7. Of all these books have I made many copies, that they may become dispersed throughout all the Nemenhah. It is my hope that, because of the great number of these libraries which I have caused to exist among my people, when the Lord does move upon the hearts and the minds of the Remnant of the Nemenhah, yea, even those sons and daughters of Lehi who are left in the land, enough of our record might be revealed to them as to provide for them a warning and a right model. 8. Behold, if you are among such as the Lord has shown unto me in vision, do not as I shall show you that the Nemenhah of the Forests have done.
948 17. Yea, I doubt not that you have heard much prophecy concerning them, wherefore, I shall not burden you with more of it. But I do come unto you with instruction that will be for your preservation in your generation and in the generation that shall come. But behold, three generations shall not pass before many such men shall come and begin to fill up all the land between the East Sea and the Missip. Yea, and in four generations, there shall be no more room for you between the Missip and the Plains. And these Gentiles shall fill the whole earth. 18. The Nemenhah shall be broken up and shall become a Remnant People. Here and there shall the ancient ways of the People be preserved, and in the books also shall the Sacred be hidden up for a time of restoration. And this is all wisdom in the Lord, for the Gentile will perform for him a service but a little while, ere He finish His work. 19. But behold, your people shall diminish, first with diseases for which you will have little defense, for your Healers will not know them, and then with bloodshed, for the Gentiles shall rule the Earth by the sword and they shall conquer from one sea to the other. All this has been foretold, and you know it well. But beware to do the things in which I now instruct you and you will enjoy one or two generations of peace before the land is scourged. 20. Withdraw the Nemenhah up the Missip. Yea, call in all your villages from out of the Isles of the Gulf and bring up your People from the Coasts of the Gulf. Withdraw up the Missip even many days journey and make no more villages in that direction. This will preserve you and your people long enough to hide up your records that the Gentiles find them not. 21. Behold, the Lord will, in His own due time, call up Prophets here and there among them, and He will reveal much to them, as you already know. But behold, of your record, He will not reveal it unto them, only unto the Remnant will he reveal your doings. And, even though the Remnant shall have much of the Gentile in them, for they shall come out of the Dispensation of the Fullness of the Gentiles, yet shall they also carry in them the blood of their ancestors who were Nemenhah in this land. This is the Remnant of the House of Lehi which shall be left in the land, and the Lord shall restore the land through them. Yea, the Earth shall be blessed because of the Remnant. 22. But unto the Gentile, he shall show only the record of a fallen people, yea, of my fallen people. Of these the Gentiles shall be taught for an ensample unto them. And the Gentile shall puff himself up because he has learned of an ancient 948people, but he shall not turn from his lust and the Earth shall be consumed before him. Yea, a little restoration, and a glimpse of Zion, shall the Lord give unto the Gentile in this land. But they shall sin even against that little bit, and the Peacemaker shall give his bishopric unto another. Yea, unto Lehi‟s seed shall it be given once again. 23. But behold, you and your people shall enjoy one last season of joy, and you shall walk the path upon which you have placed your feet without fear. But ere long, a path filled with tears shall be the legacy of your near descendents, and barely shall there be any left to pass on the story of it. Nevertheless, the Lord shall preserve all that is Sacred, and He will visit they who remember Him. Behold, out of such suffering through which He alone is powerful to save, shall rise up a nation fair beyond all nations. Then, out of much travail and suffering, shall the Dispensation of the Fullness of Times be ushered in. 24. Now, when Timothy had finished this short speech, he made an end of speaking and sat in silence. And I perceived in him a great burden and a sadness which it seemed he could hardly bear. And, before the sun rose upon the following day, Timothy went his way and was not seen among the People. 25. And the words of his counsel were spoken in all the Council Lodges of the Nemenhah of Pegnlitl, and we did as he instructed. Yea, we called upon all our people to withdraw many days up the Missip and we ceased to make villages down further into the south. And we made copies of all the records and we hid them up in diverse places, against the day when the Peacemaker would deliver them into the hands of our descendents for His good purposes.
956 4. And we know not how long we shall extend our habitation here in the home of our fathers, but we shall stay as long as the Peacemaker has need of us here. For behold, the records of our people have all been hid up against the day when the Gentiles shall dishonor the blessing and the cursing that is laid upon this land. Yea, when they shall sin against that which has been promised, the great nations which they shall have built up unto themselves shall falter, and many shall fall completely. In that day shall the records of the Nemenhah be of great value unto that people upon who the Lord shall lay the work of healing and of restoration. 5. And it is a great comfort to us that He shall separate from out of all the earth a Remnant which shall be Nemenhah. Yea, and the blood of Lehi shall flow in many of them. Yet shall there also be many among them who shall share with them a great blessing, for the Remnant of Lehi shall take them up as a fatherless child.
1001 12. But the Peacemaker shall bring up out of the fallow Earth a tender shoot. Yea, the land shall be fallowed, that it might rest and be healed. But the Lord shall not multiply the fallow days. Nay, ere the Gentiles are full aware of their failure, the Peacemaker shall have already prepared the seeds of restoration. And He shall raise up from the midst of the ruiners, yea, even from out of the waste places of the Gentiles, a Remnant out of the House of Lehi, and they shall exercise the will of the Peacemaker upon the land, that it be healed. 13. Now, be not confused neither be gainsaid. This same Remnant of Lehi shall be a mixed people with the blood of many nations flowing in them. It is because of this that I said that the Gentiles shall become a desolating scourge upon even our bodies. Nevertheless, that portion of the blood of our fathers which shall flow through their veins, after that the time of the Gentiles shall have been fulfilled, shall excite in their children a remembrance of things long forgotten, yea, and a yearning for things long abandoned. 14. Memories shall take shelter in them and principles shall grow up in them, of things they never knew. They shall bring in again a time of healing. They shall surely beat their swords into plows and their spears into pruning hooks. The Gentiles shall burn in their lust and devour each other, but their evil shall pass by the Remnant, or rather, the Remnant shall not take it up. They shall call themselves Nemenhah once again and shall establish themselves in their Lodges and in their Communities, in all the places wherein we have dwelt since Hagoth of Old did begin this, our long journey.
1010 All save a small Remnant walketh to and fro braying. These same looketh up into heaven and curseth because of their lack. Of such is the pride and the folly of the Gentile in the last days, even the fullness of the 1009times of the Gentiles. But the Remnant looketh up into heaven and are full of praise and thanksgiving, even in adversity. 30. Yea, out of thy loins shall spring a Remnant that shall do not foolish things to call themselves wise. They think not about all the comfort that once was, but of the abundance that existeth in the good day in which I do place them. They perceive with eyes wide open and strive to provide for themselves and for their neighbor. And, what is more, in their striving they seek not to hurt the Earth, but to replenish Her according as I have commanded. They shall be blessed, for, whereas the Gentile seeth only his lack, the Remnant standeth in full view of the abundance of the Earth. It is a blessed generation that standeth in holy places in those days! 31. Wherefore, be thou of very great cheer! Yea, rejoice thou in thy posterity! For they raise up that generation which seeth the Lord and walketh with Him face to face, as one man walketh with another. And they talk with the Master even as one man talketh unto another. I shall make mine abode with them and I shall not hesitate to call them my friends! And what is there in this that bringeth not joy into the hearts of their fathers and comfort into the hearts of their mothers? 32. And the man of God is easily distinguished in those days. Yea, he puffeth not himself up, and the woman is not haughty. The husband abuseth not his privilege and the wife is equitable. The husbandman tilleth without extortion and the artisan seeketh not to abase his fellow. In council they are not prideful and in policy they serve each other equally without division. 33. And they have all things in common, but they esteem not riches. Wherefore, there are no beggars among the Remnant. But behold, they long since ceased all contention concerning the foundation, for they walk with me and they talk with me. Wherefore, wherein might contention arise? And because they walk with me and talk with me, there is not one that standeth above another in rank, or file, or authority. Behold, the Remnant doth choose Councils for governance and for policy, but there is none among them that riseth up above another. 34. And here is another sign unto thee, that the times of which I speak hath surely come; behold, the Remnant shall consecrate their time, talents, and their surplus unto me, yea, and they shall make their hands and feet holy. But this doth not mean that they take all that they have and surrender it up to some steward. Nay, but they are the stewards and need not such regulation. And behold, this is the right way. 35. And many in that day contesteth, saying: 101036. Behold! They follow not this Order or that Order, wherefore, they cannot be the people of the Lord. But I say unto thee, they who say such things need only look to my own record and study my teachings and they shall see things differently. For, when I was on the Mount and taught many people, behold the day extended and they did hunger and thirst. And I asked of my disciples what there was to eat, and there were some loaves and but a few fishes. And when I did begin to break bread, behold all the people come forth with the little that they had with them and we did break together. And when we had all thus supped of the surplus, there was yet a surplus, and this was deemed a miracle, for so it was! 37. But come, let us reason together. Did I ask of the people to bring all that they had with them and add it with our own? I did not. Did they give up their oxen and their asses? Did they render unto me, or to some steward, their houses and their goods? Nay! But they stepped forward with that surplus which they had with them and together all our bellies were filled. Behold, let this be a sign unto thee that the times of which I speak have surely come at last, and that I am at work bringing about the restoration of all things. 38. And the Remnant debateth not doctrine and constraineth no man to believe this way or that way. Behold, they shall not argue over the purity, but all shall receive my doctrine from me and confirm it by the Holy Ghost. And no man judgeth the pure from the impure, nay, nor the worthy from the unworthy. For the Father hath given all judgment unto me, wherefore, how judgeth man his neighbor? But each man judgeth in his own heart that which he doeth, and constraineth none to do likewise. This shall also be a sign of such times. For behold, it is the Gentile that seeketh that all men believe as he believeth, but not so the Remnant. Yea, though he preacheth and teacheth, though he expoundeth and exhorteth, yet the Remnant constraineth not, nor preventeth. For behold, he knoweth not all things, as I do. Wherefore, he leaveth judgment unto He who is mighty to judge. 39. And sin shall not be done away, but the pure in heart doth always avoid it. And when, perchance, he doth fall into sin, behold, he repenteth speedily. And if he repenteth not, he is not of the Remnant, and surely you may know it. 40. And they marry in my name and the man covenanteth with me to make it a holy union. Yea, they make alliance, and the woman convenanteth with me to sanctify it. And the man and the woman are faithful to their covenant, for it is my covenant of marriage. And if they remain faithful to that covenant I shall make their union lasting, even as the Father and the Mother have made their union lasting. 41. And they beget sons and daughters and consecrate them unto me with an holy ordinance. Yea, and I do visit blessings upon all who doeth this thing in my 1011name. For, though the child belongeth unto the parent for a season, even so, if the parent offereth up the child, that I might make a holy adoption, I shall cause that they shall have association together for all eternity. For behold, all they who believe on me hath the Father given unto me. Wherefore are we all one relation which doth stand for time, as also for eternity – worlds without end. 42. And they shall baptize in my name, having the Holy Ghost to accompany them. And this baptism shall be by the baptism of John, even the baptism by emersion. Or it shall be by the Baptism of the Ammonihah, even the baptism of Itsipi, which is acceptable to me. Yea, they baptize when the age of accountability is reached, wherein the man or the woman knoweth my will, that they might take upon them my name and become mine indeed. And they shall also baptize in order that they may emulate that sacrifice which I have made for them. Behold, this is my church, all my relations. And they do baptize again whenever the Spirit doth manifest. And they do baptize again when they receive of me my commission. And, in fine, they do baptize often and for diverse reasons and purposes, but all these purposes are in me and for my name‟s sake. 43. Yea, the Remnant walk the earth and their walk and talk is made holy by the Peacemaker whose spirit they carry within them. And the Holy Ghost shall be their constant guide and companion, confirming in them all that is right and true. Wherefore, they have both that same comforter which the Father gave after that I departed out of the midst of the people, and also they have the Second Comforter, which is a restoration into my presence. 44. Behold, the Remnant supporteth their relations and upholdeth they whom I have called to serve me in my purposes. And when they are constrained to commerce, all their business is done in honesty of heart and cheerfulness of spirit. And this is their comportment when they are constrained to commerce. But when they are at home with their relations, behold, they make no commerce at all, but give freely of their substance, receiving gratefully again. This shall be that which the world shall look upon with distrust, and the wise man calleth it peculiar. Nevertheless, it is my way and they shall walk in my paths. 45. Yea, they shall restore the High Place and there shall stand once again a Kohath at the door of mine holy house, that a living sacrifice may be made again. Yea, and they shall prepare the hearts of the children to receive again of the hearts of the fathers, wherefore, the Earth shall not be wasted at my coming. Yea, through thy descendents, and those of thy fellows, even the Remnant of the house and family of Lehi left in the land, I shall restore the Sons and Daughters of Levi to their legal and rightful bishopric, and their sacrifice shall be acceptable before me. 101246. And they shall begin again to observe the ordinances of the High Place, and they shall institute Shabboth in my name. Yea, they shall celebrate again that good news which I shall bring up into their hearts, and they shall sing a new song. And behold, my holy house shall once again be a happy house, and one full of praise and thanksgiving. Behold, their joy shall be my joy and I shall not prevent them. 47. And if thou remainest faithful in the good day in which I have placed thee, unto thee shall I grant that thou mayest see the doings of thy children, even that faithful Remnant, and even thou shalt walk and talk with them from time to time to instruct them. Wherefore, blessed art thou, my servant Eapalekthiloom, for thou shalt be remembered in that day and thy doings shall be an ensample unto the Remnant. Yea, and I shall cause that thy name shall be given again unto my servants in that day, as a remembrance of thee. 48. Yea, it may even be said in those days that the restoration could not come, save that the Remnant return again unto their fathers. And they shall look upon the vistas of time, for I shall go before them, and they shall see thy day, Eapalekthiloom, and because of it they shall bring again a blessed time. And behold, even though their numbers may be few, yet shall I rejoice in the restoration of all things that all come because of their faithfulness. 49. Wherefore, seest thou how great a blessing shall come into the world because of thy diligence? For, were it not for the record that thou shalt make of thy doings, and also the many records which I shall cause to fall into the hands of my servants in those days, there could never be a restoration. Therefore, lift up thine eyes and be cheerful. For out of thy loins shall spring a fruitful bough, as Joseph of old. And out of thy posterity shall a blessing come upon all the Earth. Amen.
1020 22. Nevertheless, we do yet walk upon the WAY and have some revelation, yea, and the gifts of the Spirit do yet manifest among us. Wherefore, we hold out hope that the Peacemaker shall finish His work which He has commenced regarding the Gentile in this land. And when He has fulfilled His purpose in them, we know that He will restore the Remnant of the Nemenhah to a place of honor, for He it is who has declared it unto us. Toward this end do we labor.
1023 39. He has taught us about his people, even as Eapalekthiloom requested of him, and I am satisfied with his answer. He has given us a good picture of the customs and the beliefs of his people. He has indicated that the one sure Covenant that is dictated is that the Creator is recognized as the possessor of the creation, and that we are stewards of His possessions. He has satisfied us that the Nemenhah of the Mountains understand this principle enough to have all things in common, because of the fact that the Creator blesses us all equally with the gifts of creation. His people are stewards of the Earth and they are Healers. This is Nemenhah. They covenant one with another, and with God, to consecrate their walk and their talk, and because of it, there are no poor among them. In all these things, the Nemenhah of the Mountains seem just like us, and this gives me cause to rejoice in my heart. I am convinced that the Lord is preserving some few of us in diverse places so that in the fullness of times, when He has finished His work with the Gentiles, there will yet be a remnant with which He will build up the Nemenhah again in this land.
1033 32. Our descendents will read of our works and wonder in their hearts how it was that we could even hope to maintain the ways and customs of our fathers in the face of the great challenges which have affronted us, which do now assail us on every side, and which will not cease to litter our path with obstacles until the Peacemaker comes. Yea, they will read of our deliberations with wonder. 33. But it is our duty to labor so in their behalf. Behold, we know that this land will be given up to the Gentile, for it has been foretold to us by the Peacemaker Himself. Notwithstanding, we also know that He will raise up from out of the Earth a Remnant unto which He will deliver again the foundation. This Remnant we are told will be our own descendent, and those from among the repentant Gentiles whom our descendents may choose to accept into the fellowship and the covenant of our Lord. These same shall be the True Sons of Levi and of Lehi, and also all they whom the Peacemaker grafts into the vine.
1036 48. But do not despair, Nemenhah! For I have also seen that the Peacemaker shall continue to whisper into the hearts of a few, and they will dream dreams and see visions which they do not understand. Nevertheless, there shall be that in the visions which will cause them to hold true to the fundamental principles upon which our foundation is built. Yea, there shall be preserved in a religion to which the Gentile will be very hostile, that which will remind the Remnant of our doings. It will awaken the Remnant in the moment that the Gentile is ripe for destruction. 49. For behold, the way of the Gentile is gain. And to get gain, the Gentile shall use up the Earth and all the abundance that She has to offer. And there shall be a great consumption that will threaten the very existence of the Gentile in all the lands he has conquered. Yea, he shall be consumed even as he has consumed. Even as he has sown, so shall he reap. 50. Behold, I have seen how that he will take from the Earth and give nothing in return. And even I have witnessed how he will dig up the Earth in many places, taking that which is precious of it to scatter again upon ground that is all used up and has not been allowed to regenerate. And all that he shall scatter upon the Earth shall hasten the desolation that shall befall him. 51. Behold, this is the faculty and the folly of the Gentile. His policy shall always be to get gain, but the getting of gain shall never restore anything. Wherefore, there shall come an end to any gain at all. Then shall he stand in the lot which he has created, and mourn. In that day shall the Gentiles collapse, just as we have seen the people collapse who entered onto the same path heretofore. 52. Yea, and I have been promised that we shall be given a great blessing, we who live in these days, who have been blessed with visions of the future. Behold, the Peacemaker shall allow us to be the voices whispering into the dreams and the visions of our descendents in the last days. Now, is this not a great blessing? Have we not reason to rejoice in our day? 53. I will tell you what whisperings I shall put into the heart and the mind of my descendents. Behold, I shall show them how all that which is built up by the Gentile shall be swallowed up. Yea, I shall show them how the Earth in Her wisdom shall cause the consumption to end. 54. Then shall all that was built up by the Gentile be covered up again by the Earth and all will become fallow ground. Yea, I shall show them the things which have been foretold concerning them, that they despair not. They shall see in dream and vision the renewing of the Earth and the re-establishing of the foundation. Yea, they shall see the return into the hearts and hands of men that way which takes from the Earth of Her abundance in gratitude, but also returns to Her with surplus, that She might be replenished. 1036 55. The ways of our fathers shall not be forgotten, but there shall be a refreshing for a time. Then, because the Lord will allow us to impart unto our descendents of our own memories, there shall be a restoration of all things. Wherefore, rejoice Nemenhah! Evil shall be the future, and we must be reconciled with the destruction and desolation of our people and our country. Nevertheless, the Lord is good, and He remembers His children in their extremity. We shall be restored in the last day, and the Earth with us! 56. And we know, for it has been foretold unto us by the prophets of our forefather, by our own prophets and also by the Peacemaker Himself, that He will not leave the Earth disconsolate. Nay, but He will restore not only Her substance, but He will also raise up out of our loins not only prophets to teach the people, but a generation who will put right the woeful mistakes which shall have been made concerning the stewardship. 57. Wherefore, I will be of good cheer. I will work in that stewardship unto which I have been called and I will not be weighted down in concerns about which I may make no meaningful change. Let us stand in our lot and be diligent in that duty which the Lord has given unto us, and leave for the future that correction which He will be mighty to make. In our time, let us diligently follow His commandments to us, and to record our doing, that we might be an ensample unto our descendents. For surely, they will be in great need of such ensample.
1058 6. But we continue in this land for a good purpose in the Lord. For we know that a time shall shortly come when our descendents shall once again inhabit this place to re-establish the foundation. And we know that, although the nations may rise against them and the Gentile may shake his heel, nevertheless, the Peacemaker shall be with them and they shall be successful. 7. Yea, Nemenhah shall once again join together in the Covenant and they shall shun the world and put away avarice. Men shall no more seek only to get gain and they shall cease to hurt the Earth. In those days, behold, it has been revealed to us, men and women who have a particle of Nemenhah in their veins shall return to the purpose of their ancestors. Yea, they shall seek again a better way. They shall set down the war that is in their hearts and take up a way of peace. 8. And we know that, because we have seen their day, the things that we write may be of worth to them when the Peacemaker shall call them up again to redeem the land which shall have been taken from them. Yea, they shall be called to redeem the land, which shall have been bathed in blood.
1066 24. And we know also that the Lord has promised to restore the Nemenhah to this beautiful land. Yea, and He has promised to restore His Remnant in all the lands out of which they have been, and shall be driven. That we are laying a firm foundation for them also gives us a reason to work diligently in all that the Lord has called upon us to do. The Nemenhah have always been a people of purpose. Ours is a purpose for the future. 25. Wherefore, we labor to regulate our affairs and to record our doings, that our description of them might be the more easily translated and understood. For behold, we also know, and have foreseen, that our language will no longer be spoken by any of the remnants of the Nemenhah left in the land. So sundered shall be the languages in the time that this record shall come into the hands of they unto whom the Lord shall deliver them, that the translation of them must be made almost entirely upon the Way.
1071 14. But I am the Alpha and the Omega, for all thing lay before me, and I know the beginning from the end, and I declare unto you, my friends, that the time comes when even the more part of the Nemenhah shall have forgotten my ways. Nevertheless, for your sakes, and because there shall be yet a few who will hold in remembrance that blessing which I gave unto their fathers, they shall not fall completely into apostasy. Yea, they shall not fall completely away, and I shall visit them in visions and in dreams, and their prophets shall hear my voice. 15. For I have caused the hearts of men to move within them, and the are driven upon the face of the earth. And to fulfill my purposes, I have called upon the Gentiles and they cannot resist. Yea, and they come into the land even now, to possess it. And they shall be your masters for a season. 16. But when they have accomplished the work whereunto I shall call them, behold, they too shall forget me, yea, and many shall turn their backs upon me and shake their heel at me. Many shall deny my hand in their restoration in the land and they shall esteem themselves the masters and the lords of all the earth. Such is the pride of the Gentiles. 17. But ere the end of time comes, behold, these little kings and queens shall turn their faces even unto the remnants of the Nemenehah, and they shall esteem great good in them and in their foundations. Then shall the Kings and the Queens eat the dust of your feet. They shall put upon themselves your shoes and your 1071garments, build unto themselves houses after the fashion of your ancestors, yea, they shall adopt unto themselves your ways and many of your customs. These same shall become your nursing mothers and your nursing fathers. Whereas, once in their great pride they did put themselves upon all the peoples of the earth, as their master and teacher, behold, ere long they shall look to you for the opening of the eyes and the unstopping of their ears. 18. Behold, they shall not be like unto you, neither shall they think as you think. Their walk and their talk shall be different. Think not that you can ever understand them, for in the moment that you do, behold, you have lost the foundation and you have become one with them. This shall indeed by the plight of the more part of the Children of Lehi left in the land in that time of which I speak, and behold, the time comes speedily. But there shall be some few who continue in the ways of their fathers, despite the persecutions of the Gentiles.
52 101. Now, Enoch wrote only that which I commanded him, as did the Brother of Jared. Many things did they ask and nothing could be withheld so great was their faith. Be it so with thee also, Ougou, for the Church of the Nemenhah is my Inner Church. But thy writings will come unto their descendents in the end times according to the promise I made to thy Fathers. Yea, and through thy descendents I shall redeem all Israel. 102. But the Gentiles shall rule until that time comes and they shall not have the faith of the Nemenhah. And thy descendents shall languish for a season in bitter slavery. Their masters I shall make strong and through them I shall make a preparatory restoration, and the writings of the Nephites shall be principle in that work. Behold, if they prove worthy, I shall seal them unto my house and they shall have part in the blessing of thy descendents. But if they do not make my paths strait, I shall make use of their exceedingly great energy to spread my 52preparatory work. Then shall I seal from among them some few who will come and give over the kingdom and this fair land unto your descendents. 103. Wherefore, write only that which I command thee, Ougou. Unto whom these words shall come, I shall reveal even what I have revealed to the Nemenhah and even I will show him to you on the Way. Yea, thou shalt teach him with thine own mouth. Therefore, thou shalt have no need of writing the mysteries.
55 122. But my people must be gathered from out of all the world and I will use the Gentiles to accomplish this gathering. Wherefore, a time shall come when your descendents shall be isolated amidst a sea of unbelief. And because there shall be no diversity of the seeds, the Nemenhah of Mentinah shall dwindle and the Valley of Menintah shall fall into the hands of a plundering nation and many precious things shall be lost. Then the land will fall into the hands of a remnant of your posterity again and they shall keep the sacred mountain. 123. But, behold I say unto you, It is my will that the Gentiles come into the land to possess it, for through them I shall gather in my sheep from the four quarters of the earth. Yea, I shall bring the Gentiles into this sacred land and I shall establish my covenant among them. Wherefore, if they keep my statutes, I shall graft them into the vineyard and they shall bear much fruit and be the cause of much righteousness. 124. But behold, they shall also corrupt my doctrine. For the Gentiles are zealous in the getting of gain. And this thing always brings grief to the people who inhabit this land. In that day I shall cause the faithful to make a regulation of my Church. And there shall be among the Gentiles one who shall be of noble birth, yea, he shall spring out of the kings and queens of the earth; yea, and even he shall descend out of the loins of mine own close kinsman; and he shall I raise up among the Gentiles who shall rule the land; but he shall also spring out of the loins of my servant, Ougou, and is of my covenant people, and unto Him will I deliver the writings of the Nemenhah. 125. For though I shall establish my Church among the Gentiles, I shall redeem my Zion through the remnant of my people. Yea, the Gentiles shall be industrious in the last days and I shall use that industry to carry my gospel to all the nations. And many of them will be true and faithful. These shall I graft into my true vine. And they will assist the remnant in building the New Jerusalem. 55 126. But the Gentiles shall set their hearts exceedingly upon the things of the world and shall not be diligent in rooting out the Gadiantonhem from among them. Wherefore, I shall use my remnant, even my weak remnant, to thrash all nations together, and the Gentiles shall lose my approval and shall fall. 127. Wherefore, ye Nemenhah, the things that ye write I shall preserve for the end of times when I shall restore my remnant. When, in my own due time, I shall finish my work, yea, my strange work. Stand ye in holy places and be patient, therefore, ye Nemenhah. For, the record of your doings shall I hold up as an ensample for the redemption of the land and the establishment of Zion. And this shall be a great stumbling block to the Gentiles and shall be vexatious to them. For they shall have been established in my name for this purpose, and they shall build a foundation. But the culmination of the ushering in of the fullness of times, and the fullness of knowledge, and the fullness of wisdom, and a fullness of the Spirit, shall be accomplished by the weak, not by the wise, and by the meek not the mighty. Yea, it shall be by the slave, not by the master. 128. But stand ye in your holy places. Prepare ye every good thing. The wicked shall do wickedly in every age, but for a time, there shall be peace and tranquility in this land. But beware, for the adversary never sleepeth and would drag the Nemenhah down into suffering. Yea, ye are blessed because of your diligence, but your posterity shall dwindle, as all my remnant shall dwindle. Nevertheless, I shall preserve my remnant unto the last day.
62 168. And my people who are a remnant of Jacob, even those of your posterity that I shall preserve in the land, shall dwell among the Gentiles and the wicked. Yea, they shall be surrounded by the wicked, as if among the beasts of the forest, as a young lion among the flocks, who, when I shall command him, shall go through and tread down and tear in pieces, and none can deliver. Their hand shall be lifted up upon mine adversaries, and all the nations shall fall before them. Yea, woe be unto the Gentiles except they repent. For it shall come to pass in the day I establish my remnant, sayeth the Father, that I will cut off their horses out of the midst of them and I will destroy their chariots. Their highways will no longer be laden with spoil and I shall remove from them their commerce. I shall cut off their cities from the land, and the hungry shall throw down the strongholds. 169. And I will cut off the wisdom of their wise ones and their witchcraft will I expose to the eye. Their subtle lyings, their deceit, and their soothsayers shall I undo. Their pride I will also cut off, for all their graven works shall be no help to them and shall disappear from the midst of them. They shall no more worship the works of their hands. 170. I will pluck up their meeting places and their Churches, and their sacrifices; so shall I destroy their cities. For lyings, deceivings, envyings, strifes, priestcrafts and whoredoms shall be done away. Wherefore, their cities shall be done away. 171. Yea, thus saith the Father unto the Gentiles. In that day, the day of tribulation of the Gentiles, shall the work of my Father commence among the nations and my Father shall prepare the Way for all the dispersed of all the World. They shall come unto me and call on the Father in my name. Yea, then 62shall the work commence with the Father among all the Worlds, in preparing the Way whereby all His people may be gathered home again to their place of beginning. And they shall gather in from all creations, but not in multitudes, and not driven or compelled. For I will go before them, saith the Father, and I, even the Son shall be their rearward. 172. Then did Jesus ask us the desire of our hearts and we did with one accord declare our willingness to serve Him all the days of our lives, and to flee unto Him never more to depart from Him. And Jesus answered us, saying: 173. Blessed are ye because ye have desired this thing of me. Therefore, when ye have reached the end of your years, ye shall come unto me in my kingdom, and with me ye shall find rest. Behold your desire is good and will bring much fruit, but there are three from among the twelve in the Land Southward who desired of me that they should tarry until I come in my glory. They shall never taste of death but shall be as my beloved Apostle, even my beloved John. Ye shall see them and they shall minister unto you and to all the world. And when they come into the Land of Mentinah ye shall know them because of my gospel which they shall teach and because of the miracles that they perform in my name. 174. Now when He had said these things He began to expound unto us all that He had taught our kindred people in the Land Southward. Yea, He did open the scriptures unto us and taught us what we were to preach. And He showed unto us in vision the doings of the Gentiles whom He would prosper and bring into the land. And behold, we saw that they carried with them a book which contained the gospel, but it was far sundered from its own original and had been much changed. 175. And behold, He showed unto us another book together with the first in the hands of a prophet. And it came to pass that this prophet did cause much restoration to come to pass in the gathering and uniting of the Gentiles. But behold, the other book was about the people of this promised land and it reminded the Gentiles of the remnant of our posterity. And we saw that this little book was great in spirit and was powerful in convincing the Gentiles to come unto Christ. Yea, behold we did rejoice exceedingly to know that the book did testify of our kindred. 176. Then behold, we saw the Gentiles organize and regulate the Church once again in this land and their work did grow and prosper exceedingly. But they did also grow and prosper in the things of the world. Yea, they did become exceedingly rich and the more part of them did become puffed up with pride, which thing was exceedingly heavy and difficult for the humble and righteous among them to bear. 177. And behold, the Lord declared unto us that the coming forth of the book had a two-fold purpose: that our people would begin to be gathered into their 63inheritance because of the book, and also the book will be a herald unto all the world of the approaching culmination of His work upon this planet and in the whole World. And our minds and hearts were comforted and we were again filled with the Holy Ghost. 178. And while He was yet with us He began to speak, saying: 179. Behold, ye are my faithful flock and I shall reveal unto you the very secrets of the Creation. And I shall endow you with power in order that you might do a great work here in the lands of the Nemenhah. For, I would that all people hear my gospel, wherefore, I must give you power and the Holy Ghost that my purposes shall be fulfilled. 180. For ye have seen that I shall raise up a prophet unto the Gentiles and because of him I shall gather in my children from out of all the four quarters of the world. But his work shall be an initiation of the restoration not a culmination. Yea, he shall begin to lay the foundation of a great work and mine elect shall begin to gather out of all of the nations of the Earth. And many will move even to this holy land and they shall prosper. Yea, even I shall prosper them exceedingly and try them. 181. And they shall begin to keep many of my statutes, but they shall change some and forget others. Yea, I shall bring forth the stick of Joseph from among them and they shall deliver it unto all the world. In this they shall be blessed and shall be added unto the children of the covenant. Yea, peace I shall bring them at the end of the travail and I will prosper them, and try them. 182. But they shall utterly fail in gathering in the remnant of your posterity. I say as a people they shall forget my commandment with regard to your posterity and shall even participate in the enslavement and destruction of your posterity and of the posterity of your kindred in the Land Southward. 183. Wherefore, from among them I shall raise up prophets who shall cry even against them and they shall cast them out and persecute them. But out of their loins shall spring blood mixed with your own, a prophet and seer, and he shall bring to light the writings of the Nemenhah. Behold, he shall receive of that great Gentile prophet, of whom I have spoken, and shall be gathered in from out of the loins of the Kings and Queens of the Earth. And he shall forsake the world even to his hurt and shall prove the more faithful because of tribulation. 184. Unto this prophet shall I reveal the writings of your fathers, and even of your posterity that he may also write it. And I shall command him that he shall bring the book, even your writings, to light and shall show it unto your posterity. Behold, I declare unto you that your posterity shall come unto me and they shall 64rise up when I shall subdue the nations in my name, and they shall be a delightsome people and shall bring again my Zion. 185. And behold, so that this record shall testify of him, I shall reveal unto you somewhat about him, that your seed may read these words and know my servant. 186. He shall be raised up unto the world, yea, the Gentile world. Yet shall he learn of me and, forsaking his own heritage, covenant unto me. Then shall he declare also his other heritage, even that of a people enslaved. And his name shall be a vision and it shall treat upon every quarter of the Earth and shall show forth great wisdom. Yea, and his name shall rise up on heavenly wings and I shall visit him and he shall see what was, and what is, and what will be. Yea, thus shall he see a very far off and this shall be a great advantage unto him when I subdue the nations. 187. Therefore, my children, teach your posterity to watch for this prophet, for his name shall be like that great chief of his estranged people, yea, even the name of his fathers before him. Wherefore, watch for him. But this is not all, for his work shall move the nations out of their place and in every city wherein he moveth, Zion shall be established. 188. But the Gentiles will rule the land for a season and prosper and through them also will I do a great work. Yea, I will begin to teach them and through them shall much be restored and I shall establish them according to my purposes. Wherefore, your descendents will dwindle in unbelief and shall be subdued by the Gentiles. And this is wisdom in me for your posterity shall be oppressed and enslaved. 189. Yea, for many years they shall be as if asleep, as a lion laying in wait for the prey. And when in my own due time I shall deliver them the prey, then shall they spring forth. Yea, they shall sleep no more but shall shake off their long nurtured disguise and, putting on their beautiful garment, they shall arise amidst the nations. But were it not for their long captivity, they would not eagerly desire a greater portion. Wherefore, I will test your posterity with a sore testing. And after that they have been thus tried and tested, I shall take them unto my own work and with them I shall thrash the nations. 190. For when a man planteth corn he first prepareth the ground. Yea, he doth till it and he moundeth it up and dungeth it. And after he hath prepared the earth, he planteth the seed; and behold, it groweth and bringeth forth the ear. And before the harvest, he draweth back the husk and he testeth the kernels and counteth them. 191. Then, in due season, he plucketh the ripe ears and bringeth them into the storehouse. Yea, he doth not leave them for the birds or the robbers, but bringeth 65in the ears to be shaken out. And when he hath shaken out the corn he layeth it out to dry in the sun, or he placeth it near unto the fire, that the water thereof be dried. But the ears he shaketh not again but delivereth them up to be eaten by the poor, for the kernels left thereon are not good for planting again. Then, when the drying is done, the corn is brought into the granary and the harvest is over. 192. Even so is the work of a man and should my work be any different? For I do prepare and I do plant. And when the ear doth grow I test it. Yea, I do try it and in due season, even in my due time I shall make my harvest. And in due order shall all the ears be shaken and done. This shall be the work of your descendents. For even as the man doth call in his laborers and his bond servants to pull the husks and shake the ears; yea, and even he doth call in his women to spread the corn and stir it. Even so shall I fulfill my work, even my strange work. 193. Therefore, be diligent. Yea, be faithful. Fulfill all my commandments and make strait my ways. And write your doings unto your descendents and hide them up. Yea, do ye this secret work unto futurity, for I will bring forth your works in the day that I do cleanse mine house.
Page 638 40. Behold, Nemenhah, you are an ensign unto the world and an ensample. Shall the world ever say that the Lord‟s purposes are too difficult for the children of men to accomplish? Shall the world ever justify itself in perverting the laws of God? Shall men ever justify a lesser law because the people cannot live the greater? 41. Behold all these things shall be in the mouths of men in latter days, but the Nemenhah shall have laid a foundation for all men. Such false prophets and wicked rulers shall lay the account upon the people, but the fault thereof shall be their own. Yea, the Lord shall cease to reveal anything unto their prophets and generations shall pass in which He shall hold His peace and give no instruction through them. But behold, a time shall come when the people shall cast such 638rulers aside and turn again to their Lord and seek His face. Behold, Nemenhah, the ensample that you make for them shall assist them and shall edify them. 42. But even these shall not make serious conquest of the world. Yea, I say unto you, Even they unto whom the Lord shall have given the commencement of the restoration of all things shall not walk in sound principles and they shall lead the nation in false doctrine. But mothers and fathers shall teach their children in spite of all their shepherds shall demand. And here a few, and there a few, shall the Lord build up again a Zion in the land, but not out of the ashes of a fallen church. 43. Behold, He shall take away the stewardship and the keys of His kingdom from among the Gentiles. And when they are taken back, even according as He has promised unto your ancestors, they shall not be given back unto them that did pervert His ways. But He shall not withhold such things from the children of men, nay, not even for a season. For, in the very same generation in which He shall take up the stewardship over His kingdom on earth from out of the Gentiles, He shall also restore the Sons and Daughters of Lehi and of Levi. It is unto these that your teachings shall be an ensign. Yea, it is unto these that your musings shall be instructive. 44. For they shall have been prepared by all that the Lord did accomplish through the Gentiles. And even there shall be some few from among the Gentiles who shall continue to be His servants, and shall set aside the riches and the enticements of the world to serve Him. They shall not want of reward. Nay, behold, they shall be numbered in among the children of Lehi by adoption. And all wherein the Lord has blessed them shall also be a blessing unto they who become the Sons and Daughters of Lehi and of Levi. But they shall not pollute the way of the Lord with the filthiness of men. 45. But the rulers of the people shall wallow in their own judgment. Yea, they shall be drunken as with bad wine, which is bought from the disreputable. Yea, the wine of their sacrament shall have been thinned down with water of the trough and it shall be unfit to drink. Thinned and polluted shall be the cup that they take to their lips in the name of the Lord and their sacrifice shall be unprofitable. 46. And the goodness of the grain shall they winnow out and there shall be no substance left in the bread. They shall be fat with bread that shall have been bought with the strength of the innocent. Yea, the bread of their sacrament shall have no part in the covenant of the Lord, but shall be a token of their bondage only and shall be unfit to eat. Yet shall they hold it up unto the Lord and say: 47. This is thy body, Lord. We eat it in remembrance of our covenants with Thee. 639 48. Behold, they have sold the profitable out of the grain before ever they held it up as a sacrifice unto the Lord. 49. And shall He respect their sacrifice? Shall He think of it in any better light than He did the sacrifice of Cain? Is He become no discerner of the hearts of men? Or does He know less the motives and intentions of men now than He did when Cain and Able made their first sacrifices? Nay, but there is one sacrifice in the last days that He will accept and justify and that is the fullness of a heart broken in pure sacrifice and the fullness of a spirit made contrite in the blood of the Lamb of God. 50. By the sweat of his brow does man break the earth, and dung it, and plant the grain and care for it. Then by that same sweat does he reap down the corn and winnow it. And whole and wholesome as his own intention does he labor to make the bread and bake it. This is the broken heart, and anything else than this is not justified. Let the sacrifice of bread be whole and not in parts. 51. Yea, by the sweat of his brow shall man set in the earth the vine and nurture it. And he is certain to ready the bees ere the blossom is set and prepare them. And when the fruit is laid on, does he not carefully judge the time to harvest? Yea, and he does gather in with his strength the fruit of the vine to the winepress and stamp it out with his feet. And the sacrifice is pure wine, of his own make, and is not purchased from afar off. 52. Take not up the polluted to offer it a sacrifice unto the Lord. Take not up that which is taught of men and make it up as doctrine and the will of God. This is the sacrifice of bad intention. Such was the sacrifice of Cain and the Lord accepted it not. Neither shall He accept bad water and empty bread for your sacraments. Let your oblations be of full heart and your sacraments be of good intention and the Lord shall accept it, as He did Abel‟s. And the Gentiles who are gathered into the House of Israel shall be made new by the good sacrifice, casting away that which is empty and taking up that which is full of grace. 53. This is the thing which shall be taken up by the Remnant of the House of Israel that shall be left in this land in the last days. Behold, they shall not take up that which the Gentiles have already polluted and wrest it again. Nay, the hide beaten poorly by the Gentiles shall not be softened and shall not be made respectable. Nor shall the darkened and scorched linen of the Gentile be made white at the hands of the Remnant. But they shall take up that which was softened and whitened in times past and with it they shall bring again Zion. 54. The field planted by the Gentiles shall be filled with vice. Wherefore, shall the Remnant take residence in such a field? Shall they, as squatters, take of that which the Gentiles have made waste and with it fatten the calf? Nay. But they shall harrow up the ground anew and plant anew. For, the fertile earth shall have 640lain fallow at the hands of absent stewards who knew it not. And the Remnant shall plow it up once again and plant it. And it shall once again bare the grain that shall fatten the Remnant. 55. For the vineyard shall have lain desolate in the sloth of the unprofitable servant. And when the Lord of the vineyard shall take up the stewardship from him and give it into the hands of another, then shall the old vines be cast down and the new stock set and the rows renewed. And shall he take of the diseased root to plant again? I say unto you, Nay. But he shall find a good and profitable strain out of a vineyard which is distant, and this shall he use to restore the vine of the Lord‟s House. 56. Then shall the Lord of the Vineyard come in from His journey and see the good steward and His profitable servant. 57. Do you see, then, how good and profitable your writings shall be unto them that the Lord shall raise up in this land in the latter day? Can you discern how they shall take up your precept and your principle and carry it into the vineyards of their intentions? Yea, they shall take the seed laid up in store by you and plant it in the fallow earth and it shall prosper. They shall take up the root preserved by you and plant it in their hearts and Zion shall grow up again in the land. 58. Wherefore, I do not praise you out of reason. I observe your doing and foreknow the good that the Lord shall do with it. Do but continue in it, Nemenhah, for in this is your happiness now, but also out of your doings shall the Remnant of the House of Israel set in order the House of God and renew the stewardship. And in that day the just shall receive their stewardship not by the dictate of any man, but by the voice of the Lord and their surplus shall they render up to the poor of their own and without commandment. 59. Yea, they shall read of your works in days far sundered from you. And some shall scorn them because they did not flow unto them from out of the mouths of their shepherds, whom they have justified. Behold, for no greater sin than to have come from out of the dust and to be delivered by one other than their own prophets, many shall turn the heal from your words. 60. And again behold, many shall spurn your works because they contradict that which they hold by their own knowledge to be true. The writings and record of your days shall come to them in a time when their wise men shall declare that such things could never have happened. 61. And yet, in the midst of this turmoil over man‟s knowledge and the strength of the arm of the flesh, some few will read them with pure intent. These are they who will subject your records unto the Holy Ghost to discern what portion of them shall be useful unto them in their times. Behold, and it shall happen that, 641because of the curious work of the Lord in the last days, these few shall have flowing through them the blood of Lehi and they shall be a remnant of the House of Israel, though they shall also be of Gentile lineage. 62. This is the fullness of the Gentiles and the fullness of the Jews. These shall not be daunted by the ridicule of their neighbors. Nay, nor shall they be swayed by the doctrines and sciences of men. Nor even shall they be turned away by the heel of their shepherds, who shall persecute them. But they, being firm in the faith of their fathers, shall read your words and shall subject them to the confirmation of the Holy Spirit of Promise. 63. Then shall this record become an ensign unto them. They shall take wisdom from it, and also they shall be encouraged. For, with what they learn in the pages that shall be translated by the gift and power of the Holy Ghost, they shall come out of Babylon and take not up her unclean thing anymore. They shall withstand the buffetings of the world and the jeering of the rabble mob and they shall lift up an emblem of peace and of charity to all the world. 64. And the wisdom of the wise shall conspire against them. For, the wise men shall have already determined by the application of all their knowledge and science, that your people could not have lived at all, let alone record your doings on plates of metal. But this shall not sway the Remnant left in the land in the last days. They shall already know that man‟s knowledge is weak and his wisdom and science is not steady. 65. And harshness and persecution shall not return the faith of the people to the shepherds who use it to extort such faithfulness. Nay, evil speaking of the Lord‟s Anointed shall turn many from exploring your doings, but not all. There shall be some who retain a knowledge and a witness more sure than that which is conveyed to them from the mouths of such shepherds. These are they who shall remember to prove all things by the power of the Holy Ghost. Yea, these are they who shall not be separated from God, but shall exercise their right to the wisdom and the mysteries of godliness. 66. And they shall be Heirs with Christ in the Kingdom of God, for they shall not deny the Holy Ghost, but shall seek His confirmation of all things. These are they unto whom the Lord shall extend His almighty hand once again and they shall walk in His dignity. Yea, they shall see Him face to face, as their ancestors did. Through them shall the Lord once again order His house and theirs shall be the victory and the reward of heaven. 67. Yea, you may rejoice in your posterity in the last days, for they shall again establish Zion in this land. They shall do it in their hearts and they shall teach their children the ways of the Lord in their homes. Then shall their children combine together to do the Lord‟s work and none shall separate them again. Yea, 642there shall be no division in the House of the Lord when they shall cast off the yoke of bondage and raise up a Zion again. Chapter Fourteen 1. Now, I would not that you should be downcast because that I have prophesied concerning your descendents in the latter days, how that they shall again establish Zion in the land. Yea, I do discern your hearts that you are cast down because of my words. But do not let your hearts be troubled over my words. 2. Behold, it is certain that the Nemenhah shall not always live in the happy state in which one may look upon you now. Yea, there shall be changes in this land and, although I will tell you that the Nemenhah shall dwindle and all but disappear from off the face of the land, yet shall there be some few here and there that will retain the memory of the doings of their ancestors and they shall revere them. This reverence shall also help to bring about a remembrance of them and of their doing. Yea, it shall be this tiny remembrance that shall induce some few of your descendents to look back again and seek to translate your records. 3. But behold, were it not for that which shall remain of your ways and your customs, even these would find no inducement to look back upon the vistas of time to do the great work to which they shall be called. Yea, each of them shall hear of their ancestors and be in wonder of the things they did, and they shall desire more understanding. And the Lord shall lead them into that place where they shall find the records you do so diligently keep and they shall set their hands to the translation of them. Behold, the things that you write, see how they shall excite the minds and the hearts of them that seek the face of Christ! 4. But behold, I would not that you should be downhearted even at this time because that the Nemenhah shall not always enjoy that freedom and happiness which you do at this time. For there shall be many years yet in which the Nemenhah shall prosper in the land and your decline shall be slow. 5. But there shall come decline even among the Nemenhah when the people cease to be one in that unity with which the Lord does now bless you. And that unity shall not be broken until the people forget the Lord and His ways and cease to trouble the Spirit in all things. When they shall have become hardened in their pride and lifted up, then shall the Lord turn His face from even them, and they shall dwindle. 6. And in the day that the Lord shall bring the Gentiles into this land, there shall be but a few villages of Nemenhah left in the land. In those days, the Gentiles shall esteem all the inhabitants of the land the same and they shall not 643take time to understand them. Even the pure in heart shall be cast to and fro and trampled by the will and the industry of the Gentiles. 7. And behold, let not three generations pass by after the coming of the Gentiles into the land and there will remain but a very small remnant of the Sons and Daughters of Lehi to be counted. Then shall they be tossed aside as dross and cast down, and trod upon. Yea, their faces shall be ground in the earth and they shall become the least of peoples. And this shall be the state of the people unto the fourth and fifth generation. But behold, out of them shall rise up a nation. Yea, out of them shall the Lord re-order His church and kingdom. 8. For, though they shall be tossed aside, yet shall the Gentiles take them up even unto themselves secretly and their blood shall be mingled. Then shall the blood of Israel burn in the Gentile heart. Then shall the fullness of the Gentiles come. Yea, the spirit of Nemenhah shall cry out within them and their hearts shall swell with a remembrance of things they never saw. Words and wisdom shall rise up within them, words they never heard. And they shall step forward to heal the earth, speaking words of comfort and of peace in a land torn with discord. 9. And when all the world is bent on using up the good of the Earth, the Spirit of Nemenhah shall rise up in the hearts of the Remnant and they shall turn from the world. Yea, they shall bend the knee reverently and take up the earth in their hands and kiss it. And they shall call the Earth after our Mother in Heaven, and they shall care for it. 10. Behold, your descendents shall come away from the cities and the high towers that the Gentiles shall build up as a monument to their own might and they shall bend their backs again with the Earth and make of it a hallowed garden again. They shall speak of her as a person and they shall revere her as if she were their own grandmother. And this they shall do figuratively, but this image shall shape the characters of their children and prepare them to do a great work among the children of men. 11. Yea, they shall also turn once again to the Peacemaker to learn the Gospel, and they shall be obedient to His teaching. And their sacrifices shall be unto them a schoolmaster and they shall learn to walk in the ways of the Lord once again, for He shall not turn His face from they who do diligently seek Him. 12. And their covenants that they make one with another shall once again be durable, for the Lord and Sovereign of Heaven shall bind them and the Holy Ghost shall seal them up. Yea, they shall be once again the House and Kingdom of the Lord. They shall not be puffed up in the pride of their hearts and shall not turn in all directions to declare their own worthiness. But the Lord shall call them worthy and He shall bless them and prosper them. 64413. And they shall receive again the stewardship of the Lord. Yea, He shall install them once again over the vineyard and they shall be good stewards unto Him, not being commanded in all things, nor subject unto the bondage of any man. But willing and fruitful servants unto the Lord they shall be and obedient to His will. 14. Then shall they have all things once again in common, for there shall be no poor among them. Yea, each shall be the good steward of the Lord and they shall all labor with their might for their own maintenance. But they shall also labor day and night to provide for the needy. And the beggar shall have no place to set up his stall, for he shall be brought in and never allowed to put up his petition. Yea, and thus shall be their villages and their settlements. Behold, they shall all labor for the good of each and every other, that there shall be no poor in the House of the Lord. 15. And there shall be wars and rumors of wars and the nation around them shall burn with the wrath of the people one against each other. But behold, they among your descendents who shall have been called up, the Remnant of Israel, shall not suffer because of the strife that shall prevail in the land. But being perceived as unprofitable by their neighbors, the strife shall pass by them like the whirlwind. 16. Yea, theirs shall be the only peace in the land in many places and wherever they are established, their neighbors shall wonder at them. Nevertheless, they shall possess nothing that the rabble mob shall desire. They shall be peculiar, but this shall not be enough to entice the Gadiantonhem to molest them. And behold, because they shall not be caught up in the getting and retaining of riches, they shall have no part or party in the things that drive their neighbors to violence one against another. 17. For it is a peculiar thing when Zion is established that the curse upon the land is taken away. And you are aware of the curse that has been placed upon this land according to the word of the Lord. Behold, part of this curse shall sorely vex the Gentiles. For they do work diligently with their hands to acquire great wealth. Yea, they do wear out their lives and this motive shall become their entire purpose and they shall set their eye singly unto it. 18. But, according to the blessing and curse that has been laid upon this land, when they seek to obtain riches, but not with their purpose set on the glory of God, all that they lay aside shall become slippery and they shall not be able to hold onto it. Yea, and it shall be thus in this land, that when a man lays up his riches, thinking that they will be safe until he returns to them, he shall not find them. 64519. And behold, a thing that shall be esteemed of great worth in one season shall suddenly lose its worth and be good only to be cast aside. Wherefore, men shall work all their lives to amass wealth, but in the end, they shall find that all that they have amassed shall have no value. 20. And when their riches lose their worth, they shall become angry with their fellow man and esteem all to be robbers of his wealth. This shall be a thing that does drive many people to madness and there shall be much sorrow and much destruction because of it. Yea, the desire for riches and for costly things shall overcome the desire of the love of God and the people shall move greedily upon the face of the earth consuming all before them. And when that which they esteemed of the greatest worth loses its value, they shall be as maddened by their lack as by their abundance. 21. But they who establish Zion in the latter days shall not hold the things of the world in greater esteem than they do their Lord. They shall want for nothing, for their desires shall not be to amass riches but to provide for their needs. And the surplus of their goods they shall freely give unto the needy. 22. And where their neighbors shall consume all things before them, your descendents shall produce all the things they need. Behold, I discern your wonder at my words and I see your confusion. How can a people consume the earth and produce not for their own needs? This seems impossible to you. But behold, I say unto you and I forewarn you, There shall come a day in this land when the people shall not labor with their hands and provide for their own needs. But every one will labor for riches and with these riches they shall buy up the things they need from a very few who produce them. And all of their substance shall go toward the purchase of the fruit and labor of others, and very often, their fruit shall come from afar to be consumed by the people. Because of this, all the riches that they might amass must be spent in buying the things that they need to sustain themselves from day to day. 23. And does this fill you with wonder? Behold, I tell you that even they who live in this manner shall call themselves blessed and they shall scorn and ridicule those who live not as they do. Yea, they shall esteem as savage the life of he who produces all the things that they must purchase with all their wealth. Nay, do not stare! For such shall be the way of things when your descendents shall turn away from the way of the world and work to bring again the Zion of the Lord. 24. Wherefore, be glad in your hearts, Nemenhah, that you do not live in such times. Be glad that you live in a time when Zion does flourish in the land. And give thanks that the earth does put forth abundantly of her bounty. For it shall not always be so. Yea, there comes a time when even the earth shall not give freely because of the wickedness of men. And Zion shall be a rare thing in the earth. 646 Behold, they are perilous times in which the Remnant shall begin again the work of the Lord.


A Revelation and Vision of the Indian Mission, given on 8-25-1846.

1. I, James J. Strang, was at Elizabeth, on the Monongahela River, on the twenty-fifth day of August, in the year one thousand eight hundred and forty-six, and had a vision; and lo, I beheld a land amidst wide waters, and covered with large timber, with a deep broad bay on one side of it. And I wandered over it upon little hills and among rich valleys, where the air was pure and serene, and the unfading foliage, with its fragrant shades, attracted me till I wandered to bright clear waters, scarcely ruffled by the breeze. And Indians in canoes glided about, and caught fish, and sat down to eat; and they gathered in assemblies, and were taught words of truth and ways of holiness, and they hearkened. And I beheld many wonders there.

2. And one came near unto me, and I said, What meaneth this? And he answered and said, Behold, here shall God establish his people, even the sons of Joseph, on an everlasting foundation; and from hence shall the gospel of the kingdom go unto the tribes, and they shall not any more be despised, for the nations that set the foot upon their necks will be cut off that they be no more a people. Behold, he hath already begun it. The sword is already bathed in blood, which spareth not their destroyers. And blood shall not cease till their most haughty oppressor is laid low to rise no more.

3. And he hath chosen this nation to begin vengeance for them. And if this people will turn unto him, and repent of all their evil deeds, and no more slay the prophets which he sendeth unto them, but will hearken unto them to do the things which they shall speak unto them, and keep the words of the Lord, and his commandments to do them, then will he exalt the nation and establish it, for he hath raised it up by the hands of wise men, whom he set up for that very purpose, to be the instrument of his purpose in the last days.

4. And upon this land where thou standest shall the gospel of the kingdom be established among the Lamanites, and from thence shall it go forth to their tribes. And blessing and honor and great glory shall be on those that teach them, for he will make their arm strong, and their bow shall abide in strength, and they shall not bow to the oppressor; and the power of the Gentile shall not be on them, for the arm of God shall be with them to support.

5. And here shall the Lamanites come to learn the law of the Lord their God, who hath preserved them, that they be not utterly destroyed. And other barbarians shall come also, and shall learn ways of holiness; for the Lord their God shall teach them, and his people shall instruct them, and shall go forth as ministers of truth unto all people.

6. And I asked him, What meaneth all this? And he said unto me, Thou art carried away in the spirit, and brought to this land in the midst of waters, in the north country, that the Lord might show thee what he will do hereafter. For here shall be a stake and a corner stone of Zion, for the strengthening of her curtains round about. Here shall the house of Manasseh and the house of Ephraim and the Gentiles build a house unto me, and bow down to me therein. For the sons of Jacob shall lay the foundations thereof, and therein shall they worship their God. And to this house shall the thousands of the house of Israel come, when the ice melts at the north. And there shall they meet their brethren in peace, and God shall be in the midst of them.

7. Behold, thou shalt see this land with thine own eyes before thou returnest to thine house, and shalt long to set thy foot upon it. Nevertheless, when the children of the household of faith have peace, then thou shalt go there and minister in the work of the Lord thy God. Spy it out, therefore, and let the servants of God dwell there to do his work, for it hath abundance in the riches of the forest, and in the riches of the earth, and in the riches of the waters; and there shall the children of God learn his law to do it.

8. And the Lord God shall add possessions unto the faithful, and give good gifts unto them that keep his law, and he will establish them therein forever. And their possession shall become as a paradise, yielding fruits every month, and the strength of Zion shall be there to do the work of the Lord, to work deliverance to the captive and judgments upon the ungodly, in the day of the Lord. For he will exalt his people in righteousness, and deliver them in judgments. And the Gentiles shall be made the instruments of his purposes, and by them will he work deliverance. The Lord will show thee all things in his time.

9. For the day is near when thou shalt meet many Lamanites, and shalt talk with them of these things. And with them shalt thou behold this land, and then shalt thou begin this work. If Satan hinder thee, strive against him, and thou shalt overcome and shalt prevail, for the Lord God hath spoken it.
The Rise Of The Remnant
I myself have my own testimony of the rise of the remnants in these days to come, through various dreams and visions of the future. Such as the Stone about one who escaped the traps of the big cities and found an oasis in the desert leading to the protected areas of the remnant. Also, the white 10,000 year old  beast symbolic of a white government to come which would break down the powers of evil. The stories of yore are replete with futuristic events about the rise of the remnants.
Phoenix Journal 50 Page 159: As in the old, so often in later prophetic revelations, you hear of the "remnant" who will survive the Chastisement and the Three Days' Darkness.
Phoenix Journal 51 Page 63: You must remember that there are those eight years and the adversary Elite need to have you continue to function and have a way to continue to hide Truth from you by the continued deceit. I remind you that "they" will even help you for what you do makes them "look" good and they need to "look" good for a while longer. It simply is that you must see "through" the facade. Be ecstatic that YOU see through because it allows you to act in wisdom instead of with irrational reaction. Our purpose is to get a remnant through intact and bring God's people into safety and security--all other entities are just as YOU--under their own free-will preferences. The show is REALLY about to become incredible!
Phoenix Journal 52 Page 62: Us interfere? No we WILL NOT INTERFERE. We have signed agreements and a treaty with the Elite for we have no intent to counter--our thrust is simply to "play through", inform the masses according to God's promise of sending the WORD OF TRUTH, getting a remnant through and reclaiming GOD'S PEOPLE. We are no actual threat to any of the Elite for they are aware that they have done a superb job of totally disabling you-the-masses......Page 91: We of the Command will NOT interfere or intervene save to get a remnant of our people through the activities......Page 131:  I am here to contact MY people! When this is "done" then we are "out of here" and you can go right on with whatever terror games you choose......Page 157: I must continually remind you readers--MY mission is to that which I am doing-- bringing you Truth, revealment of the secrets and cover-ups as best we can, and collect God's people when the time sequence warrants it. In the ending the evil will devour itself.
My job, however, is to WAKE YOU UP--and we'll do whatever it takes because the rest of our mission is to bring God's people home and you are so soundly sleeping that you haven't any idea what or where that "home" might be. First the "two-by-four" for attention and THEN, perhaps you can hear your instructions. -- PJ 53 -- page. 34
We, the Hosts, are not sent here to SAVE anything from ANYTHING. We are here to bring THE WORD as promised and collect our people!--REMEMBER? (???) -- PJ 54 -- page. 57

Phoenix Journal 50 Page 14: How many of you would believe that the Philippines, as currently located, hold the keys of transition and reformation as well as rebuilding of the remnant upon the beautiful Creation Shan? There are other portions in other places but central to the reclamation of this cycle of life-stream of you as a civilization and experience of God self upon that land-mass manifest--shall come to balance and focus within the wondrous places rising in the Sea of Peace, called Philippines. Ah yes, ye can take the ministers and touters, missionaries and gurus into the places of the Lions--BUT YOU CANNOT TAKE THE PLACES OF THE LIONS AND BIRD TRIBES FROM THE HEARTS OF THE PEOPLE!
Phoenix Journal 50 Page 112: However, the 1986 Halley's Comet visit didn't see a rebuilt Jerusalem--IN JERUSALEM, did it? What could that mean? It can mean several things--one, that the temple in point would be in the "New Jerusalem" which is in the Philippines--not yet risen into view.
Phoenix Journal 55 Page 73: Out of the Philippines will come the hope and assistance to God's troops and therefore is the reason for continued Pinatubo activity. God will prevail, it simply takes a while to arrange the mechanism for transfer and receiving. Clean your houses while you are able, friends.